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President Zardari, How can you trust Terror India?

-By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



In the era of global state terrorism targeting the Islamic nations, it is pathetic to observe that Islamic world, like the East, still looks to the US-led West for guidance and suitable advice for existence. What is more intriguing is the fact that Islamic world, with a view to deny Muslims the right opportunities to practice Islamic Sharia’, seeks inspiration, for reasons actually not known to themselves, from anti-Islamic world that is eager to defame Islam and kill Muslims on numerous pretexts. Pakistani elites are showering praises lavishly on terror India for its secular democracy credentials, knowing that Muslims are being killed and coerced to work for the Hindu parties for existence sake. Even though the Congress party has emerged the largest single party in the Parliament thanks mainly to Muslim support, Indian leaders are still considering methods to silence them without giving them their legitimate dues. But Pakistan , like the US-led anti-Islamic nations applaud India for return applauses.



As it is known, Indian key policy is to fix Pakistan once for all and has been strenuously trying to achieve that “democratic goal”, at any cost, including by terrorism routes. Bulk of Pakistanis, similarly, worship USA and its allies and seek their blessings for self-destruction. The way some Pakistanis and their mischievous media, without any clear comprehension of what India is and Pakistan means to terror India,  praise India and its dirty democracy makes even Hindus perplexing. Unproductive character and double-speak of Pakistanis are overtly discernible in President Asif Ali Zardari’s recent utterance on Taliban and about a “friendly India ” which is no more a threat to Islamabad . Probably he was buffing like most Indian do as a matter of habit.  Or, Zardari is just playing the usual India-appeasement game. Hitherto only the media driven by western faulty ideas and devoid of any sensible policies and Islamic ideology have showcased spineless nature of Pakistan ’s dealings, but now the top most leader of Pakistan has betrayed real mindset of bulk of Pakistani elites.



Most probably, on special request from Washington to make the nuclearized Congress regime come back to loosen Indian purse strings, Asif Ali Zardari has been asked to make a pro-UPA statement that would indirectly make Muslims vote for the ruling  Congress regime; in fact, the strategy has worked well as bulk of Muslims have opted Congress in preference to other mischievous outfits in north, espcially in UP and Bihar. But is that really worth the strains he has undergone in making such disastrous statements? Of course, Congress decides every thing in India even when it does not rule the country officially.


World does not know that Man Mohan Singh has not stood for the poll. Islamic Pakistan is adding the anti-Islamic forces in killing Muslims inside Kashmir and the leadership seems too be too pound of that. Indian threat has harmed Pakistan so much that now it has lost all directions to Islamic way of life and recklessly kills Muslims for US dollars plus extra Euros, and Indian rupees. One does not know if they pray along with whisky bottles and black money in suit pockets. It is becoming too difficult, rather dangerous, for any Muslim to defend Pakistan ’s hypocrisy, hopelessness and vague interests, rather its senseless utterances. India is ill-focused on both Pakistan and Kashmiris. It seems India would be too willing to concede some more areas of Kashmir under its illegal custody if Pakistan gives up claims of Kashmir claims and stop supporting freedom demands of Kashmiris. One does not know if Pakistanis is playing Indian games in the region along with USA-led terror forces, killing Muslims inside the country.



Does Pakistan or Asif Ali Zardari think India would reciprocate the good wishes and best desires for close ties with New Delhi ? By projecting Pakistan and other neighbors as their enemies and posing serious threat to integrity and stability of the country, India makes the world believe that India is an innocent nation but “unnecessarily” troubled by Muslim neighbors. As Pakistan was moving closer to Indian through negotiators last years India unleashed terror in Mumbai killing Muslims and foreigners, including Americans and Jews. As it failed to hold Pakistan responsible for the Mumbai terrorism, India went further to terrorize Pakistanis in Lahore attacking the Lankan cricketers, killing, again, Muslims there. What does it all mean? India seeks a strong and prosperous Pakistan ? Tell me, does the USA desires that objective in Pakistan in killing innocent Muslims as “terrorists”?



The dialogue has been suspended by India since the November 26 terror attacks in Mumbai and has maintained that it could resume only after Pakistan takes concrete action against those behind the strikes. Pakistan President Zardari was among the first of the foreign leaders to greet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for ruling UPA's electoral win, but did petrified Indian terror leaders properly reciprocate? A leader of one country congratulates another leader elsewhere and it is usual. Terror Manmohan who is responsible for the genocide of Muslims in Kashmir and India (Gujarat etc) says e would not give up terrorism plank. Indian asserted their right to use terrorism the goal of the new regime in India .  The Pakistan President has been saying that he was waiting for the new government to assume office in India so that the bilateral dialogue could be resumed. But will a terror state and a sworn enemy of Islam and Muslims care for peace in reality when India , like USA and Israel , employs false threat perceptions to terrorize the Muslims?


Both US president Barack Obama and former Pakistani President Gen Pervez Musharraf have clearly underscored the Indo-Pakistan rift over issue of Kashmir now under Indian brute and illegal custody. Musharraf said Taliban and India both are threat for Pakistan stressing that Pakistan must keep an open eye on both. In an interview, Pervez Musharraf said that Pakistan army is the real strength of Pakistan . The large number of deployment of the troops by India on border is a constant threat to Pakistan ’s integrity. However, India would never attack Pakistan at all because she knows the strength of Pakistan . However, Pakistan must maintain minimum deterrence to avoid Indian attack, he added, anyone who wants to weaken Pakistan attacks the Pakistan army and ISI. Pakistan army is an extremely disciplined army. It carries out orders from the top and army leadership carries out orders from the government. In response to a question pertaining to supporting Taliban, Pervez Musharraf strongly rejects the allegations and termed these accusations baseless. He said that after 9/11 incident Pakistan army had arrested around 700 Taliban. It is a ridiculous accusation. He said that the international community must support Pakistan instead of criticizing it. He said that drone attacks are halting the course of US-led terror war, is causing great resentment and anti-America sentiments among the masses. While talking about Karzai, Pervez Musharraf said that Afghan President Karzai, a close ally of terror India , would be hiding things from Pakistan . He said that Karzai knew the issues and he is causing trouble to Pakistan by not addressing these issues with Pakistan . Gen Pervez Musharraf also said that he had warned former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto of threats to her life. He said that government had told Benazir Bhutto not to come for that meeting which she addressed before her murder. Gen Musharraf said that in a situation like this, the basic requirement is the unity of thoughts and action by all: the Afghanistan government, coalition forces and within the coalition forces and other.


President Barack Obama has said Pakistan ’s sovereignty has to be respected and that the USA is confident that Pakistan ’s nuclear arsenal is safe, and the country’s military is equipped to prevent extremists from taking over those arsenals. But USA is trying to strengthen Pakistan as a junior partner to execute US orders “to do more” and one of the encouraging things is USA sees a decided shift in the Pakistan Army’s recognition that the “threat from extremism is a much more immediate and serious one than the threat from India that they’ve traditionally focused on.” Obama’s advisors say in spite of the support form Russia , India and other state terrorists, the Taliban seems to have made advances, American presence in Afghanistan was declining in popularity and the instability along the border region was destabilizing Pakistan as well. His administration was to order 17,000 troops to Afghanistan on top of an estimated 38,000 that were already in Afghanistan . He did not rule out the possibility of sending even more troops, while stressing such a decision was premature at this point and that U.S. military action is not the only answer to bringing stability to the region. Like Bush, Obama also said the “military action in the context of a broader effort to stabilize security in the country, allow national elections to take place in Afghanistan and then provide the space for the vital development work that’s needed so that a tolerant and open, democratically elected government is considered far more legitimate than a Taliban alternative”. The military component is critical to accomplishing that goal, but it is not a sufficient element by itself.”


India media outfits and agents operating around the world are already doing enough (pro-India and anti-Pakistan and anti-Kashmir) propaganda and Pakistan need not to join the bandwagon and should resist the Indian invitations to be their foreign agents in Pakistan , region and USA . India wants every body to praise India , its state terrorisms, its black money, democracy, secularism, genocides in Kashmir and India , terror military bases abroad, match-fixing capabilities in cricket, etc. President Zardari, though not a novice in this area, should know that any praise of India would amount to promoting Indian fascist trends in all spheres and its holocaust in Jammu Kashmir. In trying to appease India , Zardari is only hailing the Hindutva moorings, destruction of grand Babri Mosque and killings of Muslims in different parts of India and defenseless Kashmiris and its reluctance to offer real equal opportunities to Muslims. In India all political outfits have same or similar policy towards Islam and Muslims, including the so-called progressive communist parties who chase Muslim votes by targeting both Congress and BJP, both Hindu communal parties. Every party’s hands in this “secular” and “democratic” India are Islamic blood stained…. And the buffalo skinned Indians who talk about democracy and secularism, are not at all ashamed of that.


Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Columnist & Independent Researcher in World Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation,
South Asia

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