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Helipads at the house of PM Raja


Just now I have read in main news that a helipad is to be constructed on top priority basis from Prime Minister House Islamabad to the private house of new Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who belongs to Gujjar Khan and thus on each weekend he will go his own home which is about 40 kilometers away from the capital and for security reasons he must fly which will be cheaper than if he goes by road. Those who matter and have say within the nucleus of our power corridor were ordered to leave whatever they were doing and instead embark upon a plan as to how our new PM should go back to his house in Gujjar Khan. The team then had no alternative but to leave aside the work they were doing and sat down for hours and hours to suggest transportation arrangements for PM on weekly basis.  Initially they have prepared very philosophical and comprehensive summary in this regard wherein the whole situation is viewed from variety of angles and factors like money, manpower and time have been calculated and a logical comparison is drawn as to what suits the best not only for our most worthy VVIP but also to our poor national exchequer as well.  The plan is being submitted to the concerned authorities for their review, addition and deletion as the case may be.


Quite naturally the first and the foremost factor which has been focused upon is the life security for PM Raja Pervez Ashraf which cannot and should not be put to risk even .001% and that too in a country where internationally  reckoned top most terrorist Osama Bin Laden could very comfortably live in the proximity of Pakistan Army establishment for many long years and none knew it at all so we will be none but stupid to put our PM’s life into danger. The specially chosen team of experts after many cross questioning, arguments and sittings has come with a plan wherein it is suggested as to what to be done if PM flies out and what is needed when PM wishes to go by road and therefore the whole plan is bifurcated into two separate sections dealing with air travel and road travel.


As regards road travel plan, it is documented that this is a gigantic plan which is to be carried out on not once during his entire tenure not even on monthly basis but exactly on weekly basis till Raja continues to be occupying the throne. The plan very explicitly and categorically spells out that this requires lot of deep thinking, foresightedness and methodical logistics and at each and every step it had to be very well coordinated with many different organizations and set ups and unless and until it is well organized the plan will certainly flop and therefore it is advised that none should burn himself or herself before PM upon the failure of the plan. So call of the time is that come what may the plan had to be properly executed professionally and meticulously.


The report says that minimum 300 policemen duly equipped with fully loaded guns, pistols and hand grenades along with their junior officers and their senior bosses, will be required to man the designated route from Islamabad to Gujjar Khan and the same lot will again be posted back along the route when VVIP returns to the capital.  Then all type of vehicular traffic will be stopped from one end to another end at least an hour before PM is due to pass through either from Islamabad to Gujjar Khan or vice versa. Study also pointed out that when PM leaves by road then so many other arrangements are also to be done which needs proper planning and execution. It says that an extra VVIP car will be needed in case if PM car gives any trouble so that VVIP can continue travelling without any delay and trouble. There ought to be a full-fledged fleet of security vehicles both with mounted guns and cannons to run in front, right, left and back of VVIP car along with so many others vehicles to carry different others namely anti terrorist squad; bomb disposal platoon; rescue brigade; team of doctors and ambulances. On the top of it there had to be deployment of media crew including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines etc.  Press photographers, newsmen and journalists cannot be ignored either to be included in the VVIP entourage.


As regards air travel it is envisaged that it should be preferred for so many reasons particularly from the point of time wastage. It is very rightly feared that PM will waste quite some time by going by car but it can be saved if he flies instead. The think tank has shown lot of concern towards his time wastage and it is advised that since time cannot be measured by money so it will be in the greater interest of the nation and not that of PM as others may construe alike that PM should fly from PM House Islamabad to his per personal house in Gujjar Khan which will take about 25 minutes whereas by road he will cover the distance in about 45 minutes. 40 minutes saved on both legs can be utilized by worthy PM on the improvement of the plight of his compatriots. Secondly in air travel roads will not be blocked and people will freely move around particularly in Gujjar Khan if not in Islamabad. Then all those policemen to man the whole route will not be required and neither other services will be required so it saves us all the hassle. There will be only air force fighters required in front and back of the helicopter carrying PM which could be a bit expensive affair but again you are not involved in so much logistics which one needs in case if PM selects to by road. The expense on constructing helipad at the residence of PM Raja in Gujjar Khan is an inevitable expense and it should neither be given second thought nor it should be shelved and instead it be completed on round the clock basis.


Last but not the least, we cannot and should not stop PM going to Gujjar Khan but if at all we hold back in Islamabad then it will be construed to be an infringement upon his personal liberty which is guaranteed not only by our constitution but also by International Human Rights Association. I am sure that after reading this all now you are neither to hurl stones on me nor you are going to curse me and instead you will use your all sources and resources to keep shut those who are opposing that PM of poor country like Pakistan should not waste public money on constructing helipad at the residence of the PM. Let me remind my critics, if not annoying that yesterday only PM Raja has publicly said in Karachi that he is only inducted for just few months but yet I am fully determined to do lot of work for the country in such shortest possible time in any case.


Bravo! PM Raja Pervez Asharf, please allow me to go a step further by saying that you must have two helipads in house in Gujjar Khan so that you announce in public to land at helipad one but land at helipad two and vice versa so that your enemies bewilder how to reach you.


Don’t you agree with me Mr. Prime Minister to have two helipads at your house instead of one?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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