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What else can be termed as corruption. Every where in the world the cost  per Mega Watt for power projects based on oil is considered as 1 million dollars ( comprising of latest  European or American Equipment) where as these frauds are evaluating the cost of project for 1.70 million dollars and that also for coal based  project consisting of  Chinese Equipment  which has no  match in terms of performance with equipment from west.  As per Nepra's  established estimates,  the cost of  Coal based power plant amounts to $ 0.55 Million Dollar per Mega Watt ( this amount  may vary by  20 , 25%  or even 100 % because of inflation  but can never touch  a figure of 1.70 million/ MW, unbelievable )  ,this  includes 17 % contractors profit, now unprecedented contractors  profit i.e 27 % is being allowed  on total invested amount of project. Plus the government would pay an  interest @ of 7 % to the Chines government on amount of Loan to be availed. What a drama .

  It is also apprehended that used/  obsolete equipment would be allowed to be imported for these projects.

 PML- N for the sake of their commission  is pushing the country toward disaster. However,  If at all government is sincere in its efforts, then MOU and other details signed between the governments be  made public  to remove ambiguities.  Pl. have a mercy on the poor Pakistanis.


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