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Prisoner 650 by Shahid Rizwan Adil 

At last Dr. Afia Siddiqui was declared guilty by so called “EXEMPALRY JUDICIAL SYSTEM” of United States of America. Although the prosecutor was totally failed to prove any case against her, even then she was not taken care at all. Not only me but also the whole nation was surprised to see the “JUSTICE” of Americans. They have proved excellent example of Justice with a citizen of their Strategic Partner.

Dr. Afia Siddiqui is the Daughter of the Nation, who was handed over to US by us. It is a shame for all of us that we people hand over our very own daughters and sisters to the United States as per their demand.

I would love and feel proud to say that Dr. Afia Siddiqui is a Pakistani PhD, who is having 144 Honorary Degrees and Certificates from various Institutes around the world. She is the only Neurologist in the world who has Honorary PhD from Harvard University. Besides this she is Hafiz-e-Quran and an Aalima too.

After she was kidnapped from Karachi along with her three kids she was kept in prison in Bagram. She was given the worst physical and sexual torture and was treated like an animal and even one of her son is still missing and nobody knows that whether he is alive or no?  And the most painful thing is that her case was fully ignored and neglected by Pakistani government although they all were aware of it. Here we must confess the role of Yvonne Ridley who raised the case of Dr. Afia Siddiqui through a column by the name of ‘’Prisoner 650” in July 2008. Then only the world came to know what is going on????????

This is an open secret that like Dr. Afia there are many other Pakistanis who are under the custody of US government and nobody knows about them. Perhaps our blood has become the cheapest blood in the world. And after all this a single voice is not raised by our government. People do want to raise their voice but they might be declared “TERRORIST, EXTREMIST, ISLMAIST, and FUNDAMENTALIST. I

must say that if the act of protecting our daughters and sisters is terrorism, then we all should be a terrorist. It is a fact that whenever someone feels unsecure outside he comes inside and stays at home to protect himself, because own home is the safest place for everyone. But if someone is not safe even at home then who will protect him? Similar was the case with Dr. Afia, she was handed over to US, while she was at her Home (Pakistan). The question here is that if we will treat our own citizens by this way in our very own country then who is going to respect us outside the country? I remember the remarks of American attorney during the case of Aimal Kaansi, when he said that “Pakistanis can even sell their sister and daughters for the sake of money” and this statement came very much true when a renowned Pakistani leader wrote is his book that “we have earned bounties of money by handing over ‘’TERRORISTS”  to United States”. At present we can easily evaluate ourselves by looking into the fact that even after the sacrifice of countless lives of innocent Pakistanis we are among the fourteen notorious nations of the world.

We all are passing through the most pathetic phase of our life. We are really helpless to help Dr. Afia, although we do want to help her. Not now but soon she will get real justice and that will be from Almighty Allah, because this is the fact that God stays long but strikes at last. Let us try to get the truth before the truth gets us. We can at least help her with our prayers because prayers can really make the difference. May God bring effect in our prayers. AMEEN.

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