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  “Year 2010 Review, Anti Taliban Reistance in Tribal Areas”

 [CAPTIONS FOR ATTACHED PICTURES:-Along with Article two rare file Pictures are also attached,in first picture actually a newspaper report before the foundation of Pakistan when tribal delegation from Kurram fata meet Quaid e Azam in delihi ,While in second Picture Quaid-e-Azam is addressing Tribals].




Year 2010 has almost gone and we witnessed blasts and incident of Terrorisim throughout Pakistan especially in Fata & Kpk the latest in Bajur Agency even by female succider according to reports.Here we will Focus the Anti Taliban Resistance in Fata & Kpk which is role model for all who want to end terrorisim.

Tribal People who are the soldiers without pay of western borders of Pakistan,their loyalty and love with founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Pakistan is examplery.But unfournatuly now a days they are receiving the fruit of this loyality and patriotisim in form of militancy & Talibinization in the name of so called war against terrorisism.The curse of terrorism in strategic important tribal areas neighboring Afghanistan has also affected the overall country especially KhyberPakhtoonkhawa(KPK)adjacent to FATA. After

9/11 and invasion of Afghanistan by occupied forces the militancy started in this area in form of Talibinzation which is actually the fruit of seed sown by American CIA their partner arab countries wealth and implemented by a puppet dictator zia in the name of jihad in the decade of 80’s. In both the mentioned situation either before 9/11 or after those areas of KPK and FATA suffered a lot whose people welcomed and facilitated the influx of foreign fighters in the name of jihad and islam.While there are some exceptional cases and areas in FATA & KPK who did not allow this curse of militancy in the name of talibinzation,a brutal wahabi brand of jihad in form of succide attacks on public places, holy places  and even mosques as tool for defaming islam and muslims globally by world arrogant and evil forces.

It is the power of people or community of that area if they do not want militancy or talibinization then no one either International establishment or domestic even if want cannot do anything this shows that how people or masses are powerful. We have examples of areas in FATA like Salarzai area in Bajaur Agency,Landikotal in Khyber Agency,Turi Bangash tribes areas in Upper Kurram and surrounding as well as Lower part of Orakzai Agency where the people did not allowed talibinazation and even when it was tried to impose by force they Resisted this curse. Similarly the Swabi,Charsada,mardan,hazara region majority areas of KPK also opposed the talibinization that is why these areas are quite peaceful as compared to those areas of KPK & FATA who welcomed Taliban.While other parts of FATA and KPK whose people welcomed and facilitated the foreign terrorists for their wasted interests of getting money and even they set family relations by marrying their daughters and sisters to arab and uzbek nationals are suffering a lot from their own wrong decision. One aspect is clear that both either who give warm welcome to Taliban and those who resisted suffered from the militancy and curse of terrorisim with a difference that one type of sufferings are with shame & humiliation while other type with dignity and proud. It is also a fact that those who opposed talibinzation they suffered for one time by resisting the Taliban armed invasion and rule While those who welcome and facilitated these foreign and local militants Taliban,they are suffering daily and continuously.

In this entire Resistance against Talibinization one exceptional and rare case of Resistance which not mentioning will be a crime in opinion of any human friendly individual is the Resistance by the Turi and bangash tribes people living in Parachinar Upper Kurram and surrounding areas. They resisted the militants Taliban armed lashker and talibinzation by giving sacrifices of more than fourteen hundreds causalities and thousands other  injured by not allowing the curse of terrorism and Taliban in their areas.This is the role model for all,because even people can defeat the curse of talibinzation if they want.In other areas of FATA like Salarazi Bajaur Agency & FR Peshawar Mattani areas anti Taliban armed tribal lashkers were formed & supported by Govt even by supplying them weapons against Taliban.But in Parachinar Kurram Agency instead of helping anti Taliban turi and bangash tribes they received a prize in the form of inhuman crippling siege and economic blockade in the form of blocking main Thall Parachinar road the only route connecting it to rest of country by converting it into  Pakistan Gaza as Gaza in Plaestine.While Ironically this main Thall Parachinar Road is open for all even security forces FC political adminstartion except anti taliban Turi Bangash tribes of Parachinar and surrounding areas of Upper Kurram is a question marak.The tribals people are saying that If quaid-e-azam alive today then they will not face such a step mother treatement but it is now the Zaradari,Kiyanni and Gillani's i cube Pakistan where they are facing such rewarad for loyalty and patriotisim.The Chief Justice of Pakistan who seems to be the person of quaid-e-azam vision by taking suo motive action even on minor issues as potriated by media But on Humantarian Crisis of Parachinar created by continous four year imposed Siege his(CJ Pakistan)silence is big question marak awaited for answer.The resistance of Turi & Bangash tribes of Upper kurram also raised a logical question on so called war against terror that when People can defeat the armed Taliban lashker by resisting,then why the security forces failed to do so who are engulfing the eighty percent of poor country Pakistan budget in the name of defense. Second question is that what is the crime of these patriotic Pakistani who are not only resisted talibinization but also protecting their mother land as well as Pakistan because Kurram touches four provinces of Afghanistan,latest example is the armed Taliban attack from Afghanistan side in September2010 on village Khevas Shalozan resisted by Turi & Banagsh tribes with braverly.Tribal people of FATA especially in Upper Kurram located on Pak Afghan border are soldiers without pay and they sacrificed for Pakistan even in struggle of Pakistan and after that in 1947,48,65,71 & Kargil war.This credit also goes to elders of Turi & Bangash tribes of Kurram Agency Parachinar that they sent a delegation to meet Quaid -e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Delhi by encouraging him and giving all support to him in making Pakistan,the news item with picture published in English daily at that time is  available in homes of those elders and even on internet as soft copy till now. That is Why after the foundation of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam in his visit allowed the people of FATA to carry weapons and even initially they were provided weapons of that time by government for protecting the Pakistani terroitry.The Peak of oppression in the form of step mother treatment is committed with these patriotic and loyal tribals of Pakistan that instead of appreciating their pro Pakistan role they are receiving heavy weapons and gunship helicopters shelling by Security Forces FC murdering innocent children. When the Turi Bangash tribes in September2010 resisted the armed militants Taliban attack from Afghanistan on Pakistani terroritry of Khevas village Shalozan the security forces and FC instead of helping them against foreign militants started heavy weapons and gunships helicopters shelling on their own people how shameful act it is. But no one is there to take action against authorities concern for this blunder. Now the Turi Bangash tribals besides buying daily food stuff and medicines on two to three times more prices due to imposed siege and demand supply ratio,they are also purchasing weapons with their own money by selling cows and other livestocks for their own and motherland Pakistan pak-afghan border protection. It seems that the name of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is only restricted by placing his picture in offices and pasting on currency notes while his words and promises with all especially people of FATA has no value at all. The rulers sitting in Islamabad and Rawalpindi should think seriously on this point. While the Tribals are sufferings in so called war against terrorisim by millitry and militants Taliban. The famous thinker and scholar Allama iqbal mentioned in his Persian poetry that “The example of Asia is like a body and Afghankistan is the heart of this body,If heart is healthy and fit the whole body will be fit and healthy & vice versa” ,So the Peace in entire Asia especially afgh-pak region depends on Afghanistan stability. But this peace can be achieved if the People of afgh-pak region especially FATA & KPK will set examples of Resistance against talibinazation in their areas. Because from facts it is clear like a day light that talibinzation is actually the justification of foreign occupation,when people will not allow Taliban in your area by setting an example of resistance then no one can impose talibinzation in your locality or area. Otherwise all the people of entire Asia & even world will be suffering continuously.   (The end).

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