"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Rise to your responsibilities

Pakistanis should know they have it in their power to change their destiny

Pakistan has been garnering more than its share of news headlines in the local press recently. Following the US raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, a Saudi diplomat was killed in the city of Karachi. The nation is rocked by charges and countercharges between the civilian government, the army, and the various political parties.

The chairman of Mustaqbil Pakistan, a movement designed to bring decency and honesty into Pakistan politics is alarmed with this unrestrained and negative campaign against his country and the media's impotent role. In a scathing letter to all editors of newspapers and producers of TV news programs in Pakistan, Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi minced no words:

"I am writing to all of you at a time when our nation is in danger. And make no mistake. We are living through what is possibly one of the most dangerous periods in our history. Our very existence as a sovereign state is threatened.

At a time like this it is imperative that all of us who have something positive to offer come together as one in defense of our homeland. And you, as leaders and molders of public opinion, have a vital role to play.

When we look at what is going wrong in Pakistan today we see multiple manifestations of failure — symptoms, if you will, of a failing or failed state: Insurgency and military conflict in two of our provinces, killings and abductions of civilians in many cities, unemployment, hopelessness, desperation, suicides, and a shocking absence of the writ of the government.

Yet, despite the multitude of distressing symptoms, the disease is relatively simple to diagnose. This is the problem: In all successful democratic states the best, most competent, most sincere of their citizens compete in politics. And it is these people —in some sense the cream of their citizenry — who then are elected and become their parliamentarians and shapers of their destiny.

In Pakistan the exact opposite is true. The worst, most incompetent, most corrupt, most morally bankrupt, and most insincere of our people compete in our political arena. These people — in some sense the scum of our society — are elected to our Parliament and shape our destiny. Why then should anyone of us be surprised that Pakistan is slowly crumbling? And, let's be clear, if this 'scum' continues to come back in power time and again — as it has done during the democratic phases of our history — then Pakistan will not survive

Mustaqbil Pakistan was registered as a political party in early 2010. Our existence can be stated in a few words: We vow to bring decent, competent, sincere and honest Pakistanis into politics. This segment of our population has hitherto been unwilling or unable to participate in politics. Their absence has created a political vacuum which has been happily filled by the 'scum'. And this has inevitably — as night follows day — brought us to our present perilous situation.

Let me assure you that what Mustaqbil Pakistan is planning is possible and doable. We have done our homework. The structure of politics in Pakistan has changed. With this in mind we have devised a strategy and a plan that we are confident can succeed. What we need now is to convince Pakistanis that they have it in their power to change their destiny.

I am writing to you — eminent editors and producers in the print and broadcast media — to tell you that you have a crucial role to play. And to tell you that what you are doing today is not enough.

The media broadcast hours and hours of output featuring the 'usual culprits': Our corrupt and incompetent politicians. Your smug anchors find gratification in having these already challenged people utter inanities and spew venom on their equally inane rivals.


And what service do you render the people of Pakistan in broadcasting these programs hour after hour, evening after evening, day after day? Have you enlightened them? Have you informed them? Have you given them hope?

Similarly newspapers repeatedly headline mindless statements from these same politicians. For example, a serous crime occurs and the next day a headline will read: "Minister says he has ordered police to capture culprits!" Is this news? Are not the police supposed to do this in any case? Had the honorable minister not so ordered would the culprits have gone scot-free? And now that he has so ordered will they be promptly caught and brought to justice?

Ladies and gentlemen you have to rise above all of this. Time is running out for Pakistan. Too much is at stake. You cannot continue to behave like this. There are people, here, today, now, working to change things. You need to identify them and then present them to your readers and viewers.

You need to show Pakistanis that there is hope. And that there are still people who, sometimes at the risk of their safety, are working day and night to make Pakistan's future brighter than its past.

Mustaqbil Pakistan has many excellent people in most cities. Call them to your shows. Interview them. Ask them about our plans and strategy. Be skeptical, be ruthless. You will be amazed, as will be your audiences and readers, by the quality and cogency of their responses. These are the people who should be in Pakistan's assemblies.

But by no means am I suggesting that you limit your search and coverage to our people. There are many, many, good, decent, sincere and competent Pakistanis working to bring change. They also deserve a chance to be heard. And you should let their ideas and agenda be heard.

Rome is burning. You can continue to fiddle. Or you can pick up a bucket and join those of us who want to do more.”

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