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According to sources, it is believed that Dr Javed Laghari is under tremendous pressure on the issue of fake degrees and misplacement of his brother could be linked with this issue. — File Photo


HEC chairman’s brother picked up

HYDERABAD: Former DCO of Tando Mohammad Khan Dr Farooq Leghari, who is the brother of Higher Education Commission chairman Dr Javed Leghari, was picked up by plain-clothed policemen and Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) officials here on Monday.

Former provincial minister Dr Irfan Magsi told Dawn that he had seen Farooq Leghari being taken away in a police mobile on Fatima Jinnah road.


“I was on going to GOR colony in a car when I saw this. By the time I took a U-turn to reach the mobile, it had gone from there”, Irfan Magsi told Dawn over phone.


Before the incident, Farooq Leghari had met his cousin at his office located off Fatima Jinnah road.


“On Sunday he expressed apprehension that he might be arrested,” his cousin said. No official confirmed the arrest. Deputy Director, ACE, Hyderabad, Aftab Mujaddid Isran, denied the arrest and said that no inquiry was being conducted against Farooq Leghari.


However, sources in the ACE said that the anti-corruption committee-I had approved registration of cases against Farooq Leghari pertaining to a plot of land and parks in Tando Mohammad Khan district.


The ACE-I approves case of government officers working in BPS-17 and above for prosecution. The office of the ACE deputy director located in Shahbaz building here had remained opened on Saturday and Sunday.


An ACE source said that the arrest is not being confirmed because some other officials would also be picked up in the cases. “Normally, the ACE picks up somebody before registering an FIR against them,” he said.


Farooq Leghari has been awaiting posting after leaving the charge of the DCO of Tando Mohammad Khan a month ago.


Despite repeated attempts, Dr Javed Leghari could not be contacted on cell phone. However, according to sources, he has consulted a senior lawyer in Islamabad.


 Reply:   PPP putting enormous pressure on HEC to kill the process of verification
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (16/Jul/2010)

 Reply:   Sindh universities declares known fake degrees authenticated as well.
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (15/Jul/2010)
PML(N) is fully supporting HEC and not pressurizing anyone that is why they are no 1 in fake degrees case. But i salute them for taking right action


 Reply:   Democrats act as dictators & vice versa
Replied by(nrqazi) Replied on (13/Jul/2010)

Dear Brother Noman u remember i said sometime back on this forum that our elected democrats act as dictators....i hope u have seen ample proof of that when gilani defended siding with Dasti, when punjab assembly passed a bill against media, and in general the performance of our elected government over past 2/3 years. The way they all collude to increase their own perks, the way they rush over to bosses outside the country in times of crises....they are really despicable. Name one undisputed character....esxcept Imran who can never win an election given the type of elections we conduct where DCO & TPO decide the winning candidates.......
 Reply:   I wish that HEC will stand tall against all pressures
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (13/Jul/2010)

This is true that HEC is under tremendous pressure but i really wish and pray that HEC and all man universities will stand tall and will not authenticate the fake degrees upon query. Because if they authenticate the fake degree and someone goes in court and got it proved wrong there then the repute of HEC will be shaken to the roots. And if international media took this then the credibility of HEC and degrees of Pakistan will be under severe threat in the world. so, i request to HEC and universities please don't authenticate the false degrees for 17 crore Pakistanis.. i am still wondering that how come no degree has been claimed false by Baluchistan yet although i was expecting most from them. To me it seems that they have surrendered to the pressure.. One more thing, which i want to bring to light is: no doubt Media is biased in projecting false degree issue to wards PML(N). if degree is false of other party member they are just mentioning another degree false without highlighting party name and one have to search for party name in the news. but if it is of PML(N), its mentioned in the news headline itself. Media should never act as one's pet.
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