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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   Shame on our foreign Office
Replied by(abbasirauf) Replied on (19/Jul/2012)

Yes dear I agree with you regarding this situation. I also experienced the same type of situtaion on the different airports. I was detained and released in Doha and Cairo when I was on transit, just being Pakistani. I was chased by intelligence officials while in Germany, though they did not touch me as I did nothing. I can imagine what USA and other European countries would be doing with us. The worse treatment I experienced was in Doha Qatar. I don't consider Qatar as a country, its not more than an oil and Gas company but they treated me like a terrorist. I think the whole country is not equal to our one city. These stupid Arabs are the terrorists and see others in the same way. At least the Muslim countries should respect and believe us. I think its the failed foreign policy which is dragging us towards such situation. No one believes us and thinks that all the Pakistanis are terrorists. Those who are working abroad are facing big problems due to few idiots. I will not forgive terrorists who are equally responsible for creating bad repute of our country. I think Pakistan should raise this issue in the next OIC meeting. If we don't have respect in Muslim world then why the hell we are part of such useless organization. Pakistan should quit this organization or get her due respect and right.
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