"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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An open invitation to all patriotic people of Pakistan

An open invitation to all patriotic people of Pakistan, including women, youth, labourer,farmers intellectual and god feared person, nationalist and progressive people and media, to come forward , read, under stand and decide ,why should Pakistani join the Islamic Democratic party and take the rein of leadership in their hands for the Socio-political change in Pakistan

Explanation of the IDP programmed for the change of socio-political system.

Q.1. Why one more new party, in present of many parties in Pakistan?

A.1. Quaid-e-Azam gave us a separate home land by the will of Almighty Allah on 14th August 1947. The Muslims got a separate country, where the Islamic laws are accepted. And the Muslims live in the Islamic atmosphere. But after getting independence since 62 years, the sacrifices of those killed in getting Pakistan looks futile. After Quaid-e-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan death, the ruling parties want to make their voters their subordinates and create disturbance by in the name of language, religion and nationality, which directly led to the hate, ignorance and poverty within society.

In democratic societies, political parties play a significant role in articulating citizens' aspirations. Upon gaining people's support and electoral trust, they serve as a vital link between the state and society. However, Pakistan's elitist political scene portrays a totally different picture. There are over 90 fringe political parties cherishing religious and nationalist ethos and some of the mainstream political parties struggling for breathing space to survive. Even if the country appears to be fertile land for growth of political parties, owing to multiple factors, very few would fit into any strict definition of a proper political organization which could reflect the aspiration and desire of the people.

Political parties in Pakistan have remained mostly under control of feudal, religious or feudal capitalist, most of them are corrupt having no interest in developing democratic culture at grass route level therefore they develop the society of their choice with authoritarian political culture, and an imbalance of power between the powerful  state (ruling elite) and weak political institutions. Consequently, political parties have failed to contribute substantially towards democratizing the Pakistani state and society. Presently, most of the parties are passing through a critical phase of their existence.

Since the 1950s, the Islamisation of Pakistan has been sustained not only by the religious parties but more so by the mainstream parties and the military who have always used the religious card as a convenient tool to garner public sympathy and secure legitimacy for their regimes. The Muslim League used Islam as a political tool during the freedom struggle to bring the Muslims together against the Indian National Congress and its vision of an Independent India. After 1947, the interference of the clergy in politics or their utility in politics has been enhanced in a structured manner in Pakistan by the ruling elite on whom the responsibility of shaping Pakistan's political future rested.

On the other hand, the ethnic factor has played an important role in Pakistan's political history. Pakistan, being a multiethnic state, needed to evolve an adequate system of representation and a just and equitable distribution of power and resources in order to maintain ethnic peace and harmony. However, the dominance of the state structure, especially the bureaucracy and the military, by one or two ethnic groups, tended to augment ethnic tensions and violence. This practice is still on rise.

The progressive parties tried their best to impose the western culture and traditions in Pakistan. This led to the misfortune of people. They never win the hearts and minds of people.

It is the demand of time, to empower the people. In this way, we can face the attacks from internal and external elements. It is not a time for sloganeering. There is a need for skill development. Pakistan should be equipped with modern skills to meet the future challenges. But, the dilemma is that:

• political parties working in the name of democracy did not trust common Pakistanis for sharing power,

• political parties working in the name of Islam did not trust common Muslims for sharing power,

• provincial Nationalist parties did not trust common men in the province for sharing power,

So, who will trust the common Pakistani whom the country belongs to?

According to the vision of the father of the nation, Pakistan was to be a democratic country based on the concept of equal citizenship for all Pakistani, irrespective of their color and creed, as per Jinnah's vision, but the dream of our father of nation did not come true even after 60 years, therefore Islamic Democratic Party accept this challenge to empower the Pakistani the country belong to at grass route level for peace, prosperity and dignity of Pakistani.

Q.2. Why the IDP wants the Decentralization of power at grass route level, how it works?

A.2. Since the creation of Pakistan the Pakistani people are left at distant from the corridor of power so that the ruling elite can do what they wanted to do in favors of their interest, leaving the Pakistani people at the mercy of circumstances. As this policy is denial of right of Pakistani people to rule their country according to their aspiration and desire to built this country, which can provide equal opportunity to all without any discrimination for the establishment of welfare society. Only the society base on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for the prosperous and strong Pakistan there for your intention is invited to the crucial movement which could be the point of distraction or disaster.

Therefore, IDP is submitting herewith, the substitute management structure before you, which not only empower the Oppressed, but provide them justice and complete safeguard. This also leads to the prosperity. Islamic Democratic Party is committed to the establishment of a welfare state in a country where people can have political freedom, economic opportunity and social justice. Where in the provinces will be based on democratic division and centre, on the democratic provinces. A comprehensive overhauling of our society is required, in order, to deliver the benefits of a welfare state to the mass. This means that the state must play an activist role in the economic and social revival of our country.

The main power place of this management structure is that place, from where councilors are elected. Despite of election from any part of division, the councilor will have to obey the majority decision of the committee. This committee will include the people from different part of its voting constituency. The committee will take all decision pertaining to the area with majority and at the same time, look around the performance of the councilor together with providing guidance to the councilor. The councilor will report to the divisional counsel about the majority decision for the development work in his area to be included, whenever the divisional council will decide for that at divisional level. The councilor will be answerable to the divisional council as well to the area committee for his performance.

The entire elected councilor in the division will be the members of Division Council. They will select a mayor by majority votes. Mayor will be a head of Divisional Council. He will supervise the activities of Divisional Council and will be answerable to the council and mass thru media. The decision power will be performed by the majority votes of Divisional Council. Members of the Divisional Council will arrange a Mushawratee/Advisory Committee, comprising of experts from different walk of life, intellectuals and religious leaders. This committee will give technical advice to the Mayor for development works, while the religious leaders will be responsible to maintain unity and peace in the area.

The divisional council will pass on their decision to the mayor then. Mayor will get advice and assistance from the Mushawratee Committee the Mayor will then again present it in council for approval of the majority council member, once approved by the council then masses will be informed through media for their valuable opinion, objection or alternative if any. The matter will then pass throw the advisory committee and come to mayor .The mayor will submit the plan again to the council members for final approval and implementation.

Q.3 How, the elected member of the council and organization within the division will be make answerable?

The main power place of this management structure is the place, from where councilors are elected. Despite of election from any part of division, the councilor will have to obey the majority decision of the committee. This committee will include the people from different part of its voting constituency and known as executive committee of the councilor. The committee will take all decision pertaining to the area with majority, under the councilor but, at the same time, look around the performance of the councilor together with advisory to the councilors. The councilor will report to the divisional counsel about the majority decision for the development work in his area to be included, whenever the divisional council will decide for development work at divisional level. The councilor will be answerable to the divisional council as well to the area committee for his performance.

The services organization, under divisional council or within the area of division, such as provincial or central organization and involved in providing services to the people of the division. All those, organization should be answerable for that purpose to the divisional council, they are accountable and answerable for their services in the area of the divisional council .The divisional council will constitute committee from the council members, consisting upon representation from all the district of that division .The divisional head of the organization will be accountable to the committee and committee will be responsible and accountable to the council. Because the committee members are from all the district of the division they too are answerable to their district and to the people of their constituencies. The Islamic Democratic Party has been consistently advocating the creation of vibrant local self government institutions; this will bring government closer to the people and make it more responsive and accountable.

Q 4.How the divisional council will provide basic guarantee?

The Divisional Council being an independent organization, which will be responsible to look after the employment and provision for better vicinity to the people settled in that particular division. The DC will be responsible to lead the division towards development and equip the citizen with all social requirements. The primary responsibilities of the Divisional Council will be as under;

• Provision of employment / Trade union activities
• Formation of Educational and Technical centers
• Establishment of Research Institutes
• Providing pleasant residential atmosphere
• Providing health facilities

Employment opportunity:

Divisional Council will provide job opportunities to the people living in its limits. They will follow the policy approved by their representative at the centre for providing job opportunity to every citizen at divisional level. For that, DC, will not finance only for industrial development and expansion of the social services but encourage the small and medium, industries for that purpose, further develop the new industrial zone with all facility along with easy excess to market, water and sewerage and electricity and also provide financial help with protection to the business and their capital. The council will also provide individual with technical expertise guidance and finance in collaboration with local financial institutes under active supervision of the area councilors. Beside this small retail business will be encouraged at all level with a nationalistic approach, be local and buy local. Easy excess to raw material, recycle material will be made possible.
Trade Union:

The growth of trade-unionism and the rights of trade unions will be promoted in all sectors of industry. ILO standards will be enforced as the maximum essential for the protection of the workers. It will be possible to offer the workers genuine participation in enjoying the fruits of rapid industrialization and increased production. Participation of workers and technicians in factory management will be progressively introduced. As a necessary part of their employment in factories, the workers must be provided with housing and adequate means of transportation to their places of work. The union within the factory/office or work place will be authorize the negotiation regarding internal working condition or safety requirement or matter related to working hours .Because the Divisional council will provide and take all responsibility for the worker and his family. The union will not allow disrupting the production process in any case. As the welfare system is depending on the continuous flow of the production and increase in national income.

Formation of Educational and Technical centers

The skilled workers will be supplied by the educational institution, and technological feed back will be provided by the research institution that will help the organization to reduce cost of product with better quality product.

Quality of higher education has deteriorated with exodus of qualified professionals and continues decline in the professional capacity of faculty members. Applied research is almost non-existent. For a country of 165 million, there are limited universities in the public sector and the private sector with approved charters. The Islamic Democratic Party is determined to launch a national education movement based on equity to achieve increased access to quality education along with technical know how of education at all levels. Separate educational institutes will be developed for the women with equal opportunity.

Establish Research Institutions.

It is a nation of one hundred sixty five million diverse people ranging from having skill within, having no opportunity to utilize the skills, and those who need help and guidance for development of skills to utilize. Pakistan is a melting pot of creative ideas and god gifted skill. But it needs organized planning and a system to develop and utilize these skills for rapid development in industrialization and agricultural sector.

Pakistan has great talent, but it only needs guidance and resources. That’s why we are compelled to use external technology. It is necessary to establish research institutes at every divisional level. This will lead many Pakistanis to a right direction and will create prosperity. It will also increase a growth rate here and will directly cut prices of many products. A cost effective model is needed to raise the level of education across this massive research network. This research work will reduced our dependency on out side world.

However, the youth of Pakistan is still under its formative phase, they have the ability to increase vast production processes and providing substantial training to the mass in all parts of the country. Pakistan had to facilitate vibrant economic opportunities by curbing corruption and partiality, responsible to derail democracy, and deny the development as per aspirations of Pakistani.

Healthy environment:

Establishment of parks, community centers, play grounds, libraries, schools, hospitals, industrial homes and arts councils will be the responsibility of Divisional Council. The extraordinary residential environment, recreation power of the community and society will increase the working ability and will be prove as a centre of peace and prosperity. The reckless policies of the past without due regard to environmental concerns has put considerable pressure on the environment and natural resources, so vital to the future generations of Pakistan.

Free Medical treatment:

Without a healthy nation, there can be neither development nor progress. Improved health contributes to greater productivity and reduces the healthcare burden on the economy. Our health system has failed to provide adequate heath care to the people. Despite increasing demand, public sector preventive and curative healthcare services are in tatters. Divisional Council will be responsible to maintain health policy in each division. The Islamic Democratic Party will progressively increase state spending on health. It will also be a duty of Divisional Council to obey National Insurance Policy approved at centre. All private and government departments will have to insure their employees under the National Insurance Policy, so that they may get compensation in case of accidents or other disasters.

We intend to harness the energies and idealism of the youth to act as the locomotive of national change. The youth would be the focus our education, health care, and economic plans. Under a national youth policy, they would be actively involved in rural reconstruction, drainage and sanitation, social forestry, public health awareness campaigns, environment protection, and adult literacy.

Q.5. How the IDP will look at the law and order and educational need together with student’s union activities?

The security of the life and property of citizens is one of the primary responsibilities of the state. The recruitment in the police station will be from the councilor’s area controlled by the PS i.e. if the PS is responsible for three councilor’s area the recruitment will come from that area only. The reason is, if the police is local person he can be easily answerable to the councilors for his activities in the PS, therefore if any antisocial activities pointed by any person /resident that can be easily traced by and come under control The recruitment will be on merit and develop a training and indoctrination system that orientates the police towards helping citizens. The SHO will directly report to the elected councilors of his area, and divisional head of the police will be answerable to the divisional council and mayor.

Educational organizations:

Local educational institutes will appoint local qualified teacher so that they can develop good friendly relation based on respect and dignity. The teacher will be responsible to transfer the knowledge to the student honestly and the students has the right to acquire the knowledge he deserved .if any things happened in between the process of transferring the tacit /knowledge the unrest between the students and teacher will start, it will be the duty of the area councilor to involved and settled the grievances of the institution with protection of teachers dignity and respect and right of students to get right knowledge.

Each class will elect one representative and all class representatives will elect president general secretary and treasurer at the school level to represent the students.

Higher Educational Organizations:

Highly qualified people from the Divisional Council will be employed in higher educational institutions. For a better educational environment, students will be allowed to form union. The union will play a role of watchman and will try to create better environment in the organization. Students will have to consult Mayor to solve their differences. Neither students nor teachers will have the right to call for strike, as any loss or damage to educational process will effect the future of students on one side where as on the other side society as a whole will suffer the future loss of talented cadre.

Q.6 How the IDP will guarantee protection of women’s right and equal opportunity in job and education?

A.6 .Everyone has the right to live with, liberty and security of the person. Woman is entitled to equal rights as citizen of Pakistan and live in a family, which is the natural and fundamental unit of society and is entitled to be protected by society and state. The women power in Pakistan is nearly 52% of the population, but while considering the status of 'women' in Pakistan, our women still look like to be living in the dark ages. Their right for acquiring education and economic freedom is not encourage; it is a matter of deep distress that being Muslims we have completely forgotten the status of women given by Islam, as per teaching of our beloved prophet, Mohammad (P.B.U.H) that women are dignified, respected and secure in Islam than in other faith. Women are more protected by Islam then by the faith and society which preaches monogamy. Islam was the first religion to recognize the equality of sexes and granted women all rights, 1400 years ago, in those early days of Islam.

But since the creation of Pakistan the rights of women were ignored just as similarly as the rights of Pakistani to rule this country and decide the fate of their own future. After the independence of Pakistan the socio-political system does not change, little or no reform were carried out and therefore the status quo of the society remain the same as it was before. The feudal remain in power as they were before, under the rule of British Empire and even before them.

The survival of the feudal system remains in brutality, ignorance, illiteracy and poverty’s it is the system to be blame for humiliation, exploitation and cruelty with women’s. The right of women cannot be protected till we provide ample opportunity to women for uplift, such as education with skill development and an opportunity to utilize that kill to enhance economic activities such as their participation in the production and services in the country.

We must feel proud in developing and implementing our values and stop looking at the west as passage/light for women’s right, women is most exploited in the west, in the name of democracy and equal rights, the freedom allowed in the west is not for the protection of women from exploitation and maintain the dignity. Even in these modern world women is being humiliated in socio-economic and cultural front by the dominant man power. Everybody is talking about the women’s right with special reference to job, education and equal opportunity in the society with dignity and respect. But, Women’s are being exploited even since the commencement of modern society. At work place in the factory, in search of job and better chances to avail for better income and prosperous life, even in the offices women are exploited by the influential people, one way or the other.

The most exploited women’s are from working class due to economic problems, middle class in order to maintain fake standard of living and the upper class for the sake of enjoyment of life and for getting rid off frustration in their social domestic life.

It is true that women in Pakistan have never been disassociated with the struggle for democracy. However, the women's gained more maturity in its understanding of national issues because of this interaction and participation in the movement for democracy, women have been engaged in the debate on insecurity and instability and its links to critical domestic condition.

Pakistan is an Islamic state, where people, not only take pride in strictly adhering to the Islamic values but are ready to sacrifice their loved belongings for the glory and sanctity of Islam. Islam has accorded a highly respected social position to women. Islam acknowledges the rights and privileges of the women in society. Likewise, Islam does not impose any restrictions that may hamper the social growth and development of the woman within the framework of Islamic society. A woman is equally important member of society. The woman plays a vital role in building the society on healthier and stronger foundations.

The women in Pakistan have been constantly complaining of having being isolated from the mainstream of society. Women feel disillusioned on being maltreated by the male-oriented set up in Pakistan. They strongly claim that if they are given a chance, they can contribute more positively towards the development of all social aspects. Pakistani women are at crossroads and need a serious concentration on the route cause of exploitation of women’s right; the reason, the route cause is the prevailing system in the country which is needed to be changed. The current democracy and the representation of women within the assembly does not represent common Pakistani women, they are part and partial of rich and feudal families.

Therefore, Islamic Democratic Party has decided to give back dignity and respect to the women, but that dignity and respect cannot be achieved without the change of socio-political system in the country. However, to give back honor and dignity to the women, we are suggesting to the women of Pakistan;

• Education and Technical knowledge to be provided to every capable woman in separate and safe environment.
• After enhancement of knowledge and skill, provide safe and separate environment for women to work and join national production force.
• A guarantee for job opportunity should be provided to every woman wanted to work in safe and separate environment.
• When, 52% women power will join production and services sector, national gross production /services will increase and so the increase in revenue.
• Working women will earn for the family and bring happiness to the family and so the self satisfaction, dignity and respect within the family will increase.
• A separate working environment reduces the objection from the male member of the family.
• An educated mother can train new generation in better way and be a supporting partner in family as and when needed.
• Being earning member of the family, self confidence of women will enhance and so the intrinsic skill will further developed.
• The medical facilities and insurance coverage should be provided to every working woman.

• Equal participation in political wing for women in the political parties.

• Only the society base on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for the prosperous and strong Pakistan.
Q.7. How the IDP inclined, encourage and develop youth force for the benefit of society?

A.7. The role of youth in the rebuilding of Pakistan should be envisaged and elaborated in such a way that it becomes easy to address the grievances and suggest ways out of it, so that a new era of dawn can be started. Since the creation of Pakistan, the Pakistani is deprived of their basic right to rule this country according to their aspiration and dream. At the same time, the real strength for the development along with their internal skill i.e. the youth power of Pakistan was left alone in isolation at the mercy of circumstances and their basic right to get the development opportunity without any discrimination was denied. Pakistan is a country of diversified culture and traditions. It is a nation of one hundred sixty million diverse people ranging from having skill within, having no opportunity to utilize the skills, and those who need help and guidance for development of skills to utilize. Pakistan is a melting pot of creative ideas and god gifted skill. But it needs organized planning and a system to develop and utilize these skills for rapid development in industrialization and agricultural sector.

Though the youth of Pakistan is still under its formative phase, they have the ability to increase vast production processes and providing substantial training to the mass in all parts of the country. According to the vision of the father of the nation, Pakistan was to be a democratic country based on the concept of equal citizenship for all Pakistani, irrespective of their colour and creed. As per Jinnah's vision, Pakistan had to facilitate vibrant economic opportunities by curbing corruption and partiality. Although this speech was censored by those who wanted to create confusion, derail democracy, and deny the development as per aspirations of Pakistani.
The Youth of Pakistan, the "Nation Builders", are also nullified and ignored in sharing the rewards given to us by our mother land. The country, which was established, after countless sacrifices of our forefathers, to attain the liberty, prosperity and peace, simply, for being free and prosperous Pakistani. But, In return, our rulers have given this country nothing but a gloomy future, poverty and betrayal. As a result, our youth has been co notated as “Young Seagulls” trying to fly without feathers towards their destiny. Pakistanis in their quest for real freedom continue to struggle to get free from the shackles of ruling elites, encircle us. Whenever a person rises up for something new in his mind, it is pressed down as being a "rebellious thought".

The question is, to what extent such a paralyzed mind and body can serve the nation? In fact, the "Nation Builders" themselves need overhauling and ample space to fly. Unless and until, we develop an optimistic thinking and unshackled of the chained, our journey to the country's prosperity cannot reach its destination. We should not lose the right path for the fear of being followed by absurdities and unfair means, like a dark shadow. Islamic Democratic Party has decided to give the rain of socio-political change in the hand of new generation in Pakistan. IDP wants them to read and understand the program and come forward to lead this party at grass route level to decide the fate of their future destination and take power in their hands.

As the Pakistani people, have been left at a distance from the corridor of power so that the ruling elite can do what they wanted to do in favors of their interest, leaving the Pakistani people at the mercy of circumstances. This policy is an outright denial of the right of Pakistanis to rule their country according to their aspiration and desire to build this country, which can provide equal opportunity to all, without any discrimination for the establishment of welfare society. Only the society based on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for a prosperous and strong Pakistan.

Islamic democratic party has accepted this challenge to rationalize the system from its base of centralization of sole power, controlled by the feudal and mighty elites, to the new base of decentralization of power in the hands of Pakistani at grass route level so that the route cause of deprivation, hatred, poverty and underdevelopment could be eliminated and Pakistan can become a prosperous, developed state without any discrimination. Under the name and banner if Islamic Democratic party (IDP), the power should transfer at divisional level within the provinces with financial, administrative and political power to establish real democracy in Pakistan. The divisional council will be responsible for providing the basic guarantee for the people living or settled in the division with transparency and accountability of the public representative and institution, where in provinces should be based on democratic division and the centre should be based on democratic provinces. There will be no politician in the senate but experts form all walks of life, including religious scholars assuring that no law can pass in NA against the law of Allah.

We have already lost the major part of Pakistan in 1971 simply to save the centralized sole power to exploit the resources of this country, they let the country breaking, in a part then allowing the mass to rule this country democratically. In the present circumstances they are again dragging our sovereignty at stack for the external interest in the name of national interest, instead of our interest i.e. the interest of Pakistani at large.

The only way out of these crucial circumstances is to empower the common Pakistani at grass route level i.e. the change of system. This change is inevitable for the prosperous Pakistan. To provide an alternate socio-political system to empower the mass at grass route level for rapid industrial and agriculture development with transparency and accountability in the system. Along with basic guarantees for the creation of welfare state, where in public representative and institution shall be answerable and accountable to the masses.

Q.8. How the IDP tackles the Corruption and Quality control system?

A.8. Corruption Committee:

Corruption Committee will be formed to assist institutes fighting corruption in the country. The committee members will be from all the district of the division, their job will be to stink any thing wrong within the construction process or payment of uncertified work or any kind of understanding during any deal or commitment for corruption at production process at industrial level and dig out the rout cause .The committee will be accountable to the divisional council of the area. All financial and other experts will be assigned this job to protect the society from the cancer of corruption.

Quality Control:

In order to look after the development work and production of consumable /industrial components of any kind within the divisions, a quality control committee will be formed consisting upon / comprising of experts from all the district of the division. After their verification for the quality work/products according to the international standard, the payment will be made possible and consumable products as per specification mentioned on the label could be released in the market for consumer use. This committee will report to Divisional Council and will be accountable for that work, payment and quality verification involved.

Q.9.How the Cooperative farming will help to solve the problem for providing cheap food products in the market?

A.9 Cooperative farming: Pakistan is an agricultural country. Agriculture is traditionally considered a rural activity. However with rapid change in rural-urban migration, the demographic scene in the country has changed radically. Greenhouse production, dairy, poultry and food processing plants, and the production and marketing of pre-cooked foods etc. have acquired tremendous importance. We must therefore recognize urban agriculture as an important component and specifically prepare manpower for this activity. Islamic Democratic Party will set up a network of service centers for farmers at Division level and reforming land acquisition laws and computerize land records, ownership and all other relevant information

However, IDP will initiate and inclined all the farmers within the division to be members of the Co-operative without any discrimination weather small farmer or big one, which will be run by experts along with the representative from the members of the cooperative, the council will provide them useful information about the corps and support to the cooperative. Divisional Council will protect the interests of the farmers and consumers. All the government unused land in council area will be allotted to the farmers for cultivation. The council will provide all financial help, mechanical help seeds agriculture expertise, irrigation and market services to the cooperative. It is our utmost desire to increase irrigation area through construction and optimal use of water through small, medium and large irrigation projects within division from beginning to end the network of cannel, required water will be supplied to the farming areas, Providing reasonable return to the farmers and cheap food supply to the consumers.

All the members of the cooperative will be responsible to work on their land, in other case the land less farm labor will work for them and be given payment by the cooperatives from the earning of those particular land owners. The farmers will be trained in all respects by the cooperative. At the end of the day the total production will be sold to the group of the business people at a price with reasonable profit. In turn the business group from the chamber of commerce will be responsible to supply the product at reasonable profit to whole sellers and wise a versa to the retailers alternately the product will reach to the consumer at price they can easily afford .The mass production with mechanical, use will produce the production in huge quantity and therefore will be possible to provide it to consumer at cheap price defeating profit mongers and stockiest exploiting the market demand and supply rule. At the same time agro industries will be developed to utilize the by product of the farm and generating employment in the rural area and more revenue will be generated.

Q.10. Where did the IDP; generate the required funds for basic guarantee and development?

A.10. For a prosperous and stable government, resources play a backbone role. That’s why taxes are implemented worldwide. Pakistan's tax system is unfair, complicated, and takes money out of the pockets of the poor to pay for the extravagant lifestyle of the ruling elite.

Taxes are inevitable to support government programmed, but should the poor continue to bear a larger burden? According to this programmed, every division will be responsible for tax collection for the division, province and the centre in its respective area. From this total tax, 40 percent will be kept with Division, 20 per cent will be given to the province and 40 per cent will be provided to the centre. Beside this, income from the underground resources will also go to the council and distributed accordingly to the province and centre.

An Islamic Democratic Party will encourage and motivate citizens to create wealth and share part of their hard-earned income by paying tax, which will be used by the Divisional Council for the establishment of welfare state.

More generation of revenue will come from mass industrialization of small, medium and cottage industries. Retail and whole sell businesses and all those working; will share their contribution for the increase in revenue, which is to be use for the welfare of the society. We will develop a transparent system for revenue collection so that no one cane betray the society and will, willingly provide their share in the development process .So far the collection process is concern all those working for other will be involved to realize the dream come true.

Q.11. Will the provinces be eliminated by the IDP in new system?

A.11. No, the provinces will be based on democratic division and centre, on the democratic provinces .Provincial government will be comprised of the equal members of Divisional Council (councilors). All the councils will provide equal members for the provincial Assembly. While doing so divisional council will make sure that the members elected through voting must be in equal numbers from the entire district within the council. The vacant post in respective area will be replaced by the new elected members. The chief minister, (the only minister in the assembly) will be selected through majority votes of the provincial members. As there will be no more ministers the provincial departments shall be controlled by the committee, Committees will be formed to run the provincial organization. The head of provincial organization will be answerable to the committee and the committee will be answerable to the provincial assembly. These committees will carry equal representatives from each division within the province; therefore, committee members shall be answerable to his respective divisional council, district and constituencies. The Islamic Democratic Party is determined to provide a credible new leadership that can restore Pakistan's political and economic sovereignty by building a new bond of trust between the government and the people. The active participation of the people and collective, mobilization of our human and material resources, will lead to a road of self-assured and self-reliant nation.

• The responsibility of the provincial government shall be to cooperate with the centre for their duty in providing currency and communication to the division of the respective province.

• The second job of the PG is to help and encourage backward division in planning and investment generation to utilize their resources to provide basic guarantee to the people within the division.

For which every division will provide 20% of the total income to the province.

Q.12. How did the central Government work?

For stable democracy, it is the need of time to create sense of responsibility among mass which can only be developed by their active participation in to the day to day decision making process affecting their life. It will defuse the centre of power. Where as, relation between centre and provinces being of vital importance, all the provinces will represent equally. The members within the provincial assembly will be elected by the members from divisional council within but it is essential that all the divisions get equal representation in the national assembly. The vacant seat in the PA will be filled in by the divisions to the province and wise a versa. The National Assembly will elect one minister from within the elected members, who will be called the prime minister, there, will be no more ministers in the National Assembly. The entire departments in the centre will be controlled by the committee consisting upon equal members from the provinces. Beside the policy making the centre will hold the following portfolio of:

• Foreign policy
• Communication
• Currency.
• Defense

Q.13. How the central Government will handle the department under control?


Modern communication services are essential pre-requisite for human and economic development. It will be the responsibility of Central government to main communication between provinces and centre. The centre will be responsible to provide all means of communication to all the division according to their present need and be prepared to face the future needs with collaboration of respected province. The future facilities should be moderate, economical and cheep depending upon development of internal technology from the research base at divisional level, and at centre, to compete the external aggression of technological advancement.


The currency according to the growing need of the society within the divisions should be provided by the centre through province. Therefore all the divisional need will be fulfil. And a security should be provided to watch any illegal dummy currency to penetrate within the financial structure of the country. The currency should be durable and verifiable within utmost accuracy, in order to develop the trust within the society on our financial system.

Foreign Policy:

Islamic Democratic Party believe in export oriented foreign policy based on regional and global co existence and development, mean national interest prior to any thing else. For this purpose we will explore the market in our surroundings for potential export of our surplus goods and material and will try to find out the commodities and material we need most from our neighbors such as Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asian Countries, China, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Shrilanca.This methods will find a way for our excess production to market and will help our neighbors to find the place for their excess production to sell .We have ample opportunity for the development of regional cooperation without foreign interference in our institution and intimidation otherwise. This act will not provide only market excess but also develop regional cooperation based on co existence and peace in the region, which will alternately reduce the dependency on far away country and create solid bond of trust and mutual development and reducing non productive expenditure from our budget , could be used for further development in the countries.
Foreign Investment:

The foreign investment plays a dominant role in the development of any country. So that, no one can, ignore the importance of foreign capital, to finance industrial development and expansion. But to transfer the benefit of a share of accruing prosperity, a system of public investment corporations will be established to attract savings. The foreign investment will be made subject to technology transfer in the country. The foreign investment will be provided all protection and opportunity to develop in our local markets at the end of the day the foreign technology will be sold out to local investor and the foreign investor will have all the right to transfer his fund out of the country or reinvest in the country with other technology

We condemn Terrorism.

Islamic democratic party condemn all form of terrorism based on religion, ethnic identity, language , color, technological and terrorism in the name of security- reason by occupying forces in world, in order to exploit national resources of other people/nation with intention to grab their land by force under one pretext or the other. IDP wants to establish a society base on peace, equality, tolerance and justice in Pakistan and will work to promote peace in the region, and will contribute for global peace.


The shortcomings of our system of military defense must be made good. The defense should be based on intrinsic development of technology which can face the challenge of 21st centuries; there fore we will encourage research and development work at all level to fill the gap. we do not believe in depending on others .The IDP do not believe in conventional weapons and conventional army .We will encourage small national army with equal representation from all the division according to their knowledge and abilities.

The excess army be relieved from the armed forces but will not rendered jobless, we will accommodate them in creative purpose for construction of dam and other water storage resources in all the division according to their need with development of network of cannels and their maintenance work will be assigned to the ex- protector of the country with dignity and respect for their respective past service to the nation. We will encourage national defense based on atomic, space and computer technology to protect the established welfare society and industrialization of economy, cultures and religious values. All the youth in the Higher education will be provided compulsory army training to fill the gape in case of eventual happening.

The head of three armed wing shall be answerable to the elected members of the assembly through the committee looking after defense department. No foreign contact will be encourage or allowed for any armed wing personal without prior approval of the defense committee.

Q.14.The formation of senate, will the politician join the senate?

A.14. No politician be allowed to join the senate. In order to help the members in the National Assembles, the senate will be created for the help of National Assembly ,with the insertion of experts from all the walk of life to assist the national assembly in their decision making process. The senate members will come in equal representation from all division from their respective registered organization through election within the organization
. Senate will also include the religious scholar; their duty is to check if any National Assembly decision is against the law of Al-mighty Allah. In that case a religious committee within the senate has the power to stop the National Assembly decision. Other then that, the senate did not have power to reject the National Assembly decision.

Senate is responsible to help to rectify the decision, provide necessary advice and suggestions to the national assembly during the decision making process but can not reject the decision of the national assembly, being the public representative
, other then the decision against the law of Allah.

Q.15. who can be the president of Country?

A.15. Selection of president: Any Pakistani tax payer is eligible for the election of president of Pakistan .The national assembly has the right to elect the president, the tenure of the president will be the same as of national assembly. President is care taker for national assembly and senate along with division and provinces. But president has no power to break the national assembly or senate at all.

In case of death or other reason accepted by the national assembly the leader of the senate will preside as president till national assembly select other presidents. In any case the president will have to accept the supremacy of Islam as state religion with equal protection to the minority religion in the country.
Ilyas khan Baloch

Organizer ,Islamic Democratic Party

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