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Police Strip Search Innocent Woman - OHIO - October 2006
Posted By: Ahsan_Siddiqui Created On: 8/Apr/2009 Views: 3609 Replies: 0 
People always shouts on Muslims for misusing woman. After recent fake clip of beating a girl, people also shouts on Taliban. But they always closes their eyes when the same happens to any where in the Western Modern World. Below is the clip which displays that Ohio Policemen were hand coughing and u Click here to read Full Article

AMERO.. New Currency about to Launch by North American currency union
Posted By: Ahsan_Siddiqui On: 3/Feb/2009 Views:2226 Replies:0 
Unites States is one of heaviest owed country in the world. On 30th June 2008, their total external loans/debts amount to approx $13,703,567 Million $, makes them most heaviest owed country in the wo Click here to read Full Article
Shylock's role in Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare. Anexample of
Posted By: Ahsan_Siddiqui On: 26/Jan/2009 Views:2572 Replies:0 
Literature in any society is the reflection of actual things happening in that society. Merchant of Venice was an exclusive threture play writtren by William Shakespeare in which he displays a role o Click here to read Full Article
Were Jackson, Lincolin & Kennedy, all assasinated for same Reason
Posted By: Ahsan_Siddiqui On: 23/Jan/2009 Views:2533 Replies:0 
So far, there have been multiple assassination attempts on presidents of the United States; there have been 90 attempts to kill sitting and former presidents as well as presidents-elect. Click here to read Full Article
My Salute to Pakistan Air force - We , Pakistanis are pround of PAF
Posted By: Ahsan_Siddiqui On: 22/Nov/2008 Views:2595 Replies:4 
I just come to know the performance of Pakistan Air Force are the main points...not discussed publicly ever. Click here to read Full Article
Why Oil Prices Increases so Rapidly...? Interersting to Know the Reason...?
Posted By: Ahsan_Siddiqui On: 3/Jul/2008 Views:2542 Replies:0 
Naturally, it has been opined by experts that since the advent of oil futures, oil prices are no longer controlled by OPEC. Rather, Wall Street now regulates OIL Prices - You know Wall Stree Click here to read Full Article

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