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Indian Army Involved in Drug Trafficking & Raping


By Zaheerul Hassan


On February 24, 2013 a serving Indian Army Col Ajay Chowdhary, Public Relation Officer (PRO) and Spokesman to its Army was arrested on Sunday for carrying drugs in Manipur.  According to TV reports, Col Ajay was arrested with five other people’s red handed for carrying drugs worth Rs 30 crores market value.   Arrested persons also include an Assistant manager of the leading airline in the country.


Media reports also disclosed that, all the accused were travelling in three vehicles including Chowdhary's official vehicle when they were arrested at Pallel-60 kms away from the state capital. Col Chowdhary will be tried in the civil court for the offence. The driver of the vehicle told that under the supervision of the Col, the consignment was stuffed in the vehicles in seven airbags, 15 other bags and nine cartons. The drugs included tablets of Respifed, Omkop, Hilcold, Polyfed and Actidin, the sources said. Notably, the Myanmaar-Maniput-Nagaland belt has been a haven for smuggling activities from time immemorial. Men o0f military, Paramilitary and Police have been conveniently using this belt for smuggling/procuring activities for long.


In fact, it is not the first case of drug trafficking have been observed in Indian Army.  Numbers of Indian officers and soldiers deployed on border duties have been caught up drug trafficking, raping and killing of comrades on the issue of sex because of common and extensive use of liquor.  Junior officers living with families even feel hesitation in accompanied calling on their seniors. Earlier, Maj Gen Gur Iqbal Singh Multani, found guilty in smuggling of large qty of liquor to his hometown.


Reportedly, Females along either side of Indo-Myanmar, Indo- Bangladesh and Indo- Nepal borders are also victims of forced rapes by frustrated and drunk Indian soldiers. It is high time that  in few years over 20 senior officers (Brig or above) faced charges of corruption, moral turpitude.  Maj Gen AK Lal, dismissed after proven guilty of sexually assault a junior woman officer. In 2007 two Lt Gen SK Oahiya, Sahni, two Maj Gen and more than 50 junior officers were charged for irregularities. CBI sorted out Maj Gen Anand Kapoor for possessing disproportionate assets amounting five crore.


 Again in Jul 09 Capt Poonam, ASC, has alleged three officers for mental sexual harassment. But unfortunately the same lady has been thrown out of army. In Dec 09 Brig Guredeep of 16 Corps earned millions in the name of forest fire. Now again 03 Jun 10, Engr-in-Chief Lt Gen Nanda, was asked by Indian Army chief to quit on molesting the wife of his Tech Sectary but Gen has been made clear through local type inquiry .


Incidentally ,bulk of the corruption and criminal activities  in armed forces is because of involvement of Indian intelligence agencies RAW and CBI Both agencies extensively found engaged in blackmailing, bribing, liquor sup, drug trafficking and offering girls to attract senior officers. RAW and CBI have become the symbol of terror amongst the troops. Indian young lots also seem to be worried about continue declining of the reputation of Indian armed forces.


The Indian Army authorities stated that the case against PRO is under investigation and strictest action will be taken if any personnel were found guilty. The claim of Indian authorities regarding punishing the drug traffickers might be proved as toning down the issue. In this regard bombing of Samjhauta Express is a case in which Col Prohit, notorious intelligence officer was charged for blasting and killing of innocent people but still no punishment has been awarded to him.


Thus question arise; How Indian law works? The army PRO was detained, caught red handed, the drugs were in his possession, and the police or army were reluctant to arrest him as they want to establish whether the drug belongs to Col or not, is this correct law?


The reasons of continuous deteriorated discipline in Indian Army could be due to the soldiers’ less pay, their deployment for a longer duration on far flung border areas, permission of using liquor, lack of trust between juniors and seniors  and pitching them against freedom fighters of Kashmir, Maoists and Nagaland. Thus rectification of narrated causes will help in improvement of discipline and also infuse the pride in the soldiers.


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