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48th Death Anniversary of the Great Allama Mashriqi


To observe the 48th death anniversary of the great Allama Mashriqi (born August 25, 1888), the Khaksar Tehrik is holding a conference on August 27, 2011 (Saturday) at 09.00 A.M. at Alhamra Hall Number 3, Mall Road, Lahore (Pakistan). The meeting will be presided over by the head of the Khaksar Tehrik, Dr. Sabhia Arshad Al-Mashriqi. A large number of people, including the media, are expected to be in attendance at the said conference.


Also, volunteer journalists, writers and children are invited to write an essay/article on Mashriqi's role in bringing freedom to British India or on any other aspect of the life of this giant among men. Send your work to the email address at the bottom of this message. Selected pieces will be considered to be added to Allama Mashriqi’s website with the writer’s name and/or photo (if desired by the writer).


Allama Mashriqi's Death


Allama Mashriqi died on August 27, 1963 at Mayo Hospital in Lahore (Pakistan). His death shocked and saddened the nation and the news spread rapidly through various media outlets. Daily national newspapers printed headlines, editorials, and special supplements on his death. His death was mourned not only in Pakistan, but also abroad. Prayers were held in many countries and countless condolence messages were received from his followers across the world.


Over 100,000 thousand people attended Mashriqi's funeral. During the procession, his face was covered with flower patels, as the masses watched from streets, trees, balconies, or wherever they could find space. The procession culminated at the Khaksar Tehrik’s headquarters in Icchra, where Mashriqi was laid to rest, as per his will. A 101 gun-salute was accorded to him at the time of his burial. Allama Mashriqi’s grandson, scholar and historian Nasim Yousaf, saw the funeral firsthand, as he was standing on the vehicle that carried the respected Mashriqi’s body. An account of Mashriqi's funeral is published in Mr. Yousaf's book entitled, “Allama Mashriqi & Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan: Two Legends of Pakistan.”


May God rest his soul in eternal peace!




- Send articles/essays to


- A page entitled “Nation Mourns Death of Legendary Freedom Fighter, Allama Mashriqi” on facebook (depicting media coverage) has been dedicated to Mashriqi:

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