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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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A netted conspiracy to trap the nation for destruction and chaos.


It is really easy to understand why, the Pakistani have been left at a distance from the corridors of power so that the ruling elite can do what they wanted to do in favour of their own interests, leaving the Pakistani people at the mercy of circumstances. As this policy is a denial of the right of Pakistani people to rule their own country according to their aspirations and desires - a country which can provide equal opportunity to all without any discrimination, leading to establishment of a welfare society. They did not allow developing the culture of real democracy in Pakistan, but cultivating the feudal democracy which can protect the interest of external forces at the cost of national interest. Only a society based on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for a prosperous and strong Pakistan, therefore we must raise our voices and express our concerns at this crucial moment in Pakistan’s history – to do otherwise would lead to a disaster, a point of no return for our beloved country.

However the cause of concern is, as disclosed by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, in his Global Research, on 30th December 2007, mention that; “It has been known for months that the Bush-Cheney administration and its allies have been maneuvering to strengthen their political control of Pakistan, paving the way for the expansion and deepening of the “war on terrorism” across the region.

He continue that, “One can expect that Washington will push for a compliant political leadership, with no commitment to the national interest”, a leadership which will serve US imperial interests, while concurrently contributing under the weakening of the government and the fracture of

Pakistan’s fragile federal structure. The political impasse is deliberate. It is part of an evolving US foreign policy agenda, which favors disruption and disarray in the structures of the Pakistani State
According to William Arkin, Washington Post, December 2007, The US has several military bases in Pakistan. It controls the country’s air space. According to a recent report: “U.S. Special Forces are expected to vastly expand their presence in Pakistan, as part of an effort to train and support indigenous counter-insurgency forces and clandestine counterterrorism units” Under this umbrella they are promoting terrorism in the country, to achieve their goal.USA, also control our nuclear arsenal.

The official justification and pretext for an increased military presence in Pakistan is to extend the “war on terrorism”. Washington is also beefing up its covert support to the “terrorists” in different part of Pakistan. The Balkanization of Pakistan: Already started in 2005, a report by the US National Intelligence Council and the CIA forecast - According to the NIC-CIA, Pakistan is slated to become a “failed state” by 2015, as it like fate, for Pakistan “in a decade with the country raven by civil war, bloodshed and inter-provincial rivalries.”

At present they (US/NATO) are fighting their war of military/political interest in the region, involving the dependent country like Pakistan, under intimidation of sever consequences to bear, if refuse to support them; The current demand draft of 11 points, submitted by the so-called democratic imperialistic state of USA is a clear sign to a sovereign government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to accept and obey as matter of master’s voice. This act is a kind of intimidation and direct involvement in the internal matter of a sovereign state. These acts create a question as if we are really a sovereign state or part and partial of USA.


They (USA & Allies) are supporting and covering separatist in different providence in Pakistan, of their interest such as Baluchistan, and covering the terrorist net ,working to promote the agenda of USA in FATA.They want Pakistan to fight and kill his own people under one ploy or another, and want to drag Pakistani society in to the chaos and uncertainty, so that they can further impose more condition on the Pakistani Government to follow them, dip and dip until armed forces of Pakistan loose the trust of the Pakistani people and come openly to fight against his own people like they did in east -Pakistan, this is the movement they (USA) are waiting for, so that their, in time financial help to the traitor can play the role to disintegrate the strength of the nuclear country.

The main purpose of USA and its allies after this destruction is to grab vast Oil and gas resources within Baluchistan along with mineral resources of this region along with large part of its coastal line, which could be life line for our future development. The real intention is to break the strength of Nuclear Pakistan and grab the influence in the region according to planning by USA, so that they can penetrate in the internal matter of other sovereign nation in the region as and when they wanted to. This is a moment invite us all for serious consideration weather to keep our independence and united country or to let the enemy of the country to destabilize Pakistan and divided it in part for ever, under US umbrella. These symptoms are enough to under stand the intention of our so called friend, for whom our ruler are blindly prepared to sacrifice the freedom, pride and dignity of Pakistan.

The time has come to dare and raise the voice against the conspirator i.e. USA ,intend to destabilize the Pakistan, being a democratic evil , USA has destroyed many country in order to grab their resources and to implement a system beneficial for their people in the name of democracy, human right and terrorism, the armed forces of Pakistan cant not protect the unity of the country without the strong support of People from all walk of like, unfortunately during the last 62 years ,the feudal ruling class has divided and exploited the people of Pakistan, small nationality and their resources in such a way that keep the people away from sharing this current situation ,which could be a moment to be exploited by the plotter.

Therefore, the need of the time, is to empower the people of Pakistan at grass route level and decide to involve them in to the day to day decision making process affecting the future of their generation and the prosperity, dignity and unity of Pakistan.IDP invite all the patriotic forces of Pakistan to unite and be prepared to take the rein of socio-political change in Pakistan to protect the future of our coming generation, with freedom, pride and dignity as being Pakistani.

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