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  1. Pakistanis - Beware of 5th Columnists in Pakistan who are funded by CIA.
    Please make an objective analysis after what you had seen before and now

Media edited this video, and removed the clips in such a way that the boy

looked innocent and the ARMY RANGERS looked as murderers.

Now this video link tells the whole story, which is....

The Boy was captured red handed with a gun.

He was planning to attack the RANGERS

The boy accepted that he had a gun

Then, he pleads by saying that “I was helpless, just forgive me”

He was ordered to lie down instead, the criminal tried to grab and snatch hold of the gun of the RANGER

You can see the whole story live by clicking on following link.

click here to watch this video report.

The report also shows the Obama is giving high grants to Pakistani media........ but what’s the purpose?

Its shameful that Pakistani Media tries to create unnecessary Hype from non-issues and tries to make

our nation tense and hopeless every time.

Remember the Swat video in which a girl was punished publically.

The video was shown 1000 times on the TV channels and later on it transpired that the Video was a FAKE VIDEO.

In journalism, I believe its a crime to make fake news, or to spread news without confirming them.

Some Pakistani media is committing this crime again and again and its shameful

It should be stopped and a new law of CENSORSHIP be brought in immediately.

If people are found guilty; whether they are in TV or newspaper media they should be punished harshly and example be set for honesty and integrity.

GOD SAVE PAKISTAN from these 5th Columnists.



 Reply:   CIA giving money to Pak Army against Talibaan as well
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Jun/2011)

My simple q is.. the act rangers did was correct or not... i don't think it was correct. because they were trained to handle the situation... yes you are right he had the gun but he HAD the gun. after they recovered the gun they should be able to capture him alive but they didn't do that. the boy didn't try to snatch the gun he was afraid and i do admit the rangers were afraid as well. but if you are afraid: will you be allowed to kill a person.. who you can catch alive with little effort... Yes you are right ... there is CIA funding against Army ... but what army and intelligences are doing to prevent this... why Army is fighting with Talibaan with American money although they know on the other hand CIA funding is with Talibaan as well... why army is not acting in favor of people of Pakistan.. what happened in quetta.. was correct as welll...? let me tell you... army has to make his image better himself.. action speaks louder then words... I also know one thing.. what happened in Karachi was the act of individual and we should not criticize the whole institution but if these individual acts became habit of the institution then we should do some thing... instead of putting blame on unseen forces always.. we should take the corrective measures... we have to hang few people to save the society otherwise the whole society will become animal
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