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My useless words

Gay & Lesbian Conferences in Pakistan

By Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI


Wars and decades long anarchy in Afghanistan made countless men, women and children homeless, penniless and hopeless.

Many Afghan have had lost their family heads and bread earning members.

After occupation of Afghanistan; American & Allied forces intentionally destroyed infrastructure to minimize resources and maximize miseries of common Afghans. Decades of unrest and lack of jobs created by new millennium crusade; compelled many Afghans to start selling their bodies for bread, dress and shelter occasionally and then regularly; gradually they became permanent prostitutes. Afghan Govt. Americans and westerns created havoc and left no other option for Afghans except to sell their bodies or join Afghan forces to fight against Mujahedeen.

In the beginning the number was very small because the pressure of Pashtoon Culture was very strong. Number of prostitutes have had multiplied by thousand times after the fall of Taliban Govt. Afghan culture changed dramatically after American & Allied Forces occupation. American and western media brain-washed Afghan youth and now they are not ashamed of selling bodies.

Today, everyone can see countless male and female prostitutes or sex workers roaming freely in streets and bazaars of Kabul.

When Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan last year; demand for prostitutes and sex workers soared but source and supply remained limited in Afghanistan. They eyed across Afghan and Pak borders for supply of prostitutes. They planed, acted, bribed and instigated some Pak army generals. In tribal areas; Pak Army and paramilitary are killing innocent males, destroying homes of un-armed civilians since July 2009 and pressurizing helpless & homeless females and innocent children to flee Afghanistan.

Now America is organizing prostitutes and gay conferences in Islamabad Embassy and aiding them openly. Do you know why? 

July 20, 2011

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