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Zarb-e-Azb-Combating the Menace with Success? by Abubakr Ayesh
Posted By: Abubakr Created On: 18/Jun/2014 Views: 1520 Replies: 0 
The military has always held a notorious reputation in the context of our country and it is known as the most influential when it comes to decision making regarding the affairs of the state. It has been actively involved in the political scenario of Pakistan: military takeover is a well known phenomenon in our society. Besides, it has been known for its role in the fall of Dhaka, in the creation o Click here to read Full Article

Hamid Mir, Zaheer ul Islam and The Collusion of Institutions by Abubakr Ayesh
Posted By: Abubakr On: 25/Apr/2014 Views:1481 Replies:0 
The grave act that took place in Karachi a few days ago added to the pile of numerous atrocities that have been committed in the City of Lights. Nevertheless, it led to a controversy that is capable of wrecking havoc to two of our major institutions. On ethical and moral grounds, such an incident is inhumane and it desecrates the sanctity of human life. Furthermore, it violates the ri Click here to read Full Article
Launching I am Malala and the ideological division of the society by Abubakr ayesh
Posted By: Abubakr On: 31/Jan/2014 Views:1389 Replies:0 
Recently, Malala Yousafzai’s controversial endeavor – I am Malala- was prevented from being launched in a university in Peshawar through government interference. The incident represented the alarming level of polarization rooted in the society and its grievous implications. The provincial information minister, Shah Farman, interestingly apprised the press that this book is irrelevant to the curric Click here to read Full Article
The Identity Crisis by Abubakr Ayesh
Posted By: Abubakr On: 6/Jan/2014 Views:1503 Replies:0 
Except for the some specific occasions-like Defense day or Iqbal day, I have observed that people rarely relate themselves with this soil; an identity crisis is prevalent in our society. A more profound observation told me that it is firmly entrenched in the society and has strengthened its roots recently. It further apprised me that this dilemma calls for urgent action. Click here to read Full Article
Sectarianism-a clichéd argument by Abubakr Ayesh
Posted By: Abubakr On: 31/Dec/2013 Views:1371 Replies:0 
The topic has been debated hotly courtesy the recent events-so I kept suppressing my desire too raise voice on this issue. Nevertheless, the circumstances have taken a turn whereby it is imperative that every responsible citizen raises his/her voice. Click here to read Full Article
Preaching Religion VS Manipulating Religion by Abubakr Ayesh
Posted By: Abubakr On: 15/Nov/2013 Views:1422 Replies:0 
It is not the first time religion has been manipulated and has, consequently, become a bone of contention between two institutions in this country. Only that this time around, the issue is graver and can cause dire consequences. Click here to read Full Article
The road to Peace and the obstacles that exist by Abubakr Ayesh
Posted By: Abubakr On: 9/Nov/2013 Views:1467 Replies:0 
It has been quite a lot of time since the efforts to reconcile with the terrorists have proven futile-sometimes because of factors whose control lay in state’s hands while at other times these factors were “out of the domain” of our feeble government. While the majority held the view that the idea of peace talks with militants would open a path tow Click here to read Full Article
Morality-The Recipe to a Shining Future by Abubakr Ayesh.
Posted By: Abubakr On: 28/Oct/2013 Views:1495 Replies:0 
Great nations are known to be an evident proof of character and character is depicted through the morals and values that a nation adheres to. The more value a society attaches to the norms of honesty, equality, fraternity, sacrifice, progress and passion; the higher rank it attains amongst the comity of nations. On the contrary, a society in which debauchery is compulsory for moving up the ladde Click here to read Full Article
Reconciliation-Is it a Possibility by Abubakr Ayesh.
Posted By: Abubakr On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1536 Replies:0 
The recent blasts in Peshawar have-without doubt-raised questions over the feasibility of the peace and reconciliation talks. Besides, some people and experts are already discontented with the idea that Taliban can atone for their deeds just by sitting around a table; crushing them by force seems the only possible and pertinent solution to them.There is no doubt in the fact that Taliban cannot see Click here to read Full Article
The Nation and It’s National Duty
Posted By: Abubakr On: 4/Sep/2013 Views:1510 Replies:0 
The secrets behind the success of every nation and every society are communal harmony, unity, fraternity and a sense of duty towards the country; these norms exist in the consciousness of every individual. Hence, communal success entails that national interest always receives the top priority.Nevertheless, individual is driven by lust for personal gains here. The priorities of the nation are not Click here to read Full Article
The Basic Solution by Abubakr Ayesh.
Posted By: Abubakr On: 26/Aug/2013 Views:1187 Replies:0 
The foremost problem of our present society is the communal and social divide that has now established solid foundations. Nevertheless, whatever the consequences it may give rise to, it is necessary to understand the causes of the disease and one of them is the structure of our education system. Click here to read Full Article

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