"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   Umeed ????????????????????????
Replied by(farhan) Replied on (19/Jun/2007)

Asalam O Alicum


Well said, excellent thinking but what will be the outcome? This nation is look like dead nation. Everybody knows what is going on but all are just sitting and sleeping. The ruler of Pakistan has disgraced this nation and now we are at the stage where we do not get respect from any one in the world. The reason is selfishness everybody is just trying to safe his life and family but no one bothers about Pakistan.

But we can see a line of light and all the people who are sincerely trying to motivate the nation and change the future deserve great appreciation. I wish to God that God keep you in his blessing. Thank you and Mr. Jaan for your sincere thoughts.  May ALLHA bless Pakistan and help Muslims (AMEEN)

 Reply:   UK Lawyers expressed anguish o
Replied by(Amjad_Malik) Replied on (19/Jun/2007)

UK Lawyers expressed anguish over untimely Knighthood

Association of Pakistani Lawyers a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, & Judges in UK jointly express deepest dismay at blatant disregard to the 2 million Muslim sensitivities in UK and billions around the world whilst granting Knighthood to "˜Satanic Verses' fame writer Salman Rushdie.

APL confirmed that this honour is given at a time when Muslims are working hard to bridge both communities after the events of September 11th and 7 July and are subject to victimization via various heavy handed laws and honouring those who cause the divide further will alienate the main stream community and will not go well with the Muslim Community and demanded withdrawal of that status forthwith as the writer's contribution is not only conflicting but have caused to hurt billions of human souls around the world. British Government must own the responsibility and make amends of this lapse like they did at the death of Lady Diana the princess of hearts.

APL further expressed anguish at careless statements by politicians and urge the communities to remain calm and use their right to protest in a maximum peaceful manner and discourage any attempts to use or stir violence even in their speeches.

APL pointed out that OIC must take notice and revisit their efforts to canvass Islamic countries to put joint diplomatic pressure on the grant of such unworthy honour and consider setting up Islamic highest court of all Islamic countries to issue a joint declaration against the writer and grant of such honour.

Amjad Malik, MA, LLM
 Reply:   The British government prosecu
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Jun/2007)

The British government prosecuted Nigel Wingrove
for his film "Visions of Ecstasy" on the grounds of
blasphemy and banned the film, following which the
European Court for Human Rights upheld the ban. has a brief history on blasphemy
laws in the USA - they have not been used to prosecute
anyone since 1971. The present religious environment
may allow them to be brought back into the public
arena, though as many British Muslims are protesting
the honor given to Rushdi.
Arif Khan.
 Reply:   I agree completely that west i
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Jun/2007)

I agree completely that west is on Islam bashing mission BUT lets admit that it is the so called NGOs in Pakistan which provide a helping hand in internationizing such petty issues----in fact non-issues. Such cases are all over the world. Look at our neighbour with which we are so fond of comparing ourselves There, rapes is such a menace that even the Hindu parties are asking for Islamic punishments for such crimes but their media does not internationalize them.. Take the famous Asma Jeelani, for example, the human "rights" champion of Pakistan. She will hilight everything that can be used against Pakistan because she is being paid for it. Similarly many NGOs run by "educated" ladies get ready funds for promoting such cases---that is how thay all hold seminars about the poor etc in "5-star hotels" where the poor are not even invited. Mukhtaran Mai's case also involved big money ad her "supporter" ladies made a bundle.

 Reply:   Pakistani national Assembly ha
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (18/Jun/2007)
At least on this issue, national assembly has one voice, although they woke up after three days.
now in tomorrow's news paper (19/06/07), i know this will be a big news, but why?
why  news paper only make those issues which politicians create?
why are they not making/highlighting any issues themselves and forcing politicians to follow them, instead they are following them.
As we know our politicians are blind and deaf, we want media to be our voice not the voice of government

 Reply:   The whole Muslim Umma should r
Replied by(Wajeeh) Replied on (18/Jun/2007)

i have been reading article of orya maqbool from quite a long time and he is an excellent writer here agian he proves himself ....
@ Noman Bhai
not only Pakistan the whole muslim umma especially Suadi Arabia should comdem this act ...

really very shamefull act done by Uk

 Reply:   i have observed one very sense
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (18/Jun/2007)
i am observing the front page of Jung Multimedia from last three days, but unfortunately i couldn't see this news of Salman Rushdie or any condemnation on front pages.

i have one q, what if no political party condemn some bad thing, dont you think news papers/media has his responsibility to aware us about those as well.

but our media is only highlighting the things which are already a news.

but this is very very sad behavior by Jung group over this issue.
and no good columnist of Jung group has wrote any column on this issue as well yet.
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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