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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Earlsfield Properties ties up with Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2014

London: Press Release

Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2014 is proud to announce that Earlsfield Properties, a leading name in its field and services, is an official sponsor for this year’s event.

Earlsfield Properties (EP) specializes in Housing Benefits and their staff is well trained in handling the claims. With vast experience, they have achieved fantastic results and valuable reputation. EP is the largest ‘Private Landlord Agent ‘dealing in Housing Benefits in the borough with over 450 clients who use and recommend our services continuously. The business was successfully established in 1992 and after the initial 6 years, EP team decided to transform the occupation into a profession in 1998 by applying a defined set of characteristics such as a professional conduct, advanced professional education, specialized training and continuous professional development.

The community has been benefitting from EP since it was established and continues to grow dealing with a section of society marginalized by a combination of language difficulties, immigration status (Asylum Seekers), low income or DSS assistance.

This Office has closely been working with the various London Borough Councils, providing good conditioned fully furnished properties. Earlsfield Properties has been nominated for various Business Awards for such great contributions to the community.

It indeed is an honor for PAA to be associated with such great businesses which have helped the community in one way or the other. PAA in fact was launched with the aim to identify the people who have contributed to the well-being of the society. Only after launching it in 2009, PAA has come across hundreds of people who have done something substantial for Pakistan but they are so humble and down to earth that their services were unknown by the general public. PAA has tried its best to award these great people in the past and continues to do so for this year.

If you know the people who deserve to be recognized for their services to Pakistan, then log on to the website and nominate your heroes. The nominations close on Sep 10, 2014.

------------------------------------------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------

For further queries please feel free to contact us at any time.

Fahad Aslam
Executive Secretary
Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2013
Unit M229, Trident Business Centre,
89 Bickersteth Road,
London,SW17 9SH
Office: 0208 3553 484

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