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WAKE UP PAKISTAN! by Farah Iqbal Lodhi
Posted By: farahlodhi Created On: 2/Jun/2012 Views: 2105 Replies: 0 
It was quite shocking to listen to (convicted) PM “Yusuf Raza Gilani” while he was giving an interview to a foreign journalist, said about the depressed, oppressed and troubled Pakistanis “Why don’t they leave the country? Who is stopping them?” The astonishing face expression of the interviewer was a shame for all countrymen that whom we have chosen to govern us? They have made us a public joke Click here to read Full Article

Posted By: farahlodhi On: 1/May/2012 Views:2257 Replies:0 
It would not be wrong to say that the tenure of present government has been an "ERA OF CRISES" for my beloved countrymen. My deprived Pakistani nation that has already been suffering many crises, these days has become victim of Disasters.There have been difficult situations since the creation of Pakistan but I don't think so many crises have hit us in such quick succession ever before. Click here to read Full Article
تبدیلی کا سفر ۔ فرح اقبال لودھی
Posted By: farahlodhi On: 19/Feb/2012 Views:1877 Replies:0 
. Click here to read Full Article
AND THE TIGERS MADE IT....... by Farah IqbalLodhi
Posted By: farahlodhi On: 26/Jan/2012 Views:2075 Replies:0 
After the historic rally of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, the Tsunami averted towards Karachi and their were even bigger Challenges in Karachi ready for Imran Tigers. A city that has witnessed hate, violence, fire, blood and screams was chosen for a gathering named Click here to read Full Article
“OUR JOURNEY IS NOT YET OVER” by Farah Iqbal Lodhi
Posted By: farahlodhi On: 12/Nov/2011 Views:2528 Replies:0 
Self belief is a positive quality that helps people grow beyond their dreams. Two great characters from history have inspired me a lot. One is the great Carthaginian general “Hannibal Barca”, when he was told that it was impossible to fight Rome on its home territory because they didn’t have the way. Hannibal replied, “We will find a way or we will make one”. Second character is of “William Wallac Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: farahlodhi On: 10/Sep/2011 Views:2218 Replies:0 
The most sensitive emotion of a person is his religious belief. Any person irrespective of which religion he belongs to, would get angry if his religion is being made fun of. Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: farahlodhi On: 12/Jul/2011 Views:2566 Replies:0 
Some one rightly said: "No word is last in Politics". This Proverb is being tried to be practically implemented by two Political Parties of Pakistan as their common interest lies first though their past evident a complete conflicting picture. They are calling it "Grand Allience" but to many it just seems like "Grand Intrigue". The lust of Power has brought together "Natural Enemies" who in the ver Click here to read Full Article
From Pakistan With Peace. by Farah Iqbal Lodhi
Posted By: farahlodhi On: 24/Jun/2011 Views:3136 Replies:0 
This is a letter for the hon'ble American ambassidor for Pakistan requesting peace for our land and for the world as well.Let me start with a sad news. "Brian Haw" died. May be his death means nothing to you But for me and all peace lovers this is a traggic incident and we mourne his death. He for around 10 years, protested against the absurd "War On Terror" because he understood the importance of Click here to read Full Article

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