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Judges and Judges


The present ongoing debate on the appointment of the judges of the higher courts has at least left  me with a consternation beyond my comprehension. What is all this fuss in the matter of choosing between the judges? Are the judges going to be partisan in dispensing justice? Would favour one or the other against the rules, law or the constitution? I hate to read in the papers the adage of Jiyala being used for some of the judges. Does the partisan affiliation take precedence over the competence, integrity and character of a judge? For God’s sake do not degrade the judges, who have to perform the “divine” act of dispensing justice, to a degree that they would be expected not to perform their duty judiciously and honestly. Or, is it all a part of the diversionary tactics to take people’s mind off the NRO issue which was being hotly debated only a few days back but no more? Or, still horrendous, is it an effort to have the judges of one’s choice when the NRO cases come for hearing before them?!!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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