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Kashmiri demonstrators demanded Pakistan to leave Kashmir

KNP also took part in the demonstration outside Pakistan High Commission


London, 13 October 2009


Kashmiri nationalist parties who demand unification and independence of Jammu and Kashmir held a picketing outside Pakistani High Commission in London. Despite the wet weather a large number of Kashmiris gathered outside the High Commission and shouted pro Kashmir slogans; and demanded that Pakistan must not annex Gilgit Baltistan as it will lead to serious problems for Pakistan.


People of Jammu and Kashmir hitherto have been keen in speaking against Indian role in Jammu and Kashmir and having demonstrations against India, but it looks tide has turned. People of Jammu and Kashmir have seen true intentions of Pakistan and feel no hesitation in standing outside High Commission of Pakistan and shout ‘Pakistani forces out of Kashmir’. ‘Pakistan ka jo yaar hai - ghadaar hai ghadaar hai, Ilaaq ka jo yaar hai Ghadaar hai, meaning who so ever is friend of Pakistan is a traitor….who so ever is for accession is a traitor.


Demonstrators also shouted against India and demanded that India should also leave Kashmir; and that Jammu and Kashmir should become an independent country. It was a big demonstration if we compare it with demonstrations of Kashmiri and Pakistani held in London over the past years; and people travelled from various towns to express their anger and disapproval of what Pakistan was doing in Gilgit and Baltistan and ‘Pakistani Occupied Kashmir’.


It was interesting to note that some pro Pakistan Kashmiris were also present to show their support for this picketing, and for the first time they spoke out against Pakistani policies with regard to Kashmir. They said they were deeply disappointed with policies of Pakistan; and wanted to show their anger and frustration.


Demonstrators shouted Zardari jee ye Kashmiriyoun ke saath Ghadaari hai, meaning what you are doing is treason to Kashmiris. They also said Geelani jee hamain ye ghulami qabool nei…. Bacha bacha kat maray ga Kashmir sooba nei baney ga, meaning Prime Minister Gilani we reject this slavery – reference to a new package on Gilgit and Baltistan. They said every Kashmiri child will die but Kashmir won’t become a province of Pakistan.


Demonstrators got really angry when Pakistani High Commission even refused to accept a petition from respected Kashmiri leaders representing various political parties. ‘This is like rubbing salt in our wounds’, said Dr Shabir Choudhry, Spokesman of Kashmir National Party. 


He said, ‘We used our democratic right and like civilised people did not use foul language against Pakistan or threw stones or tomatoes at the High Commission. We were here to express our disappointment and anger; and least we expected was that someone from the High Commission come out and receive our petition and pass it on to President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani that they also know what our concerns were’.


Abbas Butt, Chair of KNP said, ‘The attitude of the Pakistani officials was very annoying and this was a slap on our faces. It was a common decency that they should come out and meet the Kashmiri leaders. It is their arrogance and wrong policies which is turning Kashmiris against them. Today even pro Pakistan Kashmirirs have come out to protest against their policies in this cold weather’. He said, ‘Pakistani officials treat Kashmiris as slaves of medieval times who do not deserve basic humane rights, but they are wrong we will fight back and get our rights’.


JKNLF President Mahmood Kashmiri expressed his deep anger on attitude of Pakistani High Commission officials. He said, ‘They should have enough decency to come out and meet us. They have shown that they are worse than Indian officials. At least Indian officials respectfully take petition from us when we hold demonstrations outside the Indian High Commission’. He said, ‘Our struggle is against wrong policies of Pakistan and not against the State of Pakistan, but you can see after refusing to accept petition some Kashmiris have shouted slogans against Pakistan. This is no way to win minds and hearts of people’, he added.


When the delegation that went to hand - in the petition came back and explained what had happened, some Kashmiris in frustration and anger shouted anti Pakistan slogans. Leaders acted quickly and requested them not say anything against state of Pakistan, however still some shouted, ‘Kashmiriyoun ka barra qatil Pakistan and chhotta qatil Hindustan’- meaning, ‘Pakistan is a big murderer of Kashmiris and India is a small murder’. Also they said, ‘Kashmiriyoun ki Azad ke do shaitan eik India doosra Pakistan’- meaning ‘Two Satans are against Kashmir’s independence one is India the other is Pakistan’.


Tahir Bostan, President of JKPNP also expressed his anger against the attitude and arrogance of the Pakistani officials. He said, ‘This attitude is insulting. This shows what respect Pakistani officials have for Kashmiri leaders’. He said, ‘Our struggle against wrong policies of Pakistan will continue, and we will start a campaign against Pakistan, and will hold a series of demonstrations outside different Pakistani missions’.


The following parties and their supporters were present in the demonstration:


1/ Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Front

2/ Jammu and Kashmir National Awami Party

3/ Kashmir Freedom Movement

4/ Jammu Kashmir Plebiscite Front

5/ Kashmir Liberation Organisation

6/Association of British Kashmiris

7/Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Y)

8/Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party

9. Kashmir National Party


Dr Shabir Choudhry
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell.

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