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Sequel to Memo Commission Inquiry


Dr Raja Muhammad Khan

Finally, the Judicial Commission, investigating the infamous memogate has finalized its findings in the form of 121 pages report on June 4, 2012. The detail investigation report presented to the Supreme Court has declared former Pakistani envoy to Washington, Mr Hussain Haqqani as the guilty of authoring the memo, and found him, disloyal to the state of Pakistan. A Judicial Commission comprising reputed judges of the apex court has completed the investigation of the case.

In its findings, the judicial commission found the memo as a reality, rather being a farce, or just a bundle of allegations. As per the findings of the report, the memo was indeed an assurance to the United States that, the civilian Government of Pakistan is a real US ally and loyal to it. Since, the investigation of the memogate was ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, therefore, the apex court has summoned Mr Haqqani to appear before it within two weeks to reply the findings of the investigation report.

Mr Haqqani, whom Supreme Court allowed to proceed to US has decided to challenge the report and is unlikely to come back to Pakistan, though he assured the court that he will return once required. He, however said that, “I would like to be able to return to Pakistan, but I won’t return to face a lynch mob.” Furthermore, he said that if I come to Pakistan, “The threats to my life are real.” Reportedly, Mr Haqqani has sought the US assistance in this regard.

The legal experts opine that Mr Haqqani may get a major punishment for “subverting the constitution of Pakistan, for treason and for harming the sovereignty of Pakistan.” Being a very astute personality and smart mover, Mr Haqqani perhaps knew this all, once he managed to leave Pakistan and now seeking US assistance for not coming back to Pakistan. Seeing his strong connections with his host country and US antagonism against Pakistan, it is obvious that he will be given full protection and would not come back to Pakistan to face a trial of this conspiracy. 

We have to wait for the legal proceedings by the Supreme Court under the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan, for the final verdict. However, we can debate on some of its aspects and motives of the memogate. Since the Judicial Commission has found Mr Haqqani guilty of memogate, therefore, there is a requirement to know, as why did Mr Haqqani take such an extreme step and could he do that all alone.  Nevertheless, the Judicial Commission has not confirmed involvement of President Zardari, since Mansour Ijaz had no proof of that, but there must be some elements behind Mr Haqani, besides US.

There is no doubt that, United States had a role and this can be established from the channel used by Mr Haqqani to deliver the report to then Chairman of US Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen. General James Jones, USMC (Ret), the former National Security Advisor of President Obama, who conveyed this memo to Mullen, has constantly supported Mr Haqqani in his testimony; he gave to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in writing. After the testimony of General James, even Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Yousaf Raza Gillani has declared that Memogate is a hoax.

So much so, the honourable Prime Minister has thrashed his Army Chief and then intelligence chief, who gathered evidence and gave proofs, they had with them in their affidavits, once asked by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. While keeping Mr Hussain Haqqani in the Prime Minister House, against the protocol, the Prime Minister sacked his Defense Secretary (a retired general) for processing the statements of the Army Chief and the ISI head. Should not the Premier be asked for giving undue protection and shelter to an accuse in the PM house for so many weeks, who indeed conspired against the State of Pakistan.

If no body from the Government circle was behind the Haqqani, then why did the ruling class promoted his viewpoint and kept him in PM House through out, till his departure to US. Prime Minister supported Mr Haqqani in the National Assembly. On the issue of issuing thousands of illegal visas to the US agents by Haqqani, the Premier said that, I ask them (Army and ISI), “who gave visa to Osma Bin Laden”?  Then the famous taunt of the PM in the National assembly to Armed Forces that, we have increased their pay by 100%, now what do they want. Should this have been a response of an elected PM.

This was all in response to the Army and ISI pursuing to know the details of the memogate, since it was against the security establishment of Pakistan, which Haqqani and his US masters were seeing as hurdle in the accomplishment of their mission. Should such a planning would have been allowed to be implemented, is a big question mark. One can understand the US planning and actions of getting rid of the current military establishment for not giving a free hand to US against its sensitivities,  in Pakistan, but why Pakistani authorities support the US stance and its  conspirator envoy is not understood. This indeed is big mystery, the SC of Pakistan should find in its proceedings for the award of final verdict.

Then, there has been a questionable role of some of the print and electronic media channels of Pakistan. Some of the paid anchors even tried to prove that, the military establishment and the ISI have prepared this entire memogate. They made their unconvincing and bold statements after receiving millions of USDs to defame the armed forces of Pakistan in the memogate case. Recently, after a disclosure of media scam, everyone in Pakistan have understood the reality of private media channels and particularly those channels having their foreign connections and funding. The honourable Supreme Court should sort out these black sheep too.

Today, in the light of the findings of the memogate, Mr Haqqani and his cronies in Pakistan and the net beneficiary; the United States stand exposed. All these elements wanted that the security of Pakistan should be compromised and US should get an excess to the nuclear arsenals of Pakistan by doing away with the irritant military commanders. In the entire episode, the ISI and the Military establishment have proved its worth by unearthing and timely defeating the conspiracy. Whereas, the nation appreciates this timely unearthing of the conspiracy, let us wait for the fate of those behind the memogate.

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