"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Ilyas khan Baloch

The centre of malevolence in Pakistan is the centralized sole power in the hands of one person or few of them, Nobody talk about to empower the Pakistani at grass route level, why? Because they too, want to grab, total power in their own hands, so how, politician differ from Musharaf, mean all the eggs are one and the same in the basket.

Unfortunately, no one dare to trust the Pakistani people and involved them in to the day to day decision making process with intention to develop a sense of participation in to the decision making process affecting the future of their country and their generation at large and share the real benefit of democracy.

At present the political situation around us is very critical , US/NATO are fighting their war of military/political interest in the region, involving the dependent country like Pakistan, under intimidation of sever consequences to bear, if, refuse to support them. They have penetrated trained people within the rank and file of the society with financial backing to fight with our armed forces. We must use our wisdom and identify the culprit loyal to them and stop killing of our innocent people to delight others ,who, want our people to fight our own army, which may result in destruction and create chaos as expected and planned by the outside forces, however we must protect our people ,freedom, pride and Dignity at any cost.

Islamic Democratic party has suggested a socio-political change ,programmed to empower the downtrodden people of Pakistan, women, youth, intellectuals, farmer, workers and righteous people at grass route level ,so that they can be involved in to the day to day decision making process deciding the fate of the country and their generation with intention to enhance rapid development of industrial base along with agro-industries to fulfill the need of economic growth of the day, and provide ample employment to all man and women intend to work and share their contribution in the prosperity of the nation, while generating revenue for the welfare of the people of Pakistan.

What we need is to change the socio-political system as suggested by the IDP and decentralize the power at divisional level to involved the masses at grass route level with transparency and accountability together with certain basic guarantee for free education with technical knowhow, research facility for those interested in ,surety of separate working opportunity for man and women and free medical coverage to all without any discrimination ,IDP has definite program for rapid indigenous industrialization in SME, Small factories and cottage industries and to encourage retail, wholesale businesses to accommodate maximum number of working force in production process to increase the production of all commodities more then the requirement of the country, the excess production of all kind will be spare from all the division for export as per export-oriented foreign policy.

IDP has a program to provide the protection to local/foreign investment, supply of cheap material and skill labor for the industrial requirement. we have plane to provide innovation and research backup to the local industries, beside providing facility for quality control at all level.

However, IDP believe in development of regional strength and interdependency on regional market to exploit, in order to explore available regional opportunity, for development of out economy in a way suitable for our society. We want to develop cordial relation and trustable understanding between Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan Central Asian Countries, India, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka .The countries mentioned are rich in natural resources, technology, having huge population and are in need of development opportunity at large. The population of these regions will provide ample opportunity to develop our regional markets to the extent we can. This region should be our economic-political priority base, it can provide enormous opportunity to expend our sustainable market, without undue interference and intimidation, as this unity could prove strong guarantee for peace in the region and play decisive role in the world peace.

The time is rapidly changing, we must act accordingly, This is a moment invite us all for serious consideration weather to keep our economy strong with the cooperation of our neighboring countries, which can help to keep our independence in tact with dignity and pride as a free nation or we may avoid the change of socio-political system and prefer to bow down before this mighty evil and depend on their conditional financial help, endangering our freedom and dignity.

IDP invites all the patriotic forces of Pakistan to unite and be prepared to take the reins of socio-political change in Pakistan to protect the freedom, pride and dignity of our country.

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