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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Great Poet Allama Iqbal Predicted ongoing Worlwide Public Movements"
" Allama Muhammad Iqbal a great Schlar and Poet for whole world.
Written By:- Sajid Hussain
(Sajid Hussain belongs to FATA and observe the global as well as AfgPak
border geopolitical & geo strategic situation,he did M.Sc.The writer can be
reached at e-mail address:- ).
The Great scholar and Poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal( born at Sialkot on November 9,1877
oppressed of the world.Allama Iqbal predicted the current public movements by oppressed against oppressors in his poetry decades ago.Iqbal predictions were not imiganry but based on the teachings
of the Holy Quran which is indeed the constitution and book of guidance for all human beings without any discrimination.
When we study Allama Muhammad Iqbal poetry then in his Urdu and Persian poetry there is message and prediction of worldwide awareness especially what we witnessed as "Arab,s Spring" and "Occupy Wall Street " public movements in Midlle east and West.
In this regard we have a famous poem of Allama Muhammad Iqbal poetry as protest against capitilaisim.
ÌÓ ˜ªیÊ Óÿ ÏÀÞÇä ˜æ ãیÓÑ äÀ Àæ ÑæÒی
ÇÓ ˜ªیÊ ˜ÿ ÀÑ ÎæÔÆÀ äÏã ˜æ ÌáÇ Ïæ
Iqbal in above Poetry exposed that due to Captilisim  limited number of elite and rich class rule the Humanity and poor class especially labours and farmers gain nothing but poverty and discrimination.

Protests started from Wall street in America the main centre of capitalisim spreaded to other European countries is converting to massive public movement against oppressors.The row of massive protests and public movement in Europe and America after the ongoing massive protests in streets of arab countries aginst the american puppets dictator regimes is a big blow for american leadership who are using force to pressurize the participants of "Occupy Wall Street Movement" throughout america.American government tried to ban the civil society by black outing this issue from media and promoting other regional disptutes via zionists controlled media to divert attention of masses.Irionically it is same Uncle Sam who is the so called champion of Human Rights and freedom of expression.
This internal public movement is the result of american regime cruilities and oppressions which they commited in Iraq,Plastine,Leabanon,Afghanistan and tribal areas(FATA located on Pak-afghan border) of Pakistan in the name of so called war against terror ,finding WMGs or protection of illegal zionists state of isarel.As the cries and tears of oppressed directly reaches to the highest sphere(arsah e elahi in urdu) so uncle sam now face and enjoy this...
Allama Iqbal also predicted and warned the Occupiers forces of Afghanistan that Afghanistan is the centre of fault line in region. In below Persian Poetry Allama Iqbal stated that If we cosider the region/Asia as body then Afghanistan is the heart of this body.If there is Peace and stability in Afghanistan then there will be Peace in Entire Region But If there is instability and terrorisim in Afghanistan then the entire region will face instability.And that is witnessed today by every one that due to instability in Afghanistan today not only the Tribal areas(FATA) adjcent to Afghanistan but entire region is facing threats.Here is persian poetry.
ÂÓیÇ ی˜ ی˜Ñ ÂÈ æ á ÇÓÊ
ãáÊö ÇÝÛÇä ÏÑ Âä ی˜Ñ Ïá ÇÓÊ
Capitalists system is completly based on Intrest/Ribbah (or Soud in urdu language) which is great sin according to Holy Quran the constitution for humanity without any discrimination,It is clearly stated in Holy Quran that Intrest /ribbah is equal to quarreling/war with Almighty Allah. So the world oppressors especially zionists capitilists system on which the economy of Uncle Sam America ,Europen countries and even many other countries including muslim countries especially Middle east is based suffered a lot in year 2007 after global econmic downterm or worldwide finianicial crisis.Iqbal predicted this evil of Ribbah/soud by saying that ,the Capitlist based Economy seems to be a Bussiness or Trade But Actually It is gambling which benifting one and destroying all others.
ÓæÏ Çی˜ ˜Ç áǘªæŸ ˜ÿ ãѐ ãÝÇÌÇÊ
Iqbal is also against the Westren Democracy and  give the idea of islamic democracy based on system of Wilayt e Faqih and this was explianed and predicted by Allama Muhammad Iqal even exposing the capital of Islamic Democracy  based on system of Wilayt e Faqih as "Tehran" in his poetry.
About Westren Democracy he says,
ÌãÀæÑیÊ Ç˜ ØÑÒö ͘æãÊ Àÿ ˜À ÌÓ ãیŸ
ÈäÏæŸ ˜æ äÇ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀیŸ ÊæáÇ äÀیŸ ˜ÑÊÿ
While giving message to Oppressed to defend Tehran instead of Geneva and Westren Democracy.
Ïی˜ªÇ 滂 ÇÝÑä äÿ ǘ ÎæÇÈ ÌیäیæÇ
ãã˜ä Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ ÎæÇÈ ˜ی ÊÚÈیÑ ÈÏá ÌÇÆÿ
ÊÀÑÇä Àæ Ñ ÚÇáã ãÔÑÞ ˜Ç ÌیäæÇ
Public awareness and "Occupy Wall Street" movement was also predicted by the great Islamic Scholars especially the successor of Imam Khomenei and Wali e Faqih Ayatullah Syed Ali Khaemei that capitilisim will destroy the american oppression regime in near future very soon."Occupy Wall Street movement" seems to be a step forward in this regard, It is natural that the result to quarrl Almight Allah is indeed destruction.Custodians of capitilisim or capitilists based economy in its intial stages is very attrictive with hollow slogans of human welfare ,benifits but with the passege of time it collapse,the main reason behind is that this oppressive system poor becomes more poor while rich becomes more rich creating class diffrence by distrubing balance in society.
The man made oppressive system neither Comonisim(Eastren bloc or so called Super power USSR) nor capitalisim(westren bloc or so called Super Power USA) fulfilled the needs of people and society rather promote poverty unemployement,hate and terrorisim.The only wayto address these problems is to follow the Allmighty Allah global system and constitution for whole universe without any discrimination . This was stated by greatest leader and Scholar of 20th Century Imam Khomenei"s that neither so called eastren super power (Comonisim OR USSR) nor so called westren super power (Capitalisim OR USA) are super powers at all ,The only and only SUPER POWER is Almighthy God .
"LASHARKIA LAGHARBIA....................................ISLAMIA ISLAMIA".
Imam Khomenei really proved that neither camonisim launched by USSR nor Capitalism launched by USA can bring the peace,harmony ,love ,respect ,liberation to world.Because these system are man made for acheving thier wasted intrests .The only system to bring balance society ,peace,harmony ,love ,respect ,liberation, is the system introduced by Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) mercy of whole univese without any discrimination.
Imam Khomenei clearly wrote in his Letter to Gorbachove of USSR that"the man made Camonisim will be soon ended", it is worth mentioning that at that time USSR was proudly considering his system of comonisim as solution of world problems...
The world witnessed this historic saying of Imam Khomenei true, when the so called super power USSR divided into more than dozen pieces/countries after destruction of camonisim.
Similarly Imam Khomenei called the other so called super power USA the head of Capitalisim as "Shatan-e-Bozorg or Biggest evil force" and predicted on time to time that this man made capitalisim will also be destroyed soon and this was re stated by his successor Ali Khamenei.
The american regime who once were terming the Capitalisim as the solution for all economic problems saying that this system will solve its problems from its own resources,But irionicaly the USA government had given billions of US$ to Genral motors and other companies to stop the capitalisim from destruction which is the violation of Uncle Sam own principles.
That is why Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenei the successor of Imam Khomenei called the"Finanical Crisis" as defeat or destruction of Capitalisim of Uncle Sam(USA) indeed.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal also predicted the islamic Revolution of Imam Khomenei and slogan raised by Imam khomenei ,Neither East Nor West.....Islam is the best .(áÇ ÔјیÀ áÇ ÛÑÈیÀ۔۔۔۔۔ÇÓáÇãیÀ ÇÓáÇãیÀ۔۔۔ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ
Allama Iqbal stance on this
ãÔÑÞ æ ãÛÑÈ ãیŸ ÊیÑÿ ÏæÑ ˜Ç ÂÛÇÒ Àÿ
That is why america is seeing Khomeneisim and true Muhammadi Islam as threat for USA & its illegal zionists regime ISRAEL after the glorious victory of HizbAllah & Hamas even after worse attrocities in Leabnon & Plaestine especially the genocide commited by zionists in GAZA STRIP with the support of Uncle Sam(USA).Hamas like Hizballah got a glorious victory against israel by doing "PRISIONER SWAP DEAL" succesfuly on tuesday October 18,2011 by realising more than thousand plastinian prisoners in return of one zionist soldier Gilad Shalit captured five years ago.Similar Prisoners Swap and glorious Victory was attained by HizbAllah in Year 2006 ,33 days war with israiel and after that.
American regime even remembered the words of its own ex President about spritual forces Imam Khomenei and islamic revolution(HizbAllah & Hamas are products of Khomeneiism) has, when americans tried to attack Iran by sending planes for air strikes but they crashed among themselves at Tabas diseart of Iran.At that time american President told this sentence that "All things were perfect at that time But only God was with Iran".Imam Khomeini the founder of Islamic Revolution will long be remembered, the world over, after all prejudice and cynicism is overcome, for the outstanding role he played in the Third World freedom struggle, which demonstrated that freedom is a moral principle and a God-given right.
Allama Iqbal besides predicting and supporting the Islamic Revolution of Iran also supported the Plastinian right of Freedom against illegal zionists state.Iqbal asked on logic in one of his poem "That For example If we consider the right of Zionists on Plastine Then Haspinia or Madrid of Spain should be handed over to Muslims.Similarly Iqbal also supported the Public Movement of Kashmir as he supported Plastine Liberation.
Àÿ Îǘ ÝáÓØیä À یÀæÏی ˜Ç ÇÑ ÍÞ
ÀӁÇäیÀ À ÍÞ äÀیŸ ˜یæŸ ÇÀá ÚÑÈ ˜Ç
Êæš ÇÓ ÏÓÊ ÌÝÇ ˜یÔ ˜æ یÇ ÑÈ
ÌÓ äÿ ÑæÍö ÂÒÏÇیٔ ö ˜ÔãیÑ ˜æ ÇãÇá ˜یÇ
Allama Iqbal also predicted the real public and freedom movements by apperciating the role of True representatives of Islam like Hamas and HizbAllah and similar movements in his poetry.
ä˜á ˜ÑÎÇäÞÇÀæŸ Óÿ ÇÏǘÑÑÓã ÔÈیÑیؑ
ãŠÇیÇ ÞیÕÑ æ ÞÕÑی ˜ÿ ÇÓÊÈÏÇÏ ˜æ ÌÓ äÿ
æÀ ˜یÇ ÊªÇ¿ ÒæÑ ÍیÏÑؑ ¡ÝÞÑ ÈæÒÑؒ ÕÏÞ ÓáãÇäی
Similarly Allama Iqbal slso exposed and neglected so called Mujahideen  like in the names of Alqaeda and taliban and thier other connective organizations by declaring them FETNA and agents of the west/capitilism to defame islam globally.Allama Iqabal very boldly highlighted this factor in his poetry that If such terrorists and extremists oragnizations even raised the slogan of Allah o Akbar "God is great" , He Allama Iqbal advised the people that don not decive on such slogans of so called Mujahideen  like in the names of Alqaeda and taliban and all these are promoting terrorisim by working for of thier westren masters.
Çﷲ Óÿ ˜Ñÿ ÏæÑ¡ Êæ ÊÚáیã Ȫی ÝÊäÀ
Çãáǘ Ȫی ÇæáÇÏ Èªی ÌǐیÑ Èªی ÝÊäÀ
äÇÍÞ ˜ÿ áیÿ ÇŠªÿ Êæ ÔãÔیÑ Èªی ÝÊäÀ
ÔãÔیÑ Àی ˜یÇ äÚÑÀ ʘÈیÑ Èªی ÝÊäÀ
Ongoing public movements in Arab countries in the name of "Arab's Spring" against american puppet dictators and spreaded to america and europe as "Occupy Wall Street " movement against the captilisim predicting that the people and society world wide from east to west started prepartion for the arrival of Global Saviour Hazart Imam Mahdi(a.s) and Jesus(Hazrat Essa) who will estiblish a balance society by punishing all oppressors especially their heads Sufayni and Dajaal(probably the zionists controlled america and its partners and puppets arab dictators in the name of so called war against terrorisim which is actually the war promoting terrorisim).
Let us pray and struggle for the arrival and revolution of the world saviour Imam Mahdi(A.S) and Jesus(Hazrat Essa) for whom the whole world is waiting and who will establish balance society based on justice throughout the globe by punishing all the involved oppressors or Yazedis in Karbala of all ages.
Those readers who are intrested to study the the arrival and revolution of the world saviour Imam Mahdi(A.S) and Jesus(Hazrat Essa) are requested to visit a very informative website in 40 international languages including English on this topic also given here as refrence for study and research.
The great poet Allama iqbal also presented this ideaology of the arrival and revolution of the global saviour Imam Mahdi(A.S) by inviting the worldide people in his poetry.
˜ªÈی Çÿ ÍÞیÞÊ ãäÊÙÑؑ äÙÑ Â áÈÇÓ ãÌÇÒ ãیŸ
 ˜À ÀÒÇÑæŸ ÓÌÏÿ ŠÑ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ãÑی ÌÈیŸ äیÇÒ ãیŸ
ÏäیÇ ˜æ Àÿ ÇÓ ãÀÏیؑ ÈÑÍÞ ˜ی ÖÑæÑÊ
Àæ ÌÓ ˜ی äÀ¡ ÒáÒáÀ ÚÇáã ÇݘÇÑ
Its brief translation in English can be given as,

Let,s pray and struggle for the arrival and of global saviour Hazat Imam Mahdi(a.s) and Jesus(Hazrat Essa
(Thanks & The end)
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