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Narowal News 26-02-2012
Posted By: MuhammadYaqoob On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:990 Replies:0 
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JUP News 26-02-2012
Posted By: JUPAkbar On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:957 Replies:0 
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شرم تم کو مگر نہیں آتی ۔ ڈاکٹر عبدالقدیرخان
Posted By: AQKhan On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1170 Replies:0 
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بگٹی چوک اور خیر بخش مری روڈ ۔ حامد میر
Posted By: Hamid_Mir On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1178 Replies:0 
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بلوچستان،کیا یہ بھی حقیقت نہیں؟انصار عباسی
Posted By: Ansar.Abbasi On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1116 Replies:0 
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Pakistan Military Chief is also person in command of 14 official Prisons. by International Professor
Posted By: International_Professor On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:3494 Replies:3 
In September 2011 Pakistan’s army chief ordered to immediately vacate and handover Kohat and Lakki Marwat prisons to Military intelligence. This news item was published in national papers but Human Rights Pakistan’s Liberal Fascists did not bother to lodge single protest.Later it was confirmed in a report: “Another official in the local administration said the army had demanded the control of Click here to read Full Article
US imperialism, Media Fanaticism and India's Colonial Dreams by DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1027 Replies:0 
Western terrocracies today, like their Eastern allies, are essentially dictatorial to persecute Muslims and take away the resources of Muslims and their nations and thus they are extra-funny in a globalizing world.Bogus terror news, invasions, torture, terrorization, massacres, loots, illegal occupations, etc are the prime tools of modern imperialism- supported by both anti-Muslims and Muslims Click here to read Full Article
Seething lava of Balochistan by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1183 Replies:0 
During the British rule of India, the rulers had demarcated the provinces not on ethnic lines but suiting their administrative convenience. Balochistan, which is an arid mountainous region in southwest Asia, consisted of two entities; one comprising of princely states of Kalat, Mekran, Kharan and Lasbela in the south and west, and the other in north and east inhabited by various Pashtun and other Click here to read Full Article
We mustn’t ridicule ourselves, I wish by Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
Posted By: Iqbal_Hadi_Zaidi On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1250 Replies:0 
This has reference to the news flashed today Sun 26th Feb by Pakistan Observer under the caption reading, ‘Pasha not to have extension’. Extension, employment, re-employment and or termination has nothing to do with anyone including me since this is the inborn prerogative of the government but nevertheless being a Pakistani I do have some rights and obligations towards my beloved Pakistan despite Click here to read Full Article
How should the Burqa be?
Posted By: abdulruff On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1211 Replies:0 
In the Holy Quran the Purdah for women has been dealt with in 7 verses, 3 verses of Surah Noor and 4 verses of Surah Ahzaab. There are about 70 Hadith in which the rules of Purdah have been described. Click here to read Full Article
An Afghan Led Reconciliation Process by Dr Raja Muhammad Khan
Posted By: Raja_Muhammad_Khan On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1645 Replies:0 
In its primitive history, Europe has undergone a series of wars for centuries. However, the “Thirty years war” from 1618-1648 has a unique significance. This bloody war forced the European wisdom to reconcile. They sat together and found a way-out from the continued infightings. Their reconciliation gave Europe in particular and the world in general a new concept, “The Concept of Nation State”. S Click here to read Full Article
Antagonism against Security Agencies-Asghar Khan Case By Zaheerul Hassan
Posted By: Zaheer On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1292 Replies:0 
It would not be wrong in saying that Pakistan is passing through its political transaction phase since three decades. Though, political elite took over government after the fall of Dacca but political maturity remained far-off from them, which again resulted into military coup. It was late Prime Minister Bhutto who introduced political wing in Inter Service Intelligence with a view to control oppo Click here to read Full Article
پاراچنارکےساتھ سوتیلی ماں جیساسلوک ۔کب تک۔ساجدحسین
Posted By: SajidH On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1395 Replies:0 
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Cricket: De Lange derails New Zealand apple cart by DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1124 Replies:0 
The multi-format cricket series between South Africa and New Zealand have begun with T20 matches.South Africa performed the ultimate anti-choke as 21-year-old Marchant de Lange defended six runs off the last over in third T20 to clinch the Twenty20 series 2-1. Click here to read Full Article
Gen. Beg and TV Reporter by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
Posted By: Riaz On: 27/Feb/2012 Views:1091 Replies:0 
A controversy is raging over the internet on the rather persistent asking of a TV reporter from the former COAS General Aslam Beg Mirza if he would return the ‘Democracy” medal given to the army by the late BB, as he had subsequently conspired to bring down the BB’s democratic government through Mehran Bank scandal. However, under the changed environs when the wind is blowing against the general, Click here to read Full Article

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