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Title:- "Afghanistan Pakistan(AfPak) Friendship mega Project in FATA and New Governor of PMLN"

Article for Publication in EDITORIAL PAGES/ Health & Education Edition, Editorial or Sunday Magazine.

Millions of People living on border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan (AfPak)faced and still facing so many miseries especially in health sector. 

To solve these problems especially in health and boost the brothery ties between two neighboring countries decades ago Govt of Pakistan announced a mega Project of teaching hospital and medical college at Parachinar Kurram Agency FATA as Parachinar touches four provinces of Afghanistan based on the bond of Humanity.
It is fact that remote and backward plus strategic important Pak Afghan tribal areas (FATA)are neglected all the time the best proof is delay tactics in the mentioned mega Project of Medical College and Teaching Hospital for decades . Tribal people and their area are highlighted as jungle by different rulers for gaining more and more aid from international community both during cold war and so called war on terror after 9/11.But hardly the mentioned aid received in the name of Fata used on the welfare and development of tribal areas.

The issue of FATA Medical College is once again in discussion on Print and Electronic media after decades. Therefore it is necessary to mention the need as well as facts and figures of this mega Project to new governor of PMLN who seems to be supporting Projects on merit that is why he cancelled the construction of a separate luxurious section for governor in under construction FATA House at Islamabad by Ex Governor Shauktuallah .

Decades ago federal government announced  that Fata Medical College will be built at Parachinar as soon as possible with the aim that this educational institute on one side will benefit the medical students while on other side in the form of teaching hospital and medical Faculty like Professors Asst Professors Specialists Doctors and Surgeons will be available for millions of population of both Pakistan and Afghanistan tribal people. Federal Govt  was aware of the geographical and strategic importance of Parachinar, because Parachinar is the only tribal areas which touches four provinces of Afghanistan i.e, Paktia, Nagarkhar,Khost and Paktika while the Afghanistan capital Kabul is at the shortest distance from Parachinar in entire Fata as shown in maps. 

In Fedral Govt Vision the FATA Medical College on one side can be helpful in friendly relationship with four provinces of neighboring Afghanistan as well as can provide basic medical facility to the inhabitants of Kurram Agency and surrounding Tribal areas and districts by decreasing over load from government and private hospitals at Peshawar far away from Parachinar Kurram Agency.It is worth mentioning that hundreds of patients from Parachinar Kurram Agency and surrounding areas including neighboring Afghanistan covering  10 to 25 hours hard journey to Peshawar KTH & LRH government hospitals as well as Private Clinics at Dabgari & Hayatabad Peshawar. During long hard and risky journey from home town to Peshawar many serious patients expires that is why  Govt of Pakistan announced this crucial project in appropriate location Parachinar Kurram Agency on merit .

Later on different  governors as a representative of President of Pakistan or federal Gov for FATA officially inaugurated by allocating land for Fata Medical College (FMC) outside  Parachinar city to gain credit for
themselves .Even one of the Governor announced the casual classes at Shalozan House an official guest house at Parachinar city till completion of building on specified location at Parachinar city but this process and start of casual classes was suspended later on due to unknown reason 


In recent past the ex Governor Shaukatullah announced and  shifted this already announced mega project for Parachinar Kurram Agency from Parachinar to Bajur a worse case of using illegal powers(while ground realities are that Mardan Medical College and Medical and teaching Hospitals in Mardan and Peshawar are very near to Bajur) that is why Parachinar is most suitable for this Project on merit and geographic location But delaying tactics in already announced Fata Medical College Parachinar now this opinion is developing among the patriotic Turi Bangash tribals of Parachinar whose elders visited Quaid e Azam at Delhi before partition and participated indefending the land of Pakistan by sacrificing hundreds of men women children in 1948,1965,1971Kargil Kashmir and ongoing so called war on terror that Is Parachinar not Part of Pakistan?? If Yes then why they are facing step mother  treatment is a big question mark and if Fata MedicalCollege not built at Parachinar then this question mark will be converted into frustration and deprivation creating distances as in Baluchistan.
Moreover the above facts and figures regarding Fata Medical College (FMC) at Parachinar and delay tactics in it are eye opening for new Governor of PML N Saradar Mehtab Ahmad (Representative of President and Federal government for FATA) who is committed for development of FATA on merit to announce this mega Project on its own place Parachinar. 

The PML N Govt can boost ties with neighboring  Afghanistan by announcing FATAMedical College at Parachinar as gift to tribal’s people with addition tosurrounding four provinces of Afghanistan even by naming it as “Pak-AfghanFriendship mega Project /Fata Medical
College” if they want to avail this opportunity. 

Otherwise this will beanother blow for tribal population especially people of Parachinar indeveloping idea that they are facing step mother treatment.

 It is need ofhour that PML N Govt and its new Governor by starting work and allocating budget for Fata MedicalCollege (FMC) at Parachinar before ending the current tenure and power they have.

(The end).

Written By:- Sajid Hussain

(Sajid Hussain belongs to Pak-Afghan border FATA and observe the global as well as AfPak geopolitical & geo strategic situation,

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