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OPEN LETTER & PR,Favoritisim in Recent Appointement violating merit in Save the Children or Save the blue eyed?

Through Your estimed media source want to highlight an important issue of discrimination and violation of merit in a recently launched project at Tribal areas. Save the Children advirtized post of TRAINING & COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION OFFICER in diffrent areas of Fata including Khyber,Bajaur,Waziristan,Kurram,Orakzai & Mohammand for which writeen test and interview were held in Nov 2011 at Guest house in University Town Peshawar.At the time of the interview, panel cleared that the selection in this project is on merit basis and tribals of respective Agencies will be selected on merit based on writeen test and interview, and the selected candidates will be informed via telephone later on.
But irionicaly all candidates were recalled for interview on Monday Dec 26,2011 while in last time Nov 2011 they told that this is final interview.In this latest interview actually the pre plan to give prefrance to blue eyed Because in this latest interview held majority of candidates did not participated or they were not informed.The main reason of majority candidates did not participated may be because they were told in Nov 2011 test and interview that all the formailities ended and no further interview needed or the candidates did not particpate thinking that to travel again to Peshawar from remote tribal area is just wastage of time or new drama in the name of interview.According to latest informations Save the Children has recruited TRAINING & COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION OFFICER in diffrent areas of Fata including our area Khyber Agency and even those candidates were selected who did not know ABC of development sector especially health issues.Even such candidates were selected who are fresh having no job experince and even in writeen test did not answer the abbrevation of THQ & AHQ saying that they do not know while a brilliant tribal student of tribal areas can answer that THQ is tehsil Head Quarter and AHQ as Agency Head Quarter Hospital in tribal areas.This is peak of favoritisim by Save the Children in the name of merit and Save the Children sholud either cancell this extreme violation of merit by Re recriting based on pure merit or then change its name to Save the blue eyed instead of Save the Children.
Best Regards and Thanking You Sir and Madam hope of highlighting this violation urgently.
From:- All affected candidates. Belongs to Khyber Agency and all other tribal areas.

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