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NATO democratic Destructions, Genocides in Afghanistan  

- By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Afghan villagers mark new burial site of US air strike victims killed by coalition airstrikes in Bala Baluk district of Farah province, Afghanistan, on Tuesday, May 5, 2009.

US forces in Afghanistan on May 5 2009, have killed 123 Afghanistan men, women and children in US air strikes.

The non-combative people were sheltering from fighting in the western province of Farah when their houses were struck by cowardly US military air strikes sanctioned and abetted by Canada, Italy, UK, Germany, France and many other European countries.

Dr Atiqullah, a resident of the village, told Pajhwok Afghan News the bombardment destroyed the whole village and




 bodies were beyond

He said they had so far retrieved 123 dead bodies from beneath the debris of the destroyed homes by using tractors.

Some of the




 first aid, Atiqullah said. One family lost 23 members alone, he claimed.

A tribal elder of the village, Abdul Manaan, told this news agency that 52 people in Ishaqzai area and 65 in Agha Sahiban area had been killed in the blitzkrieg.

'Our homes are destroyed and scores of people are killed, but the government is doing nothing,' he lamented.

Photo: AP


Afghans bury the Martyrs.....








NATO democratic Destructions, Genocides in Afghanistan




The NATO Axis of Evil nations keep diverting the world attention from the horrid genocides and dislocations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan by debating issues like troop additions, troop withdrawals, cash problems, trying to publicize bogus rifts in the terror coalition, etc. World not, including the Muslim nations, are not worried about the loss of millions of Muslims in the Jewish-Hindu-Christian GST brutalities. In fact, Muslim countries and Muslims are least bothered about what happens to fellow Muslims: they are deadly concerned only about quick cash, profits and wealth through nefarious means. And, alas, this global attitude of Muslims suits the western rogues. While more than a million defenseless Afghans exclusive have been slaughtered by the occupying terrorists, over 3.9 million Afghan refugees who have fled the conflict in Afghanistan over the past two decades are currently living in neighboring countries - 1.5 million in Iran and more than 2 million in Pakistan. As of September 2008, all neighboring countries have closed borders with Afghanistan. Yet, the Muslim world, especially the Arab world is cool about it. This cold blooded Islamc attitude is the consequence of the anti-Islamic campaigns of the global media fed by the western Axis of evils.




Not only individual Muslims but even Muslim nations display their inherent wekaness, wickedness in the face of the anti-Islamc terror attacks  on Iraq and Afghanistan.  The occupyng Western rogues are enjoyng life in Afghansitan well sheltered by continuous inflow of all necessary stuff eatable and terror capable sent  regualrly from neighborg nations in Central and South Asia, includng India and Pakistan. NATO pay for thae stuff and serives in dollars and Euro stained in Islamc blood. As the country of Afghans continues struggle to rebuild and recover, it is still struggling against poverty, poor infrastructure, large concentration of land mines and other unexploded ordnance, as well as a huge illegal poppy cultivation - all now under NATO control and trade. Terror forces consume and siphon off most of the opium prouduced there. India also plays havoc  inits own way by supporitg the NATO terorists ld by the USA, the newly found nuclearized ally of Hindus. Afghanistan also remains subject to occasionally violent political jockeying. The country continues to grapple with the Taliban insurgency and the threat of attacks from a few remaining elements of Al-Qaeda.




Today's democracy packages from the Western "democracies" contain only Muslim dead bodies plus destroyed nations. There has been widespread concern in Afghanistan about civilian death tolls. The occupying NATO terror forces give the particulars of only of their own lost boots and cash and don't reveal the plundering, siphoning off and squandering of Afghan resources. According to the UN, the number of civilians killed in the conflict in Afghanistan so far this year has risen by 24% compared with the same period last year, 1000 more. Civilian deaths rose every month this year compared with 2008. The occupiers as usual just blamed insurgents for that. No one has the guts to challenge the NATO. In June the US military acknowledged concerns about the civilian deaths.



In 2001, in the wake of the attacks of 9/11, the Taliban's action in dismantling a rocky god and supposed decision to shelter the CIS agent brother Osama, his WMD plus Al-Qaeda provoked US terror military action as planned in advance in 1970s.  The Taliban was quickly dislodged and a new puppet government under US sponsorship was established in militarized and decomposed Kabul. However, in stead of marching back to the West or elsewhere, the global terror forces stayed on to complete the Pentagon/CIC agenda. And they continued to kill Muslims and reduce global Muslim population. Here terror Hindu India happily supported the GSTs first.



US controlled UN & UNSC have not released a clear tally of deaths of Afghans during the foreign terror occupation of Afghanistan till date. Only small death bits of Afghans are leaked out to appease the western people whose resources the GSTs are misusing. There is no single official figure for the overall civilians killed by the GST war since 2001, but estimates for specific years or periods have been published by a number of organizations. According to US official accounts, civilian victims of United States' Aerial Bombing at least 3,700 and probably closer to 5,000 civilians were killed by the end of 2002 as a result of U.S. bombing.  However, the study omitted those killed indirectly, when air strikes cut off their access to hospitals, food or electricity. Also exempt were bomb victims who later died of their injuries.




In 2002, The Guardian estimated that 20,000 Afghans have died as an indirect result of the initial US invasion in 2001. Reports from UN agencies show that after eight years of war the number of civilian deaths, kidnappings, car bombings and raids is at the highest point since 2001. In 2008 the number of civilian deaths increased by 40% over 2007. Airstrikes are particularly lethal, causing two-thirds of casualties by pro-government forces Cluster Bombs munitions are one of the most hazardous weapons to civilians used in wars today. Recent estimates suggest that 98 percent of cluster bomb casualties are civilians, many of them children. According to Human Rights Watch, the U.S used 1,228 cluster bombs, containing 295,000 submunitions, in Afghanistan in 2001-2002.



In a pair of January 2002 studies, Carl Conetta of the Project on Defense Alternatives estimated that, at least 4,200-4,500 civilians were killed by mid-January 2002 as a result of the U.S. war and airstrikes, both directly as casualties of the aerial bombing campaign, and indirectly in the humanitarian crisis that the war and airstrikes contributed to. A Los Angeles Times review of US, British, and Pakistani newspapers and international wire services found that between 1,067 and 1,201 direct civilian deaths were reported by those news organizations during the five months from October 7, 2001 to February 28, 2002. This review excluded all civilian deaths in Afghanistan that did not get reported by U.S., British, or Pakistani news, excluded 497 deaths that did get reported in U.S., British, and Pakistani news but that were not specifically identified as civilian or military, and excluded 754 civilian deaths that were reported by the Taliban but not independently confirmed.



The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported that 2,118 Afghan civilians were killed by armed conflict in 2008, the highest number since the end of the initial 2001 invasion. This represented an increase of about 40% over UNAMA's figure of 1,523 Afghan civilians killed in 2007. On March 15, 2009 in an interview with Margaret Warner of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, General David D. McKiernan, then commander of all foreign military forces in Afghanistan, claimed that 80% of civilian casualties in Afghanistan were caused by the Taliban. He added that "by the very nature of an insurgency", it "mixes in on purpose with the civilian population." In contrast to that, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) attributed 55% of the civilian deaths it tracked in 2008 to foreign/government forces, 39% to State international-led military forces and non-state encounters.


Yet, UN/UNSC has not called upon to halt the GST terrorisms in Islamic world. This is chiefly because now the blatant war is openly against Islam and Muslims, unleashed by anti-Islamic, fascist, global terrorists on fictitious pretexts. If earlier, it was only the Zionist and Hindu regimes were crushing the Muslims, now the democratic Christian fascist regimes also do it more ruthlessly. Foolish Muslims don't comprehend the anti-Islamc terror designs that would one day swallow them and their close associates.





One wonders if the GST rogues would stay on forever in Afghanistan to kill all Afghans and control and use the Silk Route permanently. Afghans are now feeling more insecure that when the Talibans had ruled. The proportion of Afghans rating their security positively dipped to 55 percent, from 72 percent in 2005. Seventy percent of those who said the nation is on the wrong track cited security as a central concern. At the same time, ratings of US forces have declined precipitously; 32 percent said US and coalition forces are performing well, down from 68 percent in 2005. And fewer than half of the respondents, 42 percent, have confidence in coalition forces to provide security in their areas.


Most troubling to the Afghans are US air-strikes and civilian casualties. Afghans say the coalition forces have killed many civilians in their areas of control and most of them died in bombing or shelling at the hands of US forces. Over 75 percent of Afghans have called coalition air strikes unacceptable, viewing the risk to innocent civilians as greater than the value of these raids in fighting the Taliban and other anti-government insurgents.


USA keeps talking about democracy and nation building after the 'egime change" handing over bulk of profits and benefits to Karzai regime, thereby making "king" Karzai much richer. NATO does not let Karzai government to control the nation and as such the Karzai-led government has failed badly in establishing its writ beyond Kabul. The Taliban have eroded the influence of government in major portions of the country and have installed a parallel administrative system. Recently the Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar has ironically offered the NATO forces a safe passage if they opt to leave Afghanistan just as the Mujahideen provided a safe passage to red army almost two decades ago.


The GST syndicate in Afghanistan seems to be now harboring a safe exit passage as one of modest priorities. In Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan the NATO rogues have demonstrated that democracy can be taught to Muslims by drones and cluster bombs, while their decomposed dead bodies and destroyed buildings could adorn the new regime in Mideast. It is painful to note that a part of shameless Islamic world is also behind the ongoing terror wars against Islam. 


( To continue"¦>)


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Specialist on State Terrorism

Independent Researcher in International Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.

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