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Form of Government by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


If nothing else the long marches by Imran and Dr. Qadri have dawned the realization to all that not all is well with our rulers and the electoral system that elects them.  Talks are also rife that apart from the electoral reforms the life of the assemblies should also be curtailed to four years instead of the present five years. In a TV Talk Show  someone also mentioned about the presidential form of govt. which was perfunctorily dismissed and not discussed by the panelists. In this context please allow me to reveal to my countrymen something very very important which the great Quaid had in his mind but somehow the interested and vested parties have kept it hidden from the eyes of the common man. Please see for yourself the manuscript of the great Quaid e Azam written in his own hand and note what he thought of  the  future constitution of Pakistan.


(For the ease of your reading I reproduce it here)

Future constitution of Pakistan

(1)    Parliamentary form of Govt.

2.          Presidential form of Govt.

(More suited for Pakistan)


Then he draws an arrow line from Parliamentary form of Govt. and adds)


Dangers of Parliamentary form of Govt.

It has worked satisfactorily so far in England no where else.


He then goes on to say:

“The state exists (as has been said by Aristotle) not for life only but for good life”

(and underlined “but for good life” twice.)


Is it not time for us to consider adoption of the Presidential Form of Govt. which the great Quaid considered more suitable for Pakistan and which would ensure ‘good life’ for all of us.


(Incidentally the manuscript comprising of 2 pages is dated 10th July 1947 and available in the National Archives of Pakistan (Cabinet Division), Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad.)


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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