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People’s Democracy Wins in Iran 
 By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Democracy in Iran has received a setback with the US inspired opposition deciding to take to streets violently disowning the poll outcome which they had expected to turn in their favor because of the US support. Crowds took to the streets of Tehran on 13 June when results were announced officially to protest against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election. About 100 members of Iranian reformist groups have been arrested for orchestrating violence after the presidential election result. The situation turned ugly as there were clashes between protesters and police in Tehran, despite calls even from the “affected” opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi to avoid violence.


The margin of the win was so wide denoting Iran’s anger towards USA and Israel that it made a lot of people suspicious. The so-called reformists looking to west for guidance and cash- said to include the brother of former President Mohammed Khatmai, a former government spokesman and a former deputy speaker of parliament - were said to have been taken from their homes by security forces overnight.. Ahmadinejad is due to hold a news conference on 14 June before attending what is expected to be a huge victory rally. The streets of the Iranian capital were reported to be calm on Sunday morning. 



Iranians are angry with US unilateralism and UNSC sanctions against Iran and have sued their voting power in a democratic manner to force US change its policies. Millions of people, especially the young, voted for change in Western polices as well as revision of mindset of Iran’s opposition through the ballot box. Speaking on national television, Ahmadinejad praised the Iranian people for choosing to "look toward the future" rather than returning to the past. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has defended his "completely free" re-election as Iran's president, amid violent clashes on the streets over claims of election fraud. Ahmadinejad condemned the outside world for "psychological warfare" against Iranians during the election. "This is a great victory at a time and condition when the whole material, political and propaganda facilities outside of Iran and sometimes... inside Iran, were total mobilized against our people," he said. He blamed "foreign media" for instigating a "full-fledged fight against our people". "Nearly 40 million people took part in a totally free election," he said.



Obviously, there is a conspiracy against the president by the US-led anti-Islamic forces and their dirty media. All the efforts western nations and their anti-Islamic media to twist the Iranian election verdict against the incumbent president have ended as futile exercises. The US magic that worked well in Lebanon did not do enough to make the people of Iran to vote against Ahmadinejad. Mousavi got just 50% of votes what Ahmadinejad received from the electorates of a nation cripple by the US-led UNSC’s notorious sanctions against its legitimate nuclear ambitions as a modern state which the moderate Iranians also support and feel pound of. 



The president already has the backing of the country's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who endorsed his election win. One of the opposition leaders Mohsen Rezai, who won just 1.7% of the vote, declared that Ahmadinejad had been elected president by "legal procedures". The official result gave Ahmadinejad a resounding 63% of the vote against 34% for Mousavi and brought the worst violence seen in Tehran for a decade. "I will support him in a bid to prevent any delays in the provision of services to the people," Apart from  concentrating on economic and security issues, Ahmadinejad would do well in reining in Iran's divided political establishment offering an easy inlet to the anti-Islamc media and mindset into Islamc Iran. He could consider a sort of unity government in Tehran to mute the tensed mends of the opposition effectively controlled by the west. For their own causes. .



Meanwhile, with a “vision” involving reconciliation with all parties in the region, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to outline his policy for the Middle East peace process in a major speech at Bar-Ilan University, almost in Obama style. Netanyahu has come under pressure from the US to back a two-state peace solution with the Palestinians. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who, when threatened by USA, UNSC and Israel, called for Israel that threatened the very existence of Palestinians, to be wiped off the map, was re-elected in Friday's poll. Netanyahu has previously called Iran the greatest threat to Israel since its creation in 1948. Obviously, the poll results area not a usual music to ears of USA and Israel, and Israel is deadly annoyed with the outcome.



US President Barack Obama, in a keynote speech in Cairo on 4 June, described the Palestinians' situation under exile in neighboring countries and under Israeli occupation as "intolerable". Mitchell, Obama's Middle East envoy, has since been touring the region, visiting Israel, the West Bank, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Netanyahu has been reluctant to embrace the two-state solution and may try to appease the Americans with something else - removing Jewish settlement outposts that are illegal even under Israeli law. The Palestinian Authority rightly says it will not return to negotiations unless Israel freezes settlement activity in the West Bank and openly backs a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A hawkish politician, Netanyahu has proposed focusing on economic, security and political relations, rather than territorial issues with the Palestinians. Hopefully, President Obama would come forward to greeting the Iranian people for their outstanding verdict and meeting their president for peaceful coexistence. 


Clearly, the ball is in Israel’s court now. It is left to the fascist Tel-Aviv masters to take the right steps to move forward with the positive peace efforts to offer the Palestinians statehood and make the Mideast region tension free. By doing so, Israel would also be gaining a permanent peaceful existence. Israel must realize now that fascism has no place in the globalizing world though ably managed by the anti-Islamc forces and their nasty media. Many countries, like terror India, a former NAM leader, support Israel for its weapons and not for any real democracy lessons.


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Independent Researcher in World Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation,
South Asia

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