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Altaf Hussain & Iranian Revolutionary Leader Ayatullah Khomeni!

By Dr Nadia Khan


The recent sermon like speech of MQM's leader Altaf Hussain in which he has called patriotic-Pak Army Generals to come forward and take the reins of country rooting out corruption of corrupt Pakistani politicians, is considered as an “invitation” to Army to control the country, as many analysts say. However, Altaf Hussain’s same contextual statement that “a bloody-revolution is knocking at the doors of Pakistan by the poor people of Pakistan needs more realistic analysis with respect to his own circumstances.


Revolution is a common term, normally used by Pakistan politicians including Shahbaz Sharif, as a term that “there is no social justice in Pakistan” and poor’s many bring a revolution in the country like neighbouring Iran or famous revolution like France! Many Pakistani politicians, while they are aboard –forcefully- or due to self-imposed exile, call themselves as revolutionary leader! This is true for Muhajirs leader Altaf Hussain who went to United Kingdom in 1992, just days before Karachi-Army Operation, with the blessing of then Chief Minister Jam Sadiq Ali and since last 18 years running MQM politics over telecom wires!


Altaf Hussain treats himself – his self imposed exile- as standing with Iranian leader Ayatullah Khomeni who had gone to exile in France and lead Iranian, especially students, and paved the way for 1979 revolution against the dictatorship of Raza Shah Pehlavi. There is much difference between Altaf Hussain and Ayatullah Khomeni as later lead the foundation of his revolution on the basis of religion, no matter it was Shia-sect of Islam, whereas Altaf Hussain is pulling the strings of MQM with secular thoughts since 1979 when he was a mere student at City College, Nazimabad, Karachi! The red or black colour books or pamphlets published by APMSO denote the ideological background of then APMSO leadership!


Ayatullah Khomeni took the ground and Iranians mind against the dictatorial rule of Raza Shah whereas MQM and Altaf Hussain was always the part of every dictator in Pakistan. Be it General Zia, when he wanted to mild the influence of Jamat-e-Islami in Karachi, MQM was founded and produced worst-ever ethnic violence in Karachi in 80s or General Musharraf rule when Altaf Hussain’s MQM had enjoyed 8 years of a dictator-patronage and 12th May 2007 was the height of this “dictator’s love” when MQM workers took the city hostage and number of innocent poor people killed to “block the Chief Justice arrival in Karachi.” This worst-dictator loves drama was seen by fellow Pakistanis when General Musharraf raised his two fists and supported the activities of MQM workers in Karachi by saying “it was people’s choice to stop Chief Justice!” Iranian spiritual leader is not having blood of poor people on his hands like 12th May dogma of MQM’s leadership!


In recent past, Karachi had witnessed as scores of Pathan Tandoorwals, or small hotels (run by Pathans) or Sindhi fruit sellers have been killed by “unknown assailants. They all were not filthy rich, belong to poor class and everyone knows the “unknown assailants” belong to which party killing only non-Muhajirs. And today, MQM is turning themselves as the sole spokesperson of “Poor’s Revolution” in Pakistan. This wasn’t the case of Iranian Islamic revolution.


Iranian spiritual leader didn’t opt for French nationality while he was in exile whereas MQM’s leader went on securing British nationality and turned up himself into the row of ‘Pakistani politicians’ who are not technically Pakistan’s passport holders.


Altaf Hussain’s approach is quite far away from the ideological (today’s world it is termed as Fundamentalist) bearing of religion. Indeed, Altaf Hussain is also not aligned with any religious thoughts that could lead him towards the formation of Islamic state!


Many Punjab based writers, after meeting with Altaf Hussain have said that, MQM is the only party who has sent “middle-class” MPAs or MNAs to parliament. This might be true however the main concept is change when none of the MQM members could raise his voice, either as per his own wishes or his constituency voters’ wishes, without the consent of MQM-London based leader. This has turned the MQM parliament members as dummy bodies with no thoughts or acting as “yes-men” of Altaf Hussain. Anyone who disagrees with the leader, he will be treated like Aamir Liquat Hussain, striping of the National Assembly membership and kicking out of the party! Someone rightly said, “Amir is quite lucky as he is still alive after the disagreement with Altaf Bhai over Salman Rushdi!”


Another aspect, Iranian charismatic leader had laid down the foundation of his struggle on certain Islamic principles and didn’t deviate them at any point of time, even after seizing the power. MQM’s leader had raised his concerns about the migrants (Muhajirs) of 1947; their sons & daughters and the cruel behaviour of Punjabi establishment against Muhajirs. Then after seizing powers in Karachi, he has realized that with this “Muhajir-slogan” his party couldn’t fly in rest of Pakistan. So “Mutahhidda” has been crafted & this had leaded the division of MQM by kicking out old trusted lieutenants such as Afaq Ahmed, Aamir Khan, Bader Iqbal. Today they are termed as “terrorist” by MQM leadership. True! So a common Muhajir is right to say that “when these terrorists were part of MQM, lead by Altaf Hussain in 1988, MQM was a group of terrorists!”


Many insiders say that “killing of Azeem Ahmed Tariq, founding chairman of APMSO & MQM” is having same context!

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