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Daring Confession of Indian Spy Surjeet Singh

By Zaheerul Hassan

An Indian Spy Surjeet Singh, after spending more than thirty years in Pakistani jails, was released from Kot Lakhpat jail on 28th June 2012 and handed over to Indian authorities at Wagah Border. Surjeet Singh, soon after his release confessed that he spied for Indian Army and Intelligence. During investigation, he also revealed the modus of operandi of Indian intelligence agency of attracting, launching and carrying out terrorism through spies in the neighbouring countries. Examples of promoting LTTE in Sri Lanka, supporting Pilkhana Mascara  and killing officers of Bangladeshi border force, backing Dalai Lama against China, sponsoring anti-state elements in Nepal and dreadful interference in collaboration with CIA in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and bomb blasting all over Pakistan are some of the live examples of Indian regional terrorism through espionage network. After creating Bangladesh in 1971, RAW continued with its covert operations in the newborn country by injecting dissension among political parties, religious sects and armed forces.  It instigated Chakmas in Chittagong Hills against the regime, trained and equipped the rebels and supported their insurgency. It also created and trained Shanti Bahini to carryout subversive activities. RAW had a hand in assassination of Gen Ziaur Rehman in 1981, who was pro-Pakistan and unfavorably disposed towards secularism. Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan being landlocked were coerced and made totally dependent on India through machinations of RAW.


However, it would not be wrong in saying that Indian Intelligence agency other than adopting coercive and Chanakyan tactics has been indulging in series of battles of intrigues and secret wars to subvert and destabilize South Asian states in consonance with foreign policy objectives and active terrorism. Anyhow, India instead of feeling guilty on the exposing of their covert agenda, denied the statement of Surjeet Singh just after his release. In this connection, Indian Home Secretary R.K. Singh told a news conference in New Delhi. "We deny it (because) we do not do this kind of thing,” He clarified this in response to reporters' questions about whether the freed man worked for government agencies. In fact, Indian Home secretary statement cannot cover the veracity behind Surjeet Singh confession since numbers of Indian agents have been apprehended and released after culmination of their punishment periods. In April 2011, Gopal Das, one of Pakistan's longest-serving Indian prisoners, was released after Pakistan's President; Asif Ali Zardari intervened in his case. Upon his release, Das too admitted that he was an Indian spy and lashed out at the Indian authorities for abandoning him during his 23 years in jail.  


It is also mentionable, here that on Wagah Border Surjeet Singh while addressing the media admired that Pakistani authorities, courts and agencies have displayed excellent dealing and good treatment during his stay in Pakistani Jails. At the same time he also complained that no one from Indian Government bothered about him after he had been arrested. Therefore it is established from his statement proves that RAW’s sponsored spies play a major role in conducting subversive activities in Pakistan. RAW in the routine practice hire poor villagers from border areas for spying in Pakistan and once they are caught, the Indian agencies leave them and their families to suffer indefinitely without support.


Indian Spy Surjeet Singh also  committed that the verdict of Pakistani courts after a free and fair trial are genuine but on the other hand his country and handlers (RAW)   are ruthlessly dealing with  Pakistani fishers lying in Indian jails.            RAW was instrumental in creating LTTE. India had not forgiven Colombo for allowing Pakistani aircraft and ships to use its ports for transporting war needs to the beleaguered Pak troops in East Pakistan.


As far as Surjeet Singh’s case is concerned, he has confessed that he carried out many bomb blasts in different cities of Pakistan which caused deaths of more than twenty innocent Pakistani citizens. It is also added here that king of          terrorists’ world “Col Prohit” yet to be punished. Indian state terrorism in Kashmir, against Sikhs, Maoists and Christians need to be stopped and required global attention.  


In short, Indian intelligence agencies nexus with CIA, MI-6 and Mossad is an open secret. The said agencies are carrying out joint operations in Balochistan and against Chinese working in different development projects of Pakistani remote areas. Pakistan should demand UN to devise some mechanism for stopping stat sponsored terrorism in the world.

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