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US-Pakistan Relations: From Insecurity to Insecurity III

 By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal 




                 Can Enemy of Islam be a Friend of Islamabad?



This is a vital question Islamabad should try to answer today by keeping in view the Islamabad�s original objectives. In almost dropping Shari�a from the Pakistan�s permanent goal and killing Muslims on Westerners� directions, unfortunately, Pakistan has become a laughing stock not just in anti-Islamic or anti-Pakistan countries like India, but literally every where, including the Islamic nations. Western media laugh at Islamabad in their own ways, but the Third world counties that depend on West for aid, news and opinions do the same in an uglier manner. This is the outcome of the Pakistan�s faulty foreign and domestic polices.


Threatened by neighbour terror India after Hindus occupied Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan moved closer to the non-Muslim states in the West, but now they all are in Pakistan and around drinking blood of Muslims. Any Pakistan leader�s "trump card" in resolving his political crisis is to allow the U.S. military to operate in the territories if Washington agrees to tone down pressure for democracy in Pakistan. The current long-term U.S. military presence in Pakistan probably would lead to uprisings in the tribal region, boost recruitment for militant causes across the country and create "serious blowback throughout the Muslim world," according to a recent report by the CSIS. As distasteful as a dictatorship is to our fundamental values, there's no doubt that (Musharraf) as an authoritarian has been essentially pro-Western and has been able to engineer arrests, give U.S. access to intelligence and play in essence a positive role. Whatever the outcome, Pakistan has been crucial not only to Bush's presidency, but to that of his successor Obama.


The western as well as other bogus opinion makers make the Western terror occupiers as patriots and citizens as terrorists. After invasion and occupation in Afghanistan, NATO claims every Afghan a terrorist and militant. Pakistan's uncertain future symbolizes how, eight years after the 9/11 attacks, the US administration is talking about �facing tough decisions� over how to protect the USA from another assault by Islamic extremists. USA employs aid as a trump against the ruling dispensation in Islamabad and bully Pakistan to get what tit wants from this Islamic nation under perpetual Indian containment. This is how the US media and hawks always create panic among the people and use �militancy� as a pretext to continue illegal occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Neocons say Pakistan � along with Saudi Arabia and Iraq � have one of the world's biggest concentrations of Islamic jihadists and they claim the threat they pose to the West is clear. The anti-Islamic Evil states continue killing them.


The chief Axis of Evils, the CIA has good grip over Pakistan a country of 180 million Muslims with nuclear weapons without any proper fore vision and this unserious Islamic state, like Saudi Arabia, is important for NATO because they use it as a shield against any opposing Muslim nation and to obtain legitimacy for occuping and murdering Muslims in Islamc world. American concerns about al Qaeda and Taliban operating from Pakistani bases have led to the conventional wisdom that Pakistan matters to the U.S. not only because of what it could do to help�or hurt�in Afghanistan, but this so-called Islamic state helps the NATO legitimize the terror wars and genocides of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq and also all future terror invasions in Mideast beginning with Shiite Iran followed by a Sunni state and again a Shiite state and then a Sunni state and so on until Saudi Arabia is finally destroyed along with Islam. Since the Pakistani rulers themselves, for political as well as dollar/Euro reasons say Pakistanis are terrorists, as claimed by USA and India as well, NATO has no problem in using that gesture of Islamabad in killing Pakistanis.    



USA has been for some time trying to find a 100 % puppet to run the Pakistani affairs, but could not obtain that persona so far. During Musharraf�s era, USA was making efforts to create some of such leaders to suit Washington�s plans. A cluster of such leaders would be handy for the USA in threatening the ruling dispensation. It appears President Zardari is not a problem for the USA or NATO: he supports anti-Islamism in Islamabad. Polls continuously indicated Sharif, though extremely corrupt, is Pakistan's most popular politician. If Musharraf were ousted by a coup or popular revolt, USA could turn to a leader such as former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is more sympathetic to US agenda than many other leaders. Another potential replacement would be Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister who generally is sympathetic to U.S. policy. However, Bhutto's two previous governments collapsed amid corruption scandals. Musharraf's crackdown might have cost him partial support of Pakistan's army, his most loyal and important constituency.



The closeness between USA and Pakistan had developed when Nehru took the Kashmir issue to UN for a solution and leaned on Russian support and Russian veto for avoiding an anti-Indian stand by UN Security Council on Kashmir. India gained upper hand because of the weapon plus nuclear supplier Moscow�s pressure tactics with other UNSC members. Russia continued to support India's case on Kashmir until recently. USA partially supported Pakistan on Kashmir, but aided Islamabad with weaponry and nuclear facility. This cemented the bonds between Pakistan and USA with the former turning to the latter for support and in turn signing a military pact with it. Some people even suggest that Nehru had forced Maharaja of Kashmir to sign instrument of accession with India because Nehru himself was a Kashmiri himself and therefore, wanted Kashmir to be part of India.  However, whatever the case may be, Kashmir soon became a symbol of Indian pseudo secularism. India continues to argue that those people who want independence for Kashmir forget that Pakistan would never let it have freedom.  It would again attack Kashmir if India grants it freedom and ultimately, Kashmir would remain divided into India and Pakistan. 


Russian occupation of Afghanistan brought Washington closer to Islamabad for some time. When Russia sent its troops to Afghanistan and made that country almost like its suzrain State, USA per force had to seek Pakistan's help to build Taliban and fight the Russians.  Taliban ultimately got full control of Afghanistan but the USA could still not completely sever its relations with Pakistan because USA wants to stay on in South Asia and Mideast. USA argued Taliban and Al Qaeda under Osama Bin Laden as well as Iran with its nuclear ambitions became a threat for the only super power USA. However, USA simultaneously builds up friendship with India also because of its animosity towards China, the only military power in Asia. India could not play with China. India and China had fallen apart when Nehru wanted to have all the space in the third World and wanted to build international attention. India's friendship with Russia (which China accused of revisionism) annoyed China. Now encouraging India's role as a counter to China, the US too has stepped up exercises with the Indian navy and last year sold it an American warship for the first time, the 17,000-ton amphibious transport dock Trenton. China says it's not worried about India's military buildup or its closer ties with the US.  But China sent strong diplomatic messages expressing opposition to a massive naval exercise India held last year with the US, Japan, Singapore and Australia.



That is 3 big powers rivalry in South Asia making it a zone of deadly arms arsenals. In fact, it was China and not USA which helped Pakistan develop into a nuclear State.  American defence contractors have also been offering India's military everything from advanced fighter jets to anti-ship missiles. India's 2007 defence budget was about $21.7 billion, up 7.8 per cent from 2006. China said its 2008 military budget would jump 17.6 per cent to about $59 billion China's military buildup is mostly focused on preventing US intervention in any conflict with Taiwan, India is still likely to persist in efforts to catch up as China expands its influence in South Asia what is essentially India's backyard. The fact that Pakistan was annoyed with USA when the later refused to sign a nuclear pact. Indians said USA did not trust Pakistan fully so it refused to sign a similar nuclear pact with Pakistan which it had signed with India because in US President, Bush's words, while India was a secular country with a pro-US, capitalist stooge Sikh Prime Minister and a Muslim as puppet or rubber-stamp President.


An Axis of Evils, India for decades wants to derail the US-Pak relationship. Pakistan�s worry is logical but its negation of Shari�a is unpardonable. The primary concern of Islamic Pakistan should have been the well-being and protection of Muslims and the nation form any possible misadventures from the GST/IST led by USA or NATO. But it is shameful, more than painful, to see most of Pakistanis behaving like paid stooges of US led neo-imperialism serving the causes of GST rogues. Even as Pakistani leaders keeps killing Muslims inside the Pakistan, created to protect the Islamic state from aggressors and to defend the Muslims and their legitimate and genuine interests, NATO leader USA pushing for more actions saying Islamabad is not doing "enough". This has become a standard jargon and joke.  In order to pursue its national and regional aims as terror NATO ally, Pakistan put its security on stake. 



GST rogue states are on the rampages in Af-Pak and Iraq. However, most probably, Pakistan has not yet felt the heat and thinks it is always safe and secure as much as the bank balances of the leaders. But Indo-US strategic partnership is taking destructive roots in AfPakistan where over a millions Muslims have been slaughtered by the illegal occupying rogue state. The US-backed huge expansion of India�s economic, political, and military influence in Afghanistan has already given New Delhi a strong foothold, coupled with a strategic advantage effectively eliminating Pakistan from its historically secure backyard. But, first, NATO would like to take away the nuclear arsenals of Islamabad, thereby weakening an already vulnerable Pakistan before terror Hindu India, controlled by CIA-Mossad agents. It appears, while NATO has lost their illegal terror wars against Islam and Muslim world, a leading IST (International State Terrorist) activist terror India has already won the terror cum rhetoric war against a destabilizing Pakistan which seems to be ashamed being an Islamic state.

(To continue�>) 


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Specialist on State Terrorism

Independent Researcher in International Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.

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