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A Free Kashmir : Random Thoughts- 76

         -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal





Western fascism does not let the Indian strategists to consider surrendering Kashmir sovereignty at any early date. While US led IST (international state terrorists), basically the Chrestians who hate Islam and Muslims, are let terror loose in Afghanistan and Pakistan with drones killing every Muslim they think have the right to live like Muslims, Indians also consider their prerogative kill Muslims in its vicinities. Having been made an Indian military cantonment cum arms depot for decades now since 1947, Kashmir, a former valley, remains the epicenter of Indian state terrorism meant to silence Kashmiris demanding sovereignty back from a fanatically terror India, supported by many arms suppliers to that country, including Russia and Israel’ Kashmir has been converted into zone of a syndicate of Indo-Israeli hidden gangs operating in this to terrorize Kashmiri Muslims until they all become full Indians; Hindus by provocative techniques have made several Kashmiris to take up arms against the aggressors.



Hindus are basically extremely greedy and always sought to control the peoples in their neighbourhoods, but the arrival of British army in India altered the mindset of Hindus only to serve the resent masters and use them to create problem for Muslims. The British colonizers, quite deliberately supported Indian aspiration for a hegemonic position in the South Asia region. October 27, 1947, changed the destiny of Kashmiris and fate of Kashmiris as the Indian terror troops, on guidance and support from the UK, landed in Jammu Kashmir capital Srinagar to defend the Kashmiris against any “external threats” and forcefully started occupying the state without the concurrence of the people.



According to the India now the original “Article of Accession” for the state of Kashmir is lost–as if it ever existed. There are serious issues of timing. India is preparing for a possible ‘two-front war’ with China and Pakistan. However, India never discloses this openly and avoids earning the wrath of the Kashmiris who have lost their dear ones in the struggle for freedom the Indian Hindu terrorists. But Indian leaders keep stating JK is an integral par of Hindu India which has the privilege of killing any Muslim inside India and Kashmir as per their whims and fancies – and with American help the Pakistanis and Afghanis. India thinks if Americans just close their dirty eyes on what it does in Jammu Kashmir, New Delhi would also pretend ignorance of what US-led NATO terrorists are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan  and would not make any reference to NATO genocides  in Islamic world. This mutual agreement has brought about a nasty Israeli-India terror coalition and both don’t criticise of each other’s terrorism in Palestine and Kashmir. That is the new democracy.    




India gives out the probably its usual mischievous, impression, that India is negotiating with Kashmiris and Pakistanis for the settlement of Jammu Kashmir issue tormenting the region for a long time now. India makes the world, including the USA, that it is making strenuous efforts to make as many Kashmiris and Pakistanis pro-India probably for that purpose, Kashmiri freedom leaders knowing al hidden strategies of Hindus both in India and Jammu Kashmir, are not willing to buy any of the Indian gestures that hide the ugly side of Indian terror goals in JK and Pakistan.


Indian double speak can some times outmanoeuvre the Israeli and American ones. On 12 Jan India organized a seminar on Jammu Kashmir and arranged for some Hindu Kashmiri pundits enjoying life in New Delhi to disturb the meet and hurl nasty Hindu comments in unparliamentarily expressions on freedom leader of JK Liberation Front Yasen Malik. The Muslim leaders of Kashmir like National Conference and Congress party have made a Hindu, for the first time, deputy CM in the government and they pursue Hindu interests of Pundits. Obviously, the NC is also playing its dirty politics in attacking the freedom leaders of Kashmir to get applause from Hindu masters in New Delhi. That is characteristic of pro-India elements in JK.








Pro-Indian elements of Kashmiris now enjoy life to the fullest possible ways by being in both JK state and central regimes. By doing so, they also seem to mock at the freedom groups each one trying to outsmart the other on being the real “separatist” faction in JK. While the freedom factions do not find the need to unit and merge into one solid freedom movement with several leaders concentrating on each aspect, like one for foreign media management, etc, the pro-India outfits think they can tactfully obtain sovereignty back form an arrogant India with an innocent looking façade.



By promoting pro-India elements in Kashmir, Indian state arranged a show with IANS in the form of an interview on the sidelines of a function organised in New Delhi on 20 Oct evening to celebrate Abdullah’s 73rd birthday. A beaming political actor from Kashmir who is also responsible for the genocides and disappearances of Kashmiri Muslims said: 'Kashmir will remain a part of India and Kashmiris will never leave this nation. You should not doubt us. India should stop thinking that Kashmiris will ever divide off from India '. The Kashmir issue, he said, 'will be solved peacefully only if India and people at the helm in New Delhi stop thinking that Kashmiris will ever secede'.



Indian colonialists relish the genocides of Kashmiris and derive sadistic pleasure at the secret graveyards left intact by the occupying Hindu terrorists in JK. Hindus are enjoying their domestic politics by giving unsolicited advices to Kashmir Muslims. As Indian premier terrorist Manmohan keeps giving sermons on behaviour, Kashmir leader Abdullah, now a central minister, tries to become a nice guy in the eye of Hindus. National Conference NC claims to the true owners of Jammu Kashmir with their Pundit connections. As part of Indian democratic and secular traditions, both father and son Farooqs are now true representative of Kashmiris- son as CM of JK and father a minister in central government.



It appears the Kashmiris who are in central coalition UPA government, especially from non-Congress stream like National Conference NF to make pro-Indian statements mixed with emotional outbursts to fool the listeners and spectators. NC leader and father Omar Farook, the CM of JK, Farook Abdullah claims his party always fought for independence of Jammu Kashmir and as such freedom groups are less important than NC in Kashmir politics becomes a nice guy. Immediately after the JK polls, the NC leaders declared they knew where to put the Hyrriyat.  



India should not doubt Kashmiris and stop thinking they will ever 'leave this nation', says former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah in a visibly renewed energetic mode. Farooq bhai pleads Hindus and their henchmen to listen to the heartbeats of the people of India. They want to live in peace and harmony. Don't divide them,' an emotional Abdullah told the gathering, which also included former ministers Vasant Sathe and M.M. Jacob as well as former Jammu and Kashmir governor and ex RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) chief G.C. Saxena who insulted the his Hindu “yatra politics” in Kashmir valley and created more problems for unsecured Kashmiri Muslims. Thousands of Muslims were slaughtered in Kashmir under his governorship alone.  Hindu India is keen to use the severely frustrated Kashmiri Muslims fight for Hindu cause as well. Abdullah is an important tool in New Delhi for this.



Avoiding any worthwhile commitment to the real issue of sovereignty, Manmohan on 28 Oct asked the youth of Kashmir to “change" and join in building a new Kashmir for peace in the region. He urged them to think constructively about how to build their futures. Manmohan asked Kashmiris not to harbour ambitions of joining Pakistan but be with Hindu terror India. The prime minister said under the government's skill development and employment scheme, the tourism ministry will train 300 youth of the state to be deployed as escorts of Hindus masters during the Amarnath and Vaishno Devi pilgrimages. In simple words, Hindus ask Kashmiri youth to serve Hinduism and be nice guys like Farook and Co. Or, face the Indian state terrorism laws and rules” He also said will deploy around 8,000 youth in Jammu and Kashmir on a voluntary basis as part of a nation-wide program to engage in public service such as cleaning of the picturesque Dal Lake. Kashmiris should clean up Dal Lake only to get themselves by Hindu state terrorists on the sidelines.









Pakistan consistently displays interest in Kashmir issue seeking for its re-independence. There has been a hunch that Pakistan keeps changing its Kashmiri stand and promotes those Kashmiris who want JK to become a part of Pakistan. Both India and pro-India elements are trying to bribe the Kashmiris freedom fighters making them pro-Indian elements. There is no evidence to either prove or disprove this. One may recall that during his very first press conference after taking oath as President, Asif Zardari had pronounced that the nation would hear some good news about Kashmir within a month. This announcement had raised both expectations and suspicions — whether the President has some workable agenda and mechanism to address this problem or had he entered into any behind the scene understanding with Indians. Similarly, at a certain stage he also proposed that Pakistan and India should work on normalization of their relations and settlement of the Kashmir issue should be left to the future generations.


At a point Zardari was seen tryng to appeasse India leaders for nothing. In an interview to Wall Street Journal, Zardari had even also dubbed the freedom fighters as terrorists, triggering strong protests from Kashmiris and delighting the Indian Establishment. In this backdrop, one is pleased to note this positive turn in his thinking and hopefully this would not prove to be a mere PR exercise during his maiden visit to an area which is considered to be the base camp for the freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people. We also expect other concerned institutions and policy-making circles would also start giving the issue the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, in the past, Pakistan deviated from its principled position by offering so-called out-of-the-box solution and, therefore, the focus now should return back to solution of the problem strictly in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions.



When terror India has plenty of resources including stolen and earned through immoral and illegal means, the freedom groups are handicapped by lack of funds to purse their goals and some of them are funded by both Pakistan and India to keep the death toll of Kashmir   on the rise. The moderate faction of the separatist Hurriyat Conference has indicated its willingness to talk to New Delhi saying it was a 'positive development'. Abdullah said New Delhi should learn lessons from past mistakes of giving 'too much hype' to the Kashmir peace process -- which led to the brutal killing of a pro-Kashmir commander Hizbul Mujahideen, Abdul Majid Dar, who had agreed to hold talks with the central government after he declared a ceasefire in 2000. Dar was expelled from the outfit and was later shot dead by militants in March 2002.Abdullah said dialogue to encompass all shades of opinion was 'inevitable and it seems New Delhi has recognised the fact'. 'They are sincere,' he reiterated, adding that some political prisoners had been released. Manmohan Singh is also holding a meeting to implement the recommendations of the five working groups set up to look into the problems in the state.



A day after Prime terrorist Manmohan Singh offered peace talks to pro-Kashmir and freedom leaders in Jammu and Kashmir, Union home terror minister P Chidambharam said the government was mulling withdrawal of paramilitary forces from the valley as well as the 'vacation of occupied houses and land' by the army. "We have identified a number of issues on which follow-up action is being taken by the central government and the government of Jammu and Kashmir," Chidambaram told reporters here, including withdrawal of some paramilitary battalions and vacation of occupied houses and land by the army and paramilitary".  Chidambaram said different opinions will be reconciled and the decision taken in appropriate cabinet committees. He said the central government was keen on "transferring more and more responsibility to the Jammu and Kashmir police and strengthening (its) training".  



The specialist in quiet diplomacy and central police Minister P. Chidambaram had announced in Kashmir last month that the central government was working 'on quiet diplomacy to arrive at a unique, acceptable and honourable solution to the problems in Kashmir ', raising expectations that the stalled talks with separatist leaders would resume. His comments come after the prime terror minister Manmohan said in Srinagar that the responsibility of maintaining law and order "will increasingly fall on the Jammu and Kashmir police". Chidambaram said the government "intends to follow up on the promise of 'quiet talks, quiet diplomacy' with all shades of political opinion in Jammu and Kashmir ", echoing what Manmohan Singh said during his two-day visit to the valley. “We need to end all the violence to begin a dialogue.' 



Addressing an invited audience at the function organised by the Foundation for Amity and National Solidarity, former JK CM Farook Abdullah said India wanted peace with Pakistan. 'We don't hate Pakistan. We feel sad to see what is happening in Pakistan. “We want a friendship with you but please allow us to live happily,' he said while expressing concern over rising terrorism in the neighbouring country. Abdullah urged politicians not to mix religion with politics. 'Every election in India divides the nation because elections are being fought on religious sentiments. People are seeking votes in the name Ram and Allah. Abdullah now advocates cooperation and sharing the booty and not any religious radicalism.



NC patron Abdullah clearly shows his first priority as a Muslim by prioritising his alignment: 'I am a Muslim. I am Kashmiri and I am a proud citizen of India, the country whose unity in diversity amazes me,' Abdullah, who is also president of the ruling National Conference in the state, stated.  The former chief minister appreciated the central government's move of 'quiet diplomacy' to solve the problems in the state that has been ravaged by a two-decade separatist war. New Delhi, according to him, is sincere this time and the other side separatist leaders is also serious,' Abdullah said, adding 'there should be no hype if the Kashmir issue is to be solved sincerely'. Perhaps, Farooq feels something is always better than nothing including a central ministerial cabinet. After all, he was a victim of Indian fanaticism and state terrorism as he was removed as CM when he made a trip to Marg while stressing for re-independence from Indian yoke. 




President Asif Ali Zardari declared last week that fighting for liberation of Kashmir is duty of Pakistan and that there can be no peace in the region without resolution of this long-standing conflict. During his first ever visit to Muzaffarabad where he addressed the joint session of the AJK Legislative Assembly and Kashmir Council, the President also expressed the confidence that time is not far off when the world powers and regional countries (a veiled reference to India) will have to take serious decisions about Kashmir. This must be music to ears for Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC), as it is a healthy departure from Zardari’s earlier stance on the Kashmir issue, freedom struggle and the approach to resolve the problem. It is an open secret that the Pak President had an evasive stance on this crucial issue, which is rightly believed to be a nuclear flash point between two South Asian neighbours. However, he should know rhetoric alone wil not bring peace to the region.


  (More to follow…>) 


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Specialist on State Terrorism

Independent Columnist in International Affairs, Research Scholar (JNU) & the only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.

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