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An analysis of Private Security agencies involved in anti-state activities


Earthman: International Professor


Pakistan is in grip of spies, instruments and agents since long, it is second time that media has taken it seriously. Previously the security company of Ikram Sehgal, MD of Pathfinder and Security Management Services (SMS) was brought into spotlight being security providers of American embassy, and the strength of 20,000 plus security guards employed in that organization armed with sophisticated weapons and armored vehicles were discussed. Currently wakefulness of few journalists has opened eyes of the public and has daringly pointed out activities of snakes in the grass on limited scale.


The cause of frustration of peoples is solely based on suspicious activities of foreign agencies and their agents on the land of Pakistan and which has backing of locals. A few years back Brinks USA was also among who jumped in to local security business but major cause of panic is recent recovery of weapons during a raids on the residence of Capt. Zaidi of InterRisk security agency and discovery of illegal prohibited weapons. Those weapons are for more in quantity and sophistication than last year shown to media after massacre of Jamia Hafsa. Moreover presence of a IB agent at the same place and panic among establishment which lead to help Zaidi to disappear from the scene and later reappear with the pre arrest bail from the courts is for more dangerous and suspicious act. All such activities of storing large cache of weapons happened only one KM from President and PM houses.


In addition the visible evidence of mercenaries rolling on the local streets is no more secret, which essentially has protection from ISI, MI, IB and FIA. There is no law in the country and entire government is in rush to suck maximum dollars from the west, which has created a vacuum in the society and has changed general behavior of the influential peoples to use short cuts for making money according to their status and positions. Mush-Zardari Governments have made entire country on risk and on the mercy of foreign implanted agents. There is no name of national security and private security agencies are also directly involved in making dollars. A few day back media reported that an international company SkyPlan is delivering NATO supplies via Sialkot airport but no one bothered to investigate the matter. Who is behind in all such activities, we know that army is an essential part of such activities but which politicians are there requires clear cut distinction.


Once army was an organization which was worth trusting in national security matters but now the time has proved that all principal serving or retired Generals are on pay role of one or another foreign power. In army entire nursery implanted by Mush is greedy, hungry and full of political ambitions. Majority of Generals of ISI, MI and Ministry of Defense or Ministry of Interior are directly dancing on the tunes neo-Imperialists. Zardari-Gaylani-Kiyani troika is gradually leasing Pakistan to foreign powers. As such their cronies are involved in providing safe sanctuaries and protections to foreigners. Above Capt. Zaidi has backing of top Government officials and politicians as well. Kiyani who is famous play back singer of comedian songs and his hit songs “Writ of the state” and “ It is our own war” touched new international records even has no power to arrest such criminals. Please read following report:


1.   Inter Risk owner claims bail but police unaware, September 28, 2009


ISLAMABAD — The owner of Inter Risk Security Company Ali Zaidi, who was booked by the police a few days ago, has succeeded in getting his interim bail (bail before arrest), claimed his lawyer, while officials expressed ignorance about the same. Zaidi himself informed through an SMS that that he has succeeded in getting interim bail from the court of Additional Session Judge, Tanveer Mir.
Syed Murtaza Ali Peerzada (Advocate), the Council for Zaidi, while talking to The Nation said that his client had been on interim bail since 26th of this month. When asked that on what grounds the court bailed Zaidi, he said that he would not want to disclose it at this stage.
However, Station House Officer (SHO) of Kohsar Police Station said that he had no information about the bail of Zaidi and claimed that police was still conducting raids to arrest him. He further added that if Zaidi had got interim bail, then he should contact the police so that he could be interrogated. The police had seized a large quantity of arms and ammunition from the house of Zaidi, a retired captain of Pakistan army during a raid on 19th of September and he was booked along with his two employees under relevant sections of PPC.(1)




2.   Superintendent of Police sacked for touching Black Water armed agents



Tuesday, September 15, 2009: ISLAMABAD: The services of an SP of Islamabad Police have been placed at the disposal of the Establishment Division on the orders of the Ministry of Interior for unknown reasons.
The reason behind the SP’s sudden removal is the incident which occurred near Peshawar More when SP Nasir Aftab intercepted some officers of an intelligence agency and marines of a powerful country riding a vehicle and took them to the Margala police station where a brawl between the SP and the personnel of the embassy took place.
The SP later lodged an FIR against some officials of the intelligence agency. Interior Secretary Chaudhry Qamar Zaman when contacted confirmed the removal of the police officer.Acting IG Islamabad and DIG (Operations) Bin Yamin told this correspondent that the services of SP Nasir Aftab have been placed at the disposal of the Establishment Division on the order of the Interior Ministry. He said the reason of his removal was not mentioned in the letter.(2)


Columns and Programs of Mr. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Mr. Kashif Abbasi, Mr. Rauf Kalasra, and Mr. Irfan Siddiqui, Mr. Rahim ullah Yousufzai, Mr. Shaheen Sehbai and Dr. Shahid Masood are worth opening eyes. Even though those are bound to the editorial policies of their employers but hidden messages in their reports let know many stories. In spite of many differences or complaints about their reporting still those have courage to at least raise finger towards powerful mafias under the circumstances. There is another source to know forthcoming ventures of mafias and new targets of pillage, so you may watch discussion programs of Dunya, ARY and Dawn TV’s and statements and columns of discarded journalists and politicians like Nazir Naji, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Fauzia Wahab, Farahnaz Isfahani, Najam Sethi, Gen. Athar Abbas and Farhat Ullah Babr type cronies of imperialism, it would give you an idea and way to keenly watch those areas where wrongdoings are under practice, and above mafia would be found either camouflaging or pleading plunders of Troika.


Badaber air base Peshawar and vicious circle against China: The notorious airbase was once centre of activities against Russian Block in Ayub Khan Era but Govt. of Pakistan kept hiding up till Russia did not air marked Peshawar with red ink. Now entire activities of neo-Imperialists are against China by using land of Pakistan on greater scale than Badaber.


Establishment of Agha Khan State is the most extreme step with the label of Gilgit-Baltatistan province, which already has been taken. Zardari and Kiyani mafia has no planning for the welfare of locals but those have made them scapegoats, anew fraud to suck American dollars. Continuous activities of spies in major urban areas of Pakistan have let China to lodge protest with Pakistan Government. Next step is understandable, it would be initiation of sectarian strife in that areas, to let Kiyani intervene, kill political opponents, ultimately announce for establishment of another cantonment on the name of writ of the state. Goons of PPP have been financed to create troubles, gangsters are seen reaching their for target killings, murders and to create anarchic like situation to strengthen political grip on the area and make another Badaber Airbase for the imperialists. Trouble has been initiated read following report:





Sectarian Violence claimed four lives: Sunday, September 27, 2009

GILGIT: A blast inside a stationery shop on Saturday sparked riots here leaving four people dead and four others injured, police and other sources said. Two among the dead were policemen and others were civilians. One died in the explosion while others became victims of riots.
“The blast triggered violence in the town as protesters, blaming the opposite sect for the explosion, went on a rampage. They damaged several shops near Nasim Cinema,” sources said.
They said the police resorted to firing in the air and teargas shelling to quell the riots, which apparently jeopardized the prime minister’s visit scheduled for September 29.Two police officials received bullet wounds in the crossfire, one of whom identified as Sherbaz succumbing to his injuries in a hospital. The condition of the other was stated to be critical.
Sources said unidentified assailants shot dead a policeman, Kamran, in Amphary area while in Basin area, a 12-year-old boy was killed by armed men.
Gilgit Superintendent of Police Ali Sher said the device used in the blast was locally made, adding the explosion was apparently aimed at disrupting the sectarian harmony in the region.(3)




Drone attacks and presence of Black Water:


It is now almost confirmed that mercenaries of Black Water are operating drones from Air force bases of Pakistan. Min of Defense, Pak Army, Pakistan Air Force and Min of Interior has full knowledge of such activities and those are providing intelligence and targets for attacks. Conditions of Kerry-Logger alms is entirely involves around head count of Pakistani citizens. Gen. Kiyani who is Sergeant of Field Marshall Mike Mullen and Zardari who is puppet of Governor General Hall Brook and Yousuf Gaylani who is a joker in the hands of Anne W Patterson are the frogs of the horse’s hoof. Kerry-Logger bill is meant for skulls vs. dollars strategy. Mercenaries are operating within international boundaries of Pakistan, either bearing name of Black Water or any other. Peoples of Islamabad, Peshawar, Warsak, Tarbela, air force bases, Quetta and Karachi have witnessed white males and females, armed with sophisticated weapons, usually in dark glasses vans, uniformed or in civilian dress.


In such disgusting situation regional headquarter of Northern Alliance is openly functioning at Islamabad on the name of “Aryana Institute” and head of its overseas activities Farhat Taj Andersen is hovering in FATA and other sensitive strategic defense areas without any hindrances frequently. Surely Govt. of NWFP is behind in financing them, as Northern alliance and ANP have same Russian backing, and both are now posing as favorites of Washington as well.


It is now almost proved that some retired officers of Pak Army, Air Force and Navy are operating as spies against existence of Pakistan, who have been hired by different foreign agencies. Ikaram Sehgal type persons who retired as Major, deserted from East Pakistan Rifles, claimed to be Helicopter pilot and who has established a Defense Institute and Magazine, a lot of peoples are scared of his activities being spy of American embassy, even though most people’s are not aware of fact about his overseas links, but a most respected person of Karachi warned me via email that Mr. Sehgal is an established spy of Americans and sell info to other foreign embassies as well. He also warned that he traces IP address and you would be in trouble, in reference to my an article which was published in same days regarding murder of Daniel Perl and suspicious role of many persons including Ikram Sehgal and his agency.


It is a matter of question that every one that has suspicious role has the backing of Jang Group, and columns of Mr. Sehgal never hints what peoples think about him, usually bear non extremist views, however foreign funded operators like Farhat Taj Andersen, Pervez Yahood Bhai, Naseem Zehra and many others always find more than enough space in Jang Group.


Possibly being billionaire businessman of Pakistan Ikram Sehgal might have business opponents, but activities of Black Water or existence of other foreigners on the name of intelligence sharing, training or security have made cautious to all Pakistanis, and a lot of information about activities of foreign operators within Pakistan and their local agents is in the air, some suspicious actors have appeared on the radar screen with the backing of very influential and powerful quarters. Reference of Ikram Sehgal being operator of largest security agency was essentially required at this place.


There are a few places in Pakistan to lodge complaints about suspicious activities of enemies of Pakistan, including Ministry of Interior, Defense, and ISI, IB or police. But peoples did not trust Gen. Kiyani anymore and the teams of top generals around him as well, those are considered to be puppets of Anglo-Americans. Ministry of Interior was designed by Mush; in a style that its employees are like mechanized robots controlled by a remote and PPP’s Govt. is following same steps blindly. Police and Judiciary have no power to challenge ISI, MI or FIA type authoritative organizations backed by Anglo-Americans. Corrupt politicians are busy in their traditional business and not a single parliamentarian is trust worthy. Courts have closed their eyes and in broad day light criminals are altering records of cases against them, and Judges are acquitting those criminals by putting looted monies on one hand and acquittal verdicts on other hands. Don’t go away Yousuf Gaylani and his wife Fauzia are main beneficiaries of deaf, dumb and blind judiciary. There are dozens of other examples while NRO is a biggest fraud of this century. Why to weep for finding top award of most corrupt nation in the world.


In such circumstances when everyone is busy in sucking dollars and even journalists are usually seen enjoying lamb legs and Sajjis at the kitchens of President and Prime Minister Houses, so who would put his life in danger to think about security and existence of Pakistan.


However it is confirmed from different resources that some retired security officials and many others are involved in spying against Pakistan. It is duty of patriot Pakistanis to make list of such peoples and wait for the kick to PPP’s Government or retirement of Gen. Kiyani. Keep your eyes open and collect records of such culprits.


Here is a list of some security agencies, registered and owned by retired security officials.  Search other InterRisk type security agencies owned by so called SSG’s commandos of Pakistan army included in following list or not. Note down their suspicious activities if you may witness for future reference.


1.   Ababeel Security:  Lt..Col. Ishaq Hussain


2.   Access Security: Brig. Naeem Abid


3.   Al Aun Guard's:  Major. Jamal Uddin


4.   Al Hattaf Security: Col. Ayaz Ahmed


5.   Al Fateh Security: Capt ® S.M Bukhari


6.   Al Hattaf Security: Col. Ayaz Ahmed


7.   Aqsa Security: Brig. Ameer Afsar


8.   Askari Guards: Col.  Niazi


9.   Ar Raheem Security: Maj. Shakeel


10.                Bahria Security System: Vice Admiral Mahmood Ali


11.                Blitz Security: Col. Muhammad Waseem Khan


12.                Citizen Safety Security: Col. Zahid Ali Khan


13.                Condor Security: Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Jamot


14.                Continental Security:  Major Shafat


15.                Crown Security: Major Mir Hassan Raza


16.                Delta Security:  Col.  Nisar Sarwar


17.                Emergency 24: Shakeel Isfahani


18.                Express Security:  Capt. Muhammad Tahir


19.                Fahad Security: Major Khalid Ahmed Khan


20.                FAMS Security: Major Haroon Maqsood


21.                Fangs Security Pakistan: Major Haroon Maqsood, Major Syed Kazim Raza


22.                Fauji Security Services: Col Changez Wali Khan


23.                Ghazi Security Guards: Capt. Asif Azam Khalil


24.                Grandeur Security: Major Chaudhry Rasheed


25.                Guards Mark Security: Major Nadeem Ahmed


26.                Hifazat Security:  Brig. Tariq Ali Khan


27.                Indus Security Services:  Col Khalid Ahmed Khan


28.                K & H Security: Col. Ehtisham -Ud –Din


29.                Kahut Security: Lt. Col.  Mohammad Afza


30.                LMS Security: Lt.Col. Safdar Mehmood


31.                N. Police Foundation: Col. Farasat Ali Shah


32.                M. JAY's Security: Major Jawaid Iqbal


33.                Mars Security Guards:  Capt. Shahid Ejaz


34.                Marshal Security: Lt. Col. Akram Abbasi


35.                Matrix Security: Brig. Rashid Ali Malik


36.                Mavericks Security: Col. Asghar Ferooz


37.                Merit Security Services: Col. Riaz Hussain


38.                Mernad Protection: Major Wasif Ali Mahmud


39.                Millennium Security: Lt. Col.  Mukkaram Haider


40.                Mustang Security:  Col. Saeed Faruqui


41.                Omer Ali Security: Lt. Col. Muhammad Ramzan Malik


42.                Oqab Security Services: Maj  Mushfiq Hussain


43.                Pacific Security: Major Shahid Hafeez


44.                Pak Security Services: Major Munir Ahmed


45.                Parwest Pacific Security:  Lt. Col.  Daniyal Naweed Ahmed


46.                Premier Security: Maj M. Zulfiqar Kayani


47.                Rincon Security:  Col.  Jalil Tiwana


48.                Sakru Security:  Major Mumtaz Ahmed


49.                Safety & Security: Lt.Col. Muhammad  Aizaz Khan


50.                Sardars Security: Major Sardar Sajid Mehmood


51.                Security & Management: Ikram Ul Majeed Sehgal


52.                Security 2000: Brig. Rashid Ali Malik


53.                Security Shield: Lt. Col. Mohammad Aslam


54.                Sentinels Security: Lt.Gen Hamid Niaz


55.                Shehzada Security: Lt. Col. Rashid Ahmed


56.                Shehzore Security:  Lt.Col. Safdar Mehmood


57.                Silver Eagle Security:  Major Khizer Hayat Khan


58.                Spider Security:  Lt. Col. Muhammad Naeem


59.                Vigilante Security: Major Muhammad Javed Iqbal


60.                Wackenhut Pakistan: Capt. Muhammad Abid


61.                Zenith Security: Major Talha Kazmi


62.                ZIMS Security: Major Zafar Iqbal Mirza


1.   No harm in recognizing Israel: Ikram Sehgal


KARACHI: Ikram Sehgal, chief editor of the Defense Journal, said on Saturday that there would no harm in Pakistan’s recognition of Israel if Tel Aviv could be pursued to refrain from a pro-Indian policy. In a lecture at the Department of International Relations at Karachi University, he said if Jordan and Egypt could recognize Israel, why not Pakistan? (4)


2.   A statement of Ikram Sehgal (or Saigol) about Afghan Jihad and Taliban, think now what Anglo-American backed troika of puppets is saying about those peoples and massacres are in progress.


Quote: With help from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). ISI coordinated logistics and operations with the Afghan Mujahideen, with officers and men on “Extra Regimental Employment” (ERE) duties, from Pakistan’s elite commando brigade, Special Services Group (SSG) taking part in actual fighting


It is true, there were hundreds volunteers (SSG) who actually fought in Afghanistan alongside Mujahedin and almost all Stinger Missile trooper in the begining were from this Pakistan army elite unit who devastated Soviet's air force and many laid down their lives and are buried all over Afghanistan. And hopefully, one day we will know what they did for our beloved country. Unquote (5)


3.   Research & Collection Services (Pvt) Limited (RCS) is a member of the Pathfinder Group which includes Security & Management Services (Pvt) Ltd (SMS) – the largest private Security services company in Pakistan. SMS is providing security guarding services since 1986 to the US Embassy (Islamabad) and the three Consulates (Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar).  Mr. Ikram Sehgal is the Managing Director of the Group. RCS undertakes credit/antecedent verification, due diligence, investigations, debt recovery, assets re-possession etc etc. We would be happy to assist if anything needs to be done here in Pakistan - all contacts through RCS Head Office only. To provide fast and efficient service throughout Pakistan, operations have been divided into 18 zones. (6) 





In the current circumstances it would be foolishness to trust establishment or politicians who are at their missions of sucking dollars , nobody knows who is mole or spy of which agency or which foreign country.


















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