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Must be some truth if not whole truth


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

At the very outset I must explain and elucidate quite categorically and emphatically without the slightest shadow of doubt whatsoever that I am commenting on the subject purely on academic grounds which means neither I am titling towards the complainant noreven siding with all the defendants come what may and, therefore, my words cannot and should not be painted and construed otherwise.

Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faez Issa who himself for quite some time is attending Supreme Court and defending himself for many long months in connection with the presidential reference instituted against him but at the same time just out if blue he has quite suddenly and unexpectedly revealed some very sensitive and specific information which is not less than a bomb if, not an atom bomb, to be honest which must have definitely shivered and shocked some people for sure if not the whole lot.

No denying the hard fact that the learned Justice Faez himself being not only BA Honors Law from London but has also has passed Bar professional examination from the Inns Court School of Law London very well truly  proves that he has deep and thorough knowledge of different laws and having practiced as an advocate for over twenty years he has practically learnt the art how to plead a case so that his client wins. He has polished himself so far as advocacy of law is concerned and is ranked as one of the prominent lawyers. Then of course being former Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court,he has still the more excelled in the field and ever since he has elevated as Judge of Supreme Court, he has touched the zenith to be very honest and, therefore, I am not hesitant at all to pronounce  to pen that the learned judge very well knows at his own, without any spoon feeding, as to what he is to say, when to say and why to say hence on the face of it whatever he has already said or likely to say in future too has deep meaning and the learned judge is fully charged to confront anyone of them one by one or even all at the same time whatever pleases him or her or them as the case may be.

JusticeQazi Issa has informed the larger bench of Supreme Court consisting of 10 judges headed by Justice Umar AtaBandial that he purely through his own personal sources and resources have found out that many prominent personalities of my beloved Pakistan who either still very much belong to power corridor of the country or had belonged to the power corridor very much own the landed properties in their personal names in United Kingdom. He very well understand that each and everybody is fully authorized and entitled to own property withinPakistan or even overseas or both, as the case may, be thus he is not objecting at all that as to why someone owns properties in UK rather instead he is very much interested just to know as to how these owners have earned such huge money to buy the said properties as their prices run into 6 digits if not 7. The simple and coreissue raised by Justice Qazi is that all such owners are to satisfy the concerned authorities that they have purchased these properties with white money so the very question of loot money or money laundering does not arise at all.

Neither eight nor six but seven to be exact have been exposed by Justice Qazi Issa namely formerPresident Gen (Retired) Pervez Musharraf owns just two (2) properties in his name. Prime Minister Imran Khan has six (6) properties in his name. Mirza Shazad Akbar, Head Assets Recovery Unit has five (5) properties against his name. Zulfiqar Bukhari, Special Assistant to PM on overseas Pakistanis has seven (7) properties on his name. Mohammad Usman Dar has three (3) properties against his name. Dr AshiqFirdous Awan former Special Assistant to PM on Information has one (1) against her name. Jahangir Khan Tareen a prominent leader of Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf has one (1) property in his name.

BarristerDr Farogh Nasim former Law Minister and now pleading on behalf of Pakistan government in Supreme Court defending the government in the presidential reference against Justice Qazi Issa said that he has himself spoken to PM Imran telling him that Justice Qazi Issa has informed Supreme Court that Justice Qazi accusation that PM Imran owns 5 properties in UK is nothing but a false accusation. PM Imran has quite vehemently denied the same and instead he has very loudly and clearly said that he does not even own one property in United Kingdom what to talk of five properties as alleged by Justice Qazi. PM Imran has not just refuted the news but has gone to the maximum limit declaring it quite explicitly that if Justice Qazi Issa can prove that PM Imran does own those 5  properties which his accusing me then I will immediately quit the throne because then I have no moral authority to continue as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Continuing on the same pitch Imran Khan told Barrister Dr Farogh Naseem that if at all the said properties are believed to be owned by me, which I do not own in any case, then I as owner of such properties do hereby voluntarily authorize the Government of Pakistan to confiscate those properties and sell the same and the cash so earned should be deposited  in the national exchequer of Pakistan.

Very hypothetical, sensational and blood boiling situation has been created by PM Imran saying all that just in one breath whereby he has gone even touching to the point of no return and, therefore, under the given situation now when Imran has thrown back the ball in the court of Justice Qazi Issa to proceed accordingly.

Quite surprisingly the rest six person whom Justice Qazi Issa accused along with PM Imran are dead silent but for some candid reasons and not otherwise. I am sure they must have known what has been alleged against them and, therefore, they must be preparing their statements at their own or with the consultation of their lawyers as to which words and expressions be used so that the message is easily understood even by a commoner and not just the intelligentsia.

Pleasant change to divert our attention and put all of us up to watch to wait and see what is next otherwise we are facing nothing but either deaths or lock down even if it is the smart and fashionable lock down.

                                         Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait 

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