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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Great Leaders, Great Plans
It is said that  Great leaders live in present but look at past but if we have a look on Pakistani laeders we will come to know that our  great leaders live in present and think their OWN FUTURE only.

Current situation of our dear motherland is not less than pathetic. We have never been suffering like this but even then we are running from the reality. Traitors are converted in Patriots and the looters are going to represent Pakistan.

Today the ratio of bomb blasts in Pakistan is more than of even Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our people die like worms every now and then. But even till today we are not in this position to have a better, stronger and firm strategy, which could lead us to survival.

Poor planning, lack of internal communication between the institutions, monopoly of one TALL FIGURE and irrational decisions have made Pakistan a living hell. People from all over the world just criticize Pakistan and Pakistani. We are not given respect anywhere and we are monitored as suspicious fellows. Those who live in Pakistan may not be able to know it, but if we come out of Pakistan, we could realize the difference. And unfortunately we do not have any platform where we could stand together for the solution of our problems.

Drown Attacks, Black Water and Suspicious Activities of Foreign Elements have highly contributed for the devastation of Pakistan. Our Interior Ministry, Foreign Office and Army have different mentalities and viewpoints. No one knows what the actual problem is? Everyone is painting his very own wall.

Our students, our younger generation and even the whole nation look for a leader, who can plead their case very well, but no one is there.  People like Dr. A.Q Khan, are not free to move but convicted people are living a luxurious life and now even the journalists are banned because they paint the "Wrong Picture" of our government.

We should not forget that "IF WE ARE FAILING TO PLAN, IT MEANS WE ARE PLANNIG TO FAIL". We need to come up with a plan which can work not only for the betterment of our nation but also for the permanence of Islam. God has blessed us with a great land like Pakistan and Great Religion like Islam. Which is a complete code of life and It Compasses Private, Matrimonial, Social, Cultural, Political, Economical, Physical and Government of the Man and Society? Islam provides the total solution of our problems in the light of Holy Quran and Prophetic Sunnah. But even than we roam around the super powers to find out the solution of our problem, although we are blesses with all solutions 1500Years ago.

The term "Modern Islam" is not the solution of our problem. We cannot make a Modern Version of Islam which can solve our problems. Our solution exists in that religion which was completed 1500Years back and Which cannot challenged.

Let us open our eyes and contribute as much as we can for our very own motherland. Our effort can be minor but it might be the beginning of a flame which could lead to the light of freedom.

Let us not criticize others and start from our self, this will really make the difference. INSHALLAH.

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