"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Evolving the Revolutionary


A cursory look at newspaper headlines or a glance at the television-while a political topic is being debated-suggests that common man of Pakistan direly awaits a change. In fact, some people have begun working for a change by mobilizing people through political parties, social media, internet and other social platforms. However-to everyone’s surprise and dismay, their efforts have not been efficacious yet. I believe that there is a solid reason behind this fiasco.


The propagators of change focus on alleviating poverty, reforming the government and restructuring the policies. They stress on unity, patience, equality, fraternity and peace. Nevertheless, they do not realize that change does not come by overnight. Besides, their own actions do not square with what they say. These people themselves have been accused of showing impatience in their actions, using impolite language against their opponents, criticizing others without making any rational point-better described as defaming others and paying no heed to rules and regulations.


Change is needed in Pakistan no doubt: the evils of corruption, mismanagement, extremism, chauvinism, disunity, insecurity (there is a long list that no one will read if mentioned) etc need to be excavated from our society. Incidents like throwing acid on women, target killing on basis of sects and political affiliation, suicides due to poverty and inflation, and kidnapping and theft need to be curbed-though they are all burgeoning in numbers in our society. However, a simple formula which can help us eradicate these evils is not followed by anyone.


Our minds right now entail evolution not revolution. We need to become one instead of being a rich or poor-both classes have negative attitude towards each other, a Sunni or Shea, a Syed or Chauhdry and a Punjabi or Sindhi. We need to abide all laws instead of breaking traffic signals, cheating tax officials and constructing illegal buildings. We need to become honest instead of bribing clerks in the offices, conjuring lies for not appearing on time, inventing excuses for not living up to our promises and misleading others for our own benefit. We need to be patient when others express their ideologies that contradict our views instead of starting up a quarrel that often leads to bloodshed. We need to show ethical responsibility by throwing our waste in dustbins instead of throwing wrappers and bottles out of the windows of vehicles. We need to develop good ethics and behavior instead of rushing for food in social and political gatherings-which further leads to chaos.


Only a change along these lines can lead to a revolution in Pakistan. The revolution can only come about once people’s minds evolve and their consciousness wakes up. Quality leadership may also eradicate the evils mentioned in the third paragraph but it will not be able to bring about a permanent change. The conditions will revert once the leadership is gone. A long term change needs to spring from the grass root level and has to be demonstrated through our actions i.e. we have to look into our own collar before pointing faults in others. So, let’s change Ourselves!!!

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