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So this is true face of Zahid Hamid??????? ?????

Another face of the ISI mouth piece and Musharraf's sympathiser -  Mr Zaid Hamid

by N. Shahrukh

Ghalib's verse which later became a proverb "Hain kawakib kuchh, nazar aatay hain kuchh" is true for Mr Zaid Hamid, the fiery young expert of strategic issues and Jihad who has shot to fame in a few months through a programme Brasstacks on TVone.

Yes, Zaid Hamid is really IMPRESSIVE and he is taking the simple idealistic people of Pakistan, especially youth and women by storm. Had I not known him for the last 20 years, I would, too, have been all praise for this 'new' bright face on the TV talking about Zionism, Muslim conquests, Afghan Jihad, good and bad Talibans, and what not through his self-sponsored TV programme.

Just a REMINDER and WARNING to all my friends who trust my words:

If you guys remember the Pakistan false prophet, YUSUF ALI, who was arrested and sentenced to death by the Lahore High Court and then murdered in Kot Lakhpat jail by a fellow prisoner - this guy Zaid Hamid was known as Zaid Zaman at that time and was the Khalifah of that Kazzab. Zaid is still leading that cult which belongs to the firqah batinyah of sufism and they have a different aqeedah altogother which they only profess within their inner core. Many of my personal friends fell prey to his charisma in the 1990s, some of them reverted back to Hidayah and were instrumental in filing a case against Yusuf Ali which ultimately lead to his death sentence and the cult members dispersed for a few years.

All of the followers of Yusuf Kazzab are now gathering once again in Islamabad and after 11 years Zaid Zaman has reappeared as Zaid Hamid.

I first came to know about Zaid Hamid when he acted as a translator to Hekmatyar in 1989 during his visit to Karachi. I was really impressed by the bright faced young engineer from NED University who spoke excellent Persian, Pashto, Urdu and English. Later, I came to know that the training centre for Pakistani mujahideen in Posta Fez, Jalalabad was run by this man.

I soon got introduced to new friends who were part of his team in Afghanistan. I even tried to run away from home in 1991 at the age of 14 to go to Afghanistan but was some how caught and persuaded by my family to refrain. In the same year I distributed several cassettes of a documentary - Qasasul Jihad - produced by Zaid Zaman, which showed live scenes of combat between Afghan mujahideen and Russian forces and was the first of its kind. For me Zaid Zaman and his team were like the re-incarnation of the heroes of Muslim medieval history.

However, soon Zaid Zaman was the centre of a scandal of misappropriation of funds of a large UK-based NGO, Muslim Aid, of which he was a representative in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also then parted ways with Hekmatyar and Haqqani and joined the ranks of Ahmed Shah Masood. Later he abandoned Jihad altogether and became a Sufi.

In 1994, when I was in aitikaf in Ramazan, one of Zaman's close associates, who was also a very close friend of mine, came to meet me and started talking strangely about the "real" meanings of Islam denouncing each and every known Islamic scholar. He said that all translations and commentaries of Quran till date were blasphemous. He also said that every century has an 'Imam-e-zamana' who we should take bayah (oath of allegiance) of and he would soon arrange my meeting with that Imam.

Alhamdulillah, because of my strong beliefs I never ever met that so-called Imam-e-zamana but many of my friends fell into the trap. Soon, Yusuf Ali was being invited to dinner parties in many of my friends' homes who were seen holding beads (tasbeeh) in their hands and preaching zikr and sufism here and there.

I lost many of my closest friends as I felt very uneasy with their beliefs and discussions. The basis of their belief was a 'maudhu' hadith that Allah (SWT) created the noor of Muhammad (SAW) before the creation of the Universe. That 'noor' will remain till eternity and even if the Prophet (SAW) is physically not with us today, his noor is present in the 'Imam-e-zamana' and hence he should be followed as the Prophet (SAW) was by his companions. Na'aauzubillah!

Meanwhile, Muhammad Tahir of Weekly Takbeer broke the news of Yusuf Ali and his cult quoting statements of some of the defectors who realized what was wrong and were ready to go to court against this fitnah. Yusuf Ali was accused of claiming to be a false prophet, immoral practices including sexual abuse of his women followers and homosexuality. Soon, a case was filed against him and the Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat people also became a party.

Yusuf Ali was sentence and sentenced to death based on irrefutable evidence of his misguided beliefs including the claim of false prophethood.

Click to the link below to read a BBC report by Zafar Abbas on the death sentence of the Pakistani false prophet Yusuf Ali:
http://news. 1/hi/world/south_ asia/867449. stm

The Tahaffuz-e-Khatm- e-Nabuwwat office at Numaish, MA Jinnah Road and journalist Muhammad Tahir still has the record of that case and clippings of related news reports containing statements of witnesses who were once part of the cult themselves.

The name of Zaid Zaman Hamid also appeared in several of the news reports appearing in those days in Takbeer, Ummat, Khabrain, Jasarat, etc as he was the key promoter and khalifa of Yusuf Kazzab and the witnesses during the court proceedings and the press statements mentioned his name.

According to my knowledge, Zaid Hamid is still leading that cult in Islamabad and sources close to him confirm that he still proclaims the same beliefs of Yusuf Kazzab. It is not confirmed, tough, whether the new "Imam-e-zamana" is Zaid Zaman himself or some other person.

If you want to warn your friends and family from this fitnah, please spread this message to everyone you know.

May Allah (SWT) guide us all to the right path. Ameen.

Here is the Evidence about Zaid Zaman Hamid's past, who has been promoted to the level of a security analyst by ISPR in less than two years -

Monday, September 29, 2008

Also see:

Controlled media lift ZZ Hamid when we recognized and disassociated from him

ISI-rented "analyst" and Musharraf Sympathiser further exposed

Another face of the ISI mouth piece and Musharraf's sympathiser - Mr Zaid Hamid

The saddest part of this saga is that if ISPR needed a civilian mouth-piece, they could do a better job than banking on ZZ Hamid and inventing Brasstacks to fool the world.

Of course, besides providing defence to Musharraf and his ill-fated policies, ISPR and ISI have good things to do and say as well. It is obvious that any person they rent would rant on other issues  besides ISPR agenda as well. A person who was associated with Yousaf Kazzab and who, according to our sources, still believes in the same beliefs, is basically unfit to serve the nation or its key institutions.




Hate speech -- II

The Pakistan report card

Thursday, September 25, 2008
by Fasi Zaka

My previous article focused on the free reign of hate speech in some Pakistani media outlets that made liberal use of a mix of unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, faulty facts, racial hatred and religious intolerance, and my perspective was formed particularly by watching Zaid Hamid who does the show "Brass Tacks."

In the week since, I have found the rhetorical violence present in the 'lectures' of Zaid Hamid followed up by a close dose of how it informs the reality of Brass Tacks and Zaid Hamid. Since the article he has circulated to the members of his mail group that I have attacked him at the behest of the Zionist Banking System, the Kufr Dajjal and that their 'war' has entered a new stage. He encouraged members to write to me, and they have in force. From veiled threats, to how my picture in this column looked like the dajjal (I am content with how God made me), or my membership to the 'Illuminati' amongst a number of others have all come my way, including links to documentaries on YouTube from where they have done their 'scholarly research"¦' Brass Tacks has a huge Islamic component, I wonder if Zaid Hamid has forgotten the lessons of 'tohmat', or allegations, and how Islam views it.

While at first I thought Zaid Hamid to be well-intended but misguided, what I have now seen firsthand demonstrates delusion. In this postmodern world where people have surrendered a good deal of their intimate freedoms to impersonal institutions, where the interlinked nexus of governments and corporations creates ripples that people find difficult to understand, the conspiracy theorist takes the easy way out by assuming that all events are at the hands of a secret few. Despite the invalidity of these theses, they have staying power because they offer no proof, and hence they cannot be disproved, especially if they are the product of a paranoid imagination. Common to most of these conspiracy theories is 'de-individualizatio n', which is lumping people into impersonal groups and taking their humanity away from them. That's what Zaid Hamid does when he rants about the inferiority of Hindus, the inherent evil nature of Jews or Pakistani leaders he disagrees with. He neglects to realize that his method is what also drove the neoconservatives in creating a world in their own ethnocentric image and in the killing fields of Iraq. This method also drove the perpetrator of the Marriott attack, who was so convinced of his mission that he didn't mind killing scores of the poorest for a few choice targets.

As far as me being a Zionist Banker goes, I have never worked for a bank, or own shares in any. I did work briefly once for the World Bank, a development organization (one that I also believe has done some harm to the people it is mandated to help), but that was a short-term consultancy to research the value chain of apples for export and it had nothing to do with lending money. I do have two bank accounts, and the public is welcome to verify that in neither is there an exemption from paying the government Zakat, nor are there any withdrawals before it is imposed.

Let's hold Zaid Hamid to his own standards by looking at his record. On the website of his security consulting firm, also called Brass Tacks, he proudly mentions testimonials from employees of both Deutsche Bank and Bank of America (amongst ten other banks), and from Shell. Wait a second! Isn't this the same Zaid Hamid who does a TV programme that claims banks are in the hands of the Zionist Jews hungry to kill all Muslims? What is he doing profiting from protecting them after creating public animosity towards them? Is this the same Zaid Hamid who believes the world is being overrun by multinationals that are out to secure resources that will eventually harm Muslims? What is he doing profiting from protecting Shell, which has just signed an agreement to sell natural gas in the Governorate of Basra in Iraq under the US occupation? He is not living what he is preaching. He devours banks and multinationals on television but profits from them when the cameras stop rolling.

One of the major world conspiracies happens to be that the invasions of the US were conducted at the behest of Halliburton, an energy company with known ties to individuals of the US administration. Well, the Bank of America (BOA) has just recommended the stock of Halliburton after the CFO of the energy company met with BOA officials. So by one degree of separation, isn't Brass Tacks, the company of Zaid Hamid, linked to Halliburton because of the BOA connection?

Now I want to clarify that all the above facts are true, but I do not believe in the yarn I wind around them to make them connect. I do not believe for a second that Zaid Hamid intends to create fear and profit from it. He just happened to be a security expert who landed on TV with a pre-existing business and started preaching his prejudices derived from random conspiracy theories. I wrote the scenario above to illustrate how the coincidental can be woven together to make a compelling narrative that has no real truth, nor is it causal or correlated. It is thinking like this that I wish Zaid Hamid would question himself on, because as demonstrated above even he could fall prey to the world where nothing is substantiated and the dicey is used as truth to fan hatred.

As far as profiting from concerns he preaches against, well that's for him to resolve. But the absolutism that Zaid Hamid holds others to, he does not hold himself to apparently.

This absolutism is not just moral in his case, it is intellectual as well. In his recent programme, he described how income taxes were one of the greatest conspiracies of the US. Had he just bothered to look into the system of income taxes and public finance, he would have realized that a progressive taxation system is one of the greatest tools to redistribute wealth and to help the poor. Accidents of birth, talent and intelligence can be mitigated into a more just society when there is a documented tax base, and societies can pay for services to the economically disadvantaged. A progressive taxation system can make sure that there are good hospitals, schools, pensions and other benefits that can help them overturn an unequal society by redistributing from the rich to the poor. The welfare state that all populist Islamic leaders promise will be based on the progressive income tax system, not government sales tax (GST). If we had no income taxes, and only GST then we would be taxing consumption, and for the poor food is a large part of that, which means relative to income no income taxes and only GST; it would penalize the poor more than the rich and they would eat less. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

For example, Zaid Hamid has been insinuating for the longest time that most of Pakistan's leaders are in the pockets of the CIA. I am sure some are. However, Zaid Hamid makes one exclusion to his thesis, General Musharraf, someone who overtly cooperated more with the US than anyone else in Pakistan's history. Now exactly how Zaid Hamid has the knowledge to make this distinction, no one knows. By continuously insisting on television the he is the only one who knows these things, he is creating the cult of personality, not that of objectivity. After all, this is a man who decries the state of representative politics, of democracy, but that does not mean he has the right to do away with it, because the only alternative in his eyes would be someone he approves of (himself?), not who the people choose.

In the end, I would like to add a few cautionary notes. Brass Tacks is not a programme entirely without merit, and neither is Zaid Hamid. For example, he is right when he discusses the rancid imperialism of the US and its misadventures abroad, he is right when he believes that unfettered capitalism is bad, or that Muslims need to awaken from their slumber. He is right when he mentions there are flaws in an economic system that allows for hot money, that sells credit irresponsibly for mindless consumption. These are legitimate themes, and the fact that Zaid Hamid is non-sectarian is applause worthy.

But where Zaid Hamid should draw the line is upholding the facts that withstand query, abstaining from hate speech even if he opposes large swathes of humanity and verifying tracts that may not fit into his presuppositions. There is a place for both the right and left on television, after all that is what creates consensus through dialectic. What should be common is remembering Islam is a religion of peace.


The writer is a Rhodes scholar and former academic. Email: fasizaka@yahoo. com


Dr Shabir Choudhry
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell.

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)
Why Single Musharraf out?

I disagree with the statement of Mr. Fasy about Musharraf being a CIA agent.

He was not CIA's agent in the same sense as Benazir Bhutto was. Everytime she came to power, it was not without the help of USA as indicated by her frequent Washington visits just before her governments came into being. Common sense suggests that she must have made deals with USA such as promise to sell important national secrets, hand over important political figures, giving US Airforce access to Pakistani bases, Rolling back Pakistan's nuclear program, Disarming Pakistan army and ISI and so forth.

Musharraf was CIA's "agent" (It seemed to be more of a forced friendship than a willing one) in the same sense as General Zia-ul-Haq. General Zia-ul-Haq came via coupe, made some political arrests, expelled a few politicians, banned their political activites and implemented his vision (Islamic Ideology) and then life's circumstances forced him to form an alliance with CIA to fight the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. He used this political advantage to the benefit of Pakistan. He had no political clout and had the hard time taming these virulent and wild politicians. When he became dangerous, he was assasinated. Similarly, Musharraf came via coup, had to make few political arrests, expel few politicians, attemtped to implement his vision (enlightened moderation / changes at grass root level) and then life's circumstances forced him to form an alliance with CIA to fight Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. He also used this political advantage to the benefit of Pakistan. When his assertive behavior grew more intolerable, then he was deposed via a planned insurgency and political turmoil. Both these leaders made some good achievements and also made mistakes but it doesn't mean we dislike them (rather hate them) as much as we do our corrupt politicians who have given back to our nation very little.

Critics blame that Musharraf made deals with corrupt politicians, created NRO, withdrew cases against Zardari and so forth. I ask them what would somebody else had done in the same situation?  The answer is nothing different.

Yes, there is a direct foreign influence in our politics. It is very evident that Musharraf was not willing to make alliances with Benazir (otherwise why would he expell her and Nawaz?) but had to change his stance once pressured. I ask the critics to be fair in their judgement against Musharraf and not single him out for things that no politician has done any differently before.

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (11/Jan/2009)
Zaid Hamid in his own words
Official Site:
Subscribe to Mailing List:
aa and dua.

 First of all Jazak Allah for writing to me directly for the clarification
and following the Sunnah and Sharia way of resolving confusing issues.
Though I have responded to allegations and clarified my positions many times
on Khatm Nubuwwat, I do feel to write to you in some detail. Just for your
record, I am repeating one brief reply.

 "Alhamdolillah, all my life has been spent keeping my self under tests and
trials of fire, sword and blood for the sake of this deen and in love of
Rasul Allah. My prayers, sacrifices, my life and death remains for Allah and
His Prophet (saw). My izzat, life, parents, property, family and even good
deeds are sacrificed on Rasul Allah. I am not mad to follow false prophets
after Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw).

 Those with noor can see the rehma, baraka and khair from Allah and love of
Rasul Allah in the life and mission of this humble faqeer. Hasbu nallah
Naimul Wakeel, Naimul Maula wa naimun Naseer.

 Curse of Allah, angels and momineen be on those liars who claim to be
"prophets" after Sayyadna Khatim un Nabiyyeen Muhemmed Rasul Allah (saw).
Also cursed and Rajeem are those who follow such liar "prophets" and also
cursed are those who accuse innocent Muslims of following such false
prophets. There will be no prophet after our beloved Sayyadna, Maulana,
Muhemmed Rasul Allah, Rehmat ul lil Aalimeen (saw). May Allah keep us in His
serene and blessed noor and Rehma in dunya and Akhira"

 Alhamdolillah, for the last two weeks, we were in Haramain Shareefain and
also spent about a week in Masjid nabwai shareef presenting my case to Allah
and His Prophet (saw). I am indeed hurt. Not at the fact that I am being
opposed. In fact I am pleased at this. I am being opposed by Kafir banking
systems, Indan assets, hostile secret services, media cartels, government
proxies, religious and sectarian terrorists, and all those with whom Allah
and Rasul Allah has declared war against ie: Riba based system of Dajjal.
They have already tried to silence me by trying to buy me out. When that did
not work, they started a massive slander and Bohtan campaign from secular
english to "Islamic" media. Now we at Brasstacks are loosing clients and our
economic noose is being tightened to put pressure upon us. Now I am waiting
when they make a physical attack. Hasbunallah !!!

 Alhamdolillah, I am happy and say shukar at this as this humble faqeer has
hurt and dented the system of Dajjal globally and given hope to this nation
in these times of trial and tribulations. When I opted and decided to tread
this path of Jihad and sacrifice at a very young age, I never expected it to
be bed of roses. It never has been, by Allah.

 But I am hurt because now I am being accused of betraying the very sacred
soul who remains the centre of gravity of my soul, life, love, death and
honor -- Sayyadna Muhemmed Rasul Allah Sallalla Alaihe wassalam. But then,
this time in Medina, I received the serenity and peace that inshallah, this
matter will be handled by Allah himself and I need not scoop to lowest of
levels or counter attack to lower levels to which these accusers have sunk
themselves. I have clarified my position as above. From the requirements of
Sharia, Sunnat and law, this should suffice for any Muslim to explain his
Imaan and beliefs. beyond this, I strongly urge people to come and visit me
and seek further clarifications. Things are not as they are being projected.
There is also another side of the story which they are not telling. But it
cannot be discussed on e-mailing matches and blogs with such characterless
and unreliable characters because it involves sharia documents, legal
doctrines, legal proof and Fatwas and statements of top religious scholars,
council of Islamic ideology and serious papers on abuse of blasphemy laws in
the country, sectarian wars abusing the law and its complex legal and
Islamic remedies. you will be shocked once you know the facts on how they
are lying from their teeth.

 Let me sit face to face with the accusers and By Allah I shall confront
them on all counts in the presence of anyone who wants to sit and be the
judge. This is what sharia demands. I am NOT supposed to respond to shadows
on the wall who are simply accusing without fulfilling sharia requirements.
Also, it must be decided what should be the punishments for all those who
have violated every sacred law and accused me of bohtan without
verifications. Already so much of their lies are exposed. isn't this enough
to prove that they are liars??? Again, why we ignore the hadees of Sayyadna
Rasul Allah that anyone who propagates hearsay without verifying is a liar
!!! By Allah, they are liars and slandering a Bohtan only. It is a heavy
burden they carry in dunya and indeed it would be heavier on day of
judgment. I will NOT make personal attacks on them nor scoop to their
levels. Let them do what they want.

 I will add only a few more points to answer your questions and to complete
the hujjat: details on personal meeting inshallah. For now this should

 I am NOT a follower of that idiot Yusuf. May Allah's curse upon those who
accuse me of following him. But you should also try to study his case. Did
he really claim to be a Prophet? what did Maulana Sattar Niazi and dozens of
scholars say in writing about Yusuf? what is the sessions court judgment on
his conviction ? is he sentenced to death on claim of prophet hood or
something else? who were the witnesses whose evidence was used? Were sharia
and sunnah requirements were fulfilled in the sessions court ? Why no
religious scholar appeared in the court to testify against him? What was the
judgment of council of Islamic ideology after this case verdict? why no
media group projected the case except Khabrain and Takbeer ? In fact, Nawai
Waqt and nation defended Yusuf by publishing statements of top scholars
defending yusuf ????? Was that a case of blasphemy or money disputes and
sectarian warfare??? You MUST find this out.

 I work, live and inshallah will die only for Allah and Sayyadna Muhemmed
Rasul Allah alone. I don't work for any agency or secret group or cult,

 Life of every Muslim is sacred and cannot be taken on suspicion. Property
of every Muslim of sacred and cannot be violated on suspicion. honor of
every Muslim is sacred and cannot be violated without fulfilling
requirements of Sharia and deen. The last sermon of Rasul Allah equates
life, property and honor with sacred day of Hajj and sacred city of Makka.
It is most unfortunate that those calling themselves as Muslims violate each
and every basic tenant of Islam by involving themselves in utter and
absolute Haram without any proof, sharia requirements or verifications. If
we believe in Allah and Rasul Allah and fear the day of judgment, then we
should be very very careful when a Muslim is accused of being a Kafir or
murtid or doing his Takfir. This is greatest of sins.

 Isn't this strange that none of the accusers who write these articles seek
any clarification from me nor have met me, nor know me, nor know nor willing
to listen to any explanations. they keep coming back with pen names, e-mail
names, refusing to listen to any clarifications nor accepting my invitation
for a face to face debate ? what are they afraid of ? I left Karachi in 1992
and have never met any of these accusers ever since, if ever. most of them I
don't even know. Have they given any proof of any allegations or still it is
just hearsay or stories of "personal" experiences so factually wrong and
lies that it is nauseating.

 All my life has been spent on razor edge for the sake of Allah and Rasul
Allah (saw), risking and sacrificing everything that is considered precious
in this world for the sake of Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw) and this deen. I
was 22 years old when I went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets when a life
of worldly promise and brilliant career awaited me in Dunya. Spent six year
in battle fields, surviving on daily basis, with my parents, wife, kids and
loved ones not knowing in which valley my grave would be. I did not do all
that for money, sense of adventure or to serve any secret service. By Allah
it was and it still is for Allah, Rasul Allah and this Ummat e marhoom. When
I came out after six years, i had to struggle on daily basis once again to
feed and support my family. Jihad was NOT a paying venture. We spend from
our own pockets or given most minor wazeefa of few hundred rupees per month
by the jihadi commander we fought along with.

 My present work of BrassTacks and its Azaan is also with the same junoon
and 'dewangi". It is Not for money or to serve any secret agenda. We have
done over 70 programs. Apart from being anything against Islam, Quran or
sunnah, these are highly subtle, sublime and sophisticated essence of deen
and khair reviving the Ummah and nation and attacking the entire exis of
Kufr and Dajjal. Cant we see the baraka and khair which Allah is giving to
this mission and its message.

 My dear brother, in these times of fitnas, we need to be careful with
people, I agree. But we should also be careful that we don't shoot down the
only message of dignity, honor and hope which has come out for this nation
to fight and confront those who have declared war on Allah and Sayyadna
Rasul Allah (saw). By Allah, I can say with confidence that those fighting
against us are either Nadan dost or Dana dushman. By trying to destroy us,
they only serve Zionists, bankers, Indians and our enemies of Pakistan and

 May Allah be our guide and be my witness in what I have written. He is my
Wakeel and I rest my case with Him alone.

 Jazak Allah once again and duago

 Zaid Hamid

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (11/Jan/2009)
Don't pay attention to him people
This is entirely INCORRECT. Zaid Hamid is a Sunni Muslim who believes in the finality of the Holy Prophet. His message (see all his videos) attest that he is working for the defense of Islam and Pakistan.
The guy who talks about the unity of Muslims, protecting the military and nuclear power of Pakistan, standing up against the wrong policies of current Pakistani government which is bent on defecting Pakistan for personal goals, his speeches about Allama Iqbal and the need for Islamic renaissance and so forth  CAN NEVER be anti-Islam.
Since, he stands up against the EVIL (corrupt politician, RAW/CIA/Moussad/Al-Qaida axis, dangerously liberal Pakistani elites, dangerously extremist radical Muslims, and dangerously independent/negligent-to-the-fault Pakistani media), there is an extreme resistance against him. Since the enemies can not corner him on his views, they resort to cheap old 'religion' card. By equating Zaid Hamid with Salman Rushdie, Tasleema Nasreen and the likes, they are trying to reduce his popularity.
Please be careful and GUARD yourself with such evils. If you don't, you will shoot yourself in the foot just like you did when you selected Zardari Government. Allah (SWT) has given us another opportunity. A leader who, if we stand united with him, can deliver us from these corrupt rulers.
Asher Fawad

 Reply:   Answer to Propaganda against Zaid Hamid
Replied by(UN) Replied on (6/Jan/2009)
The problem with pakistan today is that munafiqs and the likes of Mir Jafar are spread all over. But inshallah they will all be overpowered and thrown into Hell along with their masters. As has been their practice all along the history these munafiqs spread lies about a genuine people. Regarding lie against Zaid Hamid he himself has cleared the issue this should be sufficient for all Muslims but agents will persist.

Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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