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Obama: Worrying too Much for Pakistan



Dr Raja Muhammad Khan


                  David E. Sanger, the New York Times Correspondent has revealed in his recently published book that, for the American President, Barack Obama, the biggest worry is that its nuclear arsenals may be taken away by extremists, in the event of its disintegration. Indeed, as per the author, President Obama expressed his worries with his aides in 2011. The book, entitled, “Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret War and Surprising Use of American Power” reveals that, President US has the least power to prevent a possible disintegration of Pakistan and indeed, consider Pakistan, as the “biggest single national security concern.”

                       This is not the first time that, Pakistani nation is hearing something about the future of their country and its nuclear arsenals. Repeatedly, US media, its writers, think tanks, scholars, officials and MPs have been issuing such statements and indeed making strategies as how to destabilize this only nuclear armed Muslim country of the world. So much so that there have been institutional endeavors by above mentioned institutions and officials to disintegrate Pakistan into smaller states, which may better serve the purpose of the super power for the attainment of its objectives in this part of the world.

                       In the past, some maps were issued, showing many parts of Pakistan or else no country with the name of Pakistan. Some of these maps and repots were even published by Pentagon and CIA. Authentic analysts and prominent writers’ firmly believe that US had a part in the disintegration of Pakistan in 1971 too. Indeed, there have been meetings between then Indian Prime Minister and US President and other officials who gave green signal to India for a military invasion into former East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

                       Nevertheless, hearing something from the top man at the White House is indeed a new phenomenon and a real concern for the Pakistani nation, if not for the incumbent Government. This secret revelation clearly indicates that, apart from the Pentagon and CIA, the White House has also become a direct part of US covert planning against the state of Pakistan. This also means that, the current instability of Pakistan is part of US grand designs, which would subsequently lead towards major disaster to the integrity of Pakistan.  

                       Having known all these facts, indeed, the ill intentions of US, the nation should not demoralize itself, which in any case would be amounting to concede to, what US is planning. Rather,   the challenge and the threat posed or even the conspiracy theory (it may be) should become an opportunity for the national integration and unity.  Let us get over to the differences that have been created by none other than the few selfish people within Pakistan, either on behest of these external powers or as an excuse to remain at the powerhouse the country.

                       In this regard, while there is an ongoing bickering among the political elites and between various pillars of the state, the people of Pakistan has to take the lead role. While shedding away the artificial differences of ethnicity and sectarianism, creating unity and harmony among the masses should be the beginning of this delayed action. The act should subsequently lead towards the gradual elimination of extremism, which has crept into the Pakistani society over the years, again owing to the external factors; still promoting it.

                       In this regard, the role of academia, scholars and media (especially the social media) would be most important one. The academia at various tiers of providing the education to the youth of nation should make an utmost effort to nurture a well-groomed, civilized, aware and a tolerant future generation. The wealth of education and morality as enunciated by the great religion; Islam should be the weapons of this youth. Besides, the glorious principles as given by the father of nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah; Faith, Unity and Discipline should be strictly followed by all, particularly the youth.

                       The scholars of a nation, indeed, the farsighted acumen have a great role to play. This is the most essential group, which whiles less discernible play the key role in the awareness of a nation. This group of the society has very very essential role for the correct guidance of the society. Indeed, unlucky are the nations, having either, no scholars are those on the payrolls of foreign powers to serve their motives against the interests of their own motherland. Though, the scholars of a nation, continuously contribute towards the nation building and its development, their role however, become more challenging during trying moments of the nation. Indeed, the current phase in the history of Pakistan is most critical, needing untiring and positive contributions from the scholars of the nations. Indeed, for all of us, it is a time to re-pay to the nation by promoting; unity, positivity, tolerance, education and above all the image building abroad.

                       In this world of information technology, the media; both electronic and print, has assumed for itself a unique roll; indeed, an unparallel and deciding one. It would not be wrong if I say that, today’s media can make or break the nation(s).  For a dedicated nation building, a mature media role deems most crucial for the terrorism and extremism hit Pakistani society, where chaos and uncertainty is the order of the day. Creating social unrest and disharmony within Pakistan and asking for Aman ki Asha across the frontiers need reconciliation and reassessment. Media should make sure that its elements are not following the foreign themes and scripts, which in the long-term pave the way for cultural invasion of other countries.

                       Whereas, the others do have a role to play as summarized above, should not the elected representatives of the country stop playing with future of this poorly governed state. Perhaps, a maturity is needed to elect and select right people for the right job. In conclusion, I would just say that, not Obama, but someone from within Pakistan should start worrying for this great nation and the state of Pakistan, before it is too late. 

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