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The Anti-Muslim Riots in Myanmar and the Muslim Unity


            It has been a while now since the news has spread all over the internet. Yet, our media has paid no heed to such a crucial issue. Stunningly, no country has raised the issue in United Nations or at any other platform. What is more appalling is that not a single Muslim country seems to be concerned about it. Yes, I am talking about the killing of Muslims in Myanmar.

            More than two thousand Muslims have been killed in Myanmar since last month while others are still living under the dark shadows of death. It started on 3rd June 2012, when some monks killed 11 innocent Muslims after bringing them down from a bus. The Muslim community of Aakran province carried out protests against this but atrocious massacre of the mob was carried out by the Burmese army. Trying to elude the tyranny and save their lives, the effected community marched to the Bangladeshi border but to everyone’s dismay, Bangladeshi government denied asylum and shelter to the immigrants. It is very dejecting to see a glimpse of carcasses, bruised bodies and gloomy faces. Yet, human rights organizations have kept a malicious silence while the UNO has been literally asleep. The international media has also not highlighted the issue in an efficacious way.

            We have to raise voice over this grave issue. If we will keep ignoring the issue and remain lost in ourselves, then we are equally responsible and accountable for the anguish experienced by our fellow community. We have to display some opposition on this issue in order to ensure comfort for the sufferers. The Pakistani government should raise the issue on international platforms and pressurize the Burmese government that is should take action to put an end to this incessant prejudice. The killing of these innocent people is against the fundamental principles of basic human rights and their continuity will only make the matters worse. There is a dire need for unity amongst the Muslim countries so that they can play a sound role in alleviating the pains and sorrows of the Burmese Muslims.

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