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The Fate of Jinnah's Dream!

by Dr Nadia Khan


He is accused since the day he got chance, accidently, to take the reins of Pakistan Peoples Party - than eventually to rule the People of Pakistan. He is accused that due to his protocol and motorcade, life is becoming as difficult for common men as ladies have to deliver babies in motor rickshaws. He is accused here and there; for financial irregularities up to an extent of money laundering where conviction is being sought (with delayed actions) and investigated. Somewhere he is accused that upon his orders the elegant photograph of Quaid -e- Azam is replaced with his slain wife and father-in-law, as pointed out by many media critics. He is accused that he has interfered in judiciary matters - poking his nose unnecessary- and finally that poking backfired with blow.


But so far - all the storms - he has survived due to 'luck' and he is in the ruling palace, which is termed as 5 star jail, by many of his critics, for 5 years. Two have gone and three more to go!


Basically, this is his past that is not letting him sleep peacefully - one after the other, issues are popping up and he is in the line of fire directly. Could someone detach his past easily, by turning into a new leaf? He has failed to do so and same old tactics; he is trying again & again. His recent 'adventure - giving full support to all-time worst critics of BB; Shaikh Rashid' is not looked upon with favour by his own party workers. The cunning decision of keeping the door open for party-workers to select the candidate of their own choice, didn't worked out and his tactic was exposed by his critics. Additionally the candidate lost the people's support eventually couldn't reach the national assembly.


His cunning tactics to keep away his cronies Rehman Malik and Baber Awan from the doubts of his own beloved wife’s killing brought his hidden face to light. His own party workers are stunned as he is not, likely, interested to bring to justice those who killed his wife and most popular leader of today’s Pakistan.


What he thinks - when he sits alone; even for five minutes. In which direction, he is taking the ship of the country? After 9 years of dictatorial rule by a fascist (the only man in uniform in last 40 years dared to kill his own people – will be termed as fascist) when the democracy comes in the country people started remembering the dictator for their good (as example; the price-hiking wasn't up to that level where it is now in 2 years of democracy). People's government is worst with peoples! That’s how he is termed as Quaid e Qillat (Leader of Shortage) – everything is short; Electricity, Water, Flour, Wheat, Rice, Sugar, and humanity in upper Pakistani elites! As long as Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is with Water & Electricity Ministry, the two mentioned commodities would continue to be short. After all he has to justify the “rental power plants.”


Nepotism (his two sisters reaching to highest power levels in federal & Sind provincial governments), undue favours (Salman Taseer continuation in Punjab), incompetent selections (initially Malik Qayyum as Attorney General then Baber Awan as Law minister), inappropriate choices (Fauzia Wahab as party information secretary) etc. few examples to quote - this not only damaged the peoples party but the way country's image is being tarnished by these elites themselves, is eye-opener. Hussain Haqqani, from the youth leadership of Jamat e Islami, turned his face to Benazir Bhutto’s PPP then Nawaz’s N league and finally PPP (Zardari Group) – all his flights are basically career opportunities with no moral values and vision!


Where are we heading - no one knows! With this state of affair – USA has decided that along with financial aid program to Pakistan, they will send a group of their ‘own’ people for the audit of the aid and its fair usage by the people of Pakistan!


I know that - with the completion of this people’s government in 5 years; financially dollar (which is at Rs85 now) would reach to a ratio of Rs120 (by Sept 2012, when he will complete his Presidential term), bread will cost Rs 30 per piece, chicken or meat will reach Rs 500 per kg and so on. Same true for other edible items consumed daily whereas the earning of a common Pakistani will gain only 5-6% in coming 3 years (as per Survey of Statistics of Pakistan). This means if any labour (that’s the common class in the country) earns Rs 10,000 (this is for bench mark purpose only as too few who earns this amount & that’s a dream for any labour to earn in a month, Prime Minister Gilani says minimum wage for labour is Rs. 7,000 per month) per month, he will not be able to meet his food expenses with a family of two kids & one wife. Democracy price is too high for common man in Pakistan. Jinnah's dream is in troubled water - people’s government with no social justice!


Even if he is toppled, the new face will not be able to change the culture of Politics, Police stations (the most charismatic CM of Punjab failed to change police culture in his province) and Peoples behaviour. The culture of nepotism, undue favours, wrong selections, inappropriate choices selection..... So the country would continue to witness same wave of elites’ violence -terrorism without bullets but kills innocents- against poor sufferers of the country!


From Tamasek Khan (a poor rickshaw driver in Karachi) or Mohd Siddique (a fruit seller in Lahore) till Asif Ali (the Political President of People of Pakistan) - all are having same colors; the colors of self-centric approach only.


Poor’s are forced to look into their own financial issues; they have to think for their food necessities twice a day, their kids’ education even in government yellow schools, their medical requirements in pathetic government hospitals, and their day to day basic financial needs under the environment of terror, fear, and insecurity. While elites are committed to maintain their so-called ‘top’ status by hook or by crook making as much as financial gains – as this tenure is last in their lives or they have waited for 9 years of darkness (dictatorial rule) and were not able to sell their “superior services” to a dictator timely!


Jinnah’s dream is shaken; none in our political class could say that they would save the sinking ship of Muhammad Ali Jinnah! Could Asif Ali Zardari, Yousuf Raza Gilani, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Maulana Fazl ur Rehman, Munawar Hassan, Asfand Yar Wali…you name it….could drive Pakistan to state of prosperity, peace, and a social welfare state. Unfortunately, the answer is known to all!!!


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