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Victory of President Ahmadinejad: Unnecessary Alarm in West -I

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal




President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won with a clear majority, but the anti-Islamic nations led by USA and Israel are deeply worried because they will have to revise their terror strategies now. US-led western powers seem to have roped in as many anti-Ahmadinejad leaders as possible in a poll coup in Iran, but terribly failed to materialize the objective of removing him from power, but, however, the USA in spearheading a smear campaign  to oust him and asking  the opposition to go on rampage in Tehran in the name of “poll fraud”, has achieved two of its main objectives: one, to reduce the vote margins form a possible 75 plus percentage to 64% and, two, delay him for proceeding to Russia, as  his first foreign trip abroad after winning a second landslide victory. President Ahmadinejad, first reportedly had cancelled a trip to Moscow, arrived in Russia on 16 Tuesday to attend a SCO regional summit.


So, US tactics have totally failed, making President Obama to make some quick remarks now on the situation in Tehran and that he would be tough with Iran and that “the democratic process, free speech, the ability for folks to peacefully dissent, all those are universal values and need to be respected." The USA crashed badly as Ahmadinejad is reemerged stronger, while the US efforts to use his opponents to throw him out power and to face what Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had been forced to. USA under Bushdom got Saddam killed  by Iraqi themselves for his bold stand against US unipolarity and neo-imperialist ideology sharing values with Israel and other anti-Islamic allies across the globe. Iranian people have indeed are solidly behind their president for shielding the nation’s legitimate concerns against the will and wish of the global terrorists particularly USA-Israel combine.


Like their ongoing illegal terror wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the pentagon-CIA-Mossad combines are now out to punish the Iranian voters with collective punishment by using the opposition parties to destabilize Ahmadinejad’s government. Of course, this dust will also settle down sooner than later and government should let the oppositions have some fun as long as they want, at least for some more time. After all they have moral responsibility before the Iranian people for upholding “democratic values in exercising their franchise. Iran is facing the worst crisis since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Conventional wisdom dictated that if Khamenei were to rig the elections, it would have been for Mousavi, thereby doing exactly what he accuses the US of doing: putting a prettier face on the same policies. However, we found out that it was not so cut and dry.



Guardian Council announced for recount of disputed votes in presidential poll. Clearly, the opposition fuelled by the western powers and media that want to see the end of Doctor president Ahmadinejad had expected a defeat for the incumbent president, but Iranian people are with the president and they want to support him for defending the sovereignty and prestige of Iran in the face of the growing threat from both global terror state USA and fascist Israel. But together they can't make fun of Iranians.  US inspired protestors have lit high flames to resemble WTC in USA on Sept11.


Even after the Guardian Council has offered recounting of votes, the opposition parties continue the blockade. It is an international shame that Iranian opposition behave like their African counterparts seeking to rule at cost by removing the ruling parties there. American strategists, crushed badly in Mideast while searching for regime change routes, have lost their way now and unable to talk about democracy any more. Ahmadinejad’s popularity in his country is standing on a sound basis and current crisis will enhance that further provided Ahmadinejad does not try to quell the dirty tricks of Pentagon-CIA-Mossad on Iranian soil and let them die down on it own. People will see through the game being engineered by domestic-cum-foreign sources..


Ahmadinejad has to quickly initiate steps to set right domestic economy and resolve the Iran’s legitimate nuclear ambitions by talking to President Obama, who has correctly has not made any adverse remarks on Iran’s stalemate, and other world leaders. The Obama administration’s dilemma over how to respond to Iran’s disputed election is quite understandable but it a positive sign for Ahmadinejad. Strong criticism could backfire but a muted response leaves an impression of weakness, but Obama has opted for a midcourse.




In the name of democracy capitalism rules and ruins bulk of nations around the world. Power of money and muscle is the key tool in polls in “democratic” world and elections are won with foreign support and domestic manipulations. But in Iran no such nefarious designs seem to have taken place. It has become a routine matter that if polls are held capitalist world, they are hailed proper by the global media, while similar polls held in a democratic manner in nations that don’t subscribe to USA or Western views, the western dirty forces and media usually call them “shame”. US Vice President Joe Biden cast doubt on the election result but said Washington is reserving its position for now. Recently Indian conducted a state managed poll with the help of electronic voting machines, (EVMs) used as an effective tool to rig the poll and mutilate the outcome to suit the ruling coalition, but none protested and none went to streets, because India calls itself to be a democracy and western pseudo democracies don’t want to disgrace another similar democracy and thereby expose the real nature of democracy.  In fact none of the opposition parties in India has challenged the poll outcome because of the “national interests” involved in shielding a farce regime, immersed in corruption and state terrorism. 




By employing the beaten opposition parties, essentially the anti-Ahmadinejad outfits, indeed the USA is spearheading the trouble in Tehran. The man at the centre of the storm, presidential challenger and runner-up Mir Hossein Mousavi was Iran’s prime minister from 1981 until 1989, and was once given high ratings for running the country through almost all of the eight years of war with neighboring Iraq. But now he wants to get Ahmadinejad killed by the US forces. One of his closest associates and backers, Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, is an even weightier figure who has been a major pillar of the Islamic Republic since its foundation. Twice president, from 1989 to 1997, Rafsanjani is a pragmatic conservative who currently heads two of the regime's most powerful bodies: the Expediency Council (which adjudicates disputes over legislation) and the Assembly of Experts (which appoints, and can theoretically replace, the Supreme Leader). He also wields huge influence and economic clout behind the scenes. Mousavi was also supported by another two-term former president, the reformist Mohammad Khatami, who withdrew his own candidacy in Mousavi's favour and is now also calling for the vote to be cancelled and re-run. The same demand has been made by another of the election losers, Mohsen Rezaie, who for 16 years commanded the Revolutionary Guards, another of the regime's main pillars. As if he has realized only today, Moussavi said he was being “closely monitored” in his home. Thus the Pentagon-Mossad has managed knit together a strong anti-Ahmadinejad outfit to dislodge him. But the efforts would end as an exercise in futility.


The pro-US opposition leaders have created violence on the streets, shouting the favorite US slogans against Ahmadinejad as the "dictator" Iran has to be focused now on nation’s prosperity and well being of the people.  Iran has to defend its sovereignty through security measures against a strong military power Israel. The USA also wants to keep open the chance of talking to Iran’s government about its nuclear program, which the West suspects is aimed at building a bomb and Tehran says is to generate electricity. USA knows nuclearism’s chief goal is nukes, though every nation talks about electricity generation.. So long as Israel possesses nukes & technology Mideast would feel threatened. Denuclearization is a global issue and Iran cannot be targeted for that.



  (To Continue…>)




Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Independent Researcher in World Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation,
South Asia

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