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Altaf Hussain’s Strange Silence!

By Dr Nadia Khan


Its over four days and I was waiting for the “one & only leader of Karachi, who is termed as the ‘greatest blessing’ of Allah by recently retired Nazim of Karachi city in his yesterday’s Gulshan – e- Iqbal speech” who always condemns killing in Karachi and accuse Taliban for the law & order situation, is to say few words of sympathy about the brutal killing of two religious scholars in Karachi four days before but London-based leader is silent.


Contrary, he was sympathetic to quite a few unknown personalities death during these days or celebrating the 43rd death anniversary of his elder brother and minor items of like that kind, but I couldn’t see any strong statement issued from MQM London office condemning the killing of Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, the famous writer of Friday’s Islamic page Iqra “App Kay Masaail aur Un Ka Hall” in local daily newspaper and Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem. Rabita Committee of local MQM office had issued a weak statement condemning the killing and asked for the apprehension of culprits. This is a usual statement just to fulfil the newspaper page and prove your presence in press items. What a tragic and sad part of ethnic politics that is turning against religious personalities!


This killing has happened in same month of Rabi ul Awwal and as per Sunni Tahrek, in same way when four years before number of Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat (Barelvi) religious scholars were celebrating 12th Rabi ul Awwal in Nashter Park on a stage & performing Maghrib prayers while “a planted-bomb” was blasted that killed number of religious personalities including famous Hafiz Taqi, Sunni Tahrek head and many more. Blame was lamented on Taliban by Karachi-based ethnic group even though all fingers were at same ethnic group but then the file of the case was closed by Police; due to some sympathy of Police officer towards the culprits!


Last night, when one of my colleagues has asked me, "Why Altaf Hussain didn’t issue any statement condemning the recent killings of religious scholars?" I had no answer but I was asking myself as why a leader, who pretends himself as the mainstream leader, didn't utter few words at that sad moment for others, when in his own city – killing had happened!


Few points to note about Altaf Hussain’s current silence are:


o        Either he knew the culprits and scared of them to name!

o        If agencies are involved then in past Altaf Hussain used to deliver long and lengthy sermons-like speeches against Agencies, especially against his old colleagues of Muhajir Qoumi Movement (MQM-Haqiqi) group but why not this time?

o        What’s the motive even for agencies to kill religious scholars, what gain they will achieve in city like Karachi ?

o        Altaf Husain’s heart is having no soft corner for these religious scholars due to number of reasons – probably the growing popularity of religious forces in Karachi is not liked by him or his secular politics!

o        Or indirectly, he is distancing himself and his party from the killing of scholars in his own city – that is his vote bank. But for what, he considers Karachi as his “private property” then any law & order situation might trigger his political balance, with a view that MQM is part of ruling PPP Sind administration?

o        And as per the government version – that Indian spy agencies are involved in such killing to destabilize the city’s peace. Even if it so, Altaf Hussain or MQM in past has never accused any Indian agency for any wrong doing in Karachi or Sind province generally!


If we go through above question with two more points then the situation of Altaf Hussain and MQM will be more suspicious:


·         MQM is always vocal against Taliban presence in Karachi especially like the Westerner media that top-tier of Taliban are hiding in Karachi (before the claim was that Taliban Shura is hiding in Quetta ) however there is no suicide attack in any of the meetings of MQM in Karachi , why?


·         Why Taliban’s are active in Punjab only (one would understand the reason of their activity in NWFP where Pakistan Army is conducting a full scale Operations against them) especially when there is Muslim League (N) led government is in action, which is now labelled as pro-Taliban, since then the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, in his own words, quoted wrong per his Jamia Nayeemeya, Lahore speech adopting Hamid Mir’s valid points in his answer!


If we look at these two facts, we could understand that Taliban presence is in Sind, Karachi especially where PPP is ruling the province (with MQM) but Taliban are active in causing destruction in Punjab, especially in Lahore where PPP is facing resistance with Nawaz league in taking control of the province!


Is there someone who is using Taliban name and trying to create messy situation in major cities of Pakistan to prove that situation is not good in the country while tabling the 18h amendment in late March, so delay it till further improvement of situations in major cities especially Karachi & Lahore .


Altaf Hussain silence confirms that he is either in agreement with that ‘hidden personality’ over this issue who is willing to play ‘Sind Card’ or Altaf Hussain  purposely trying to ignore this situation, may be to utilize it for his own favours in near future when Sind Card option will fail!


No matter whatever is the truth it will not be made public for poor people of Pakistan – never ever. The corridors of power in Pakistan are full of such stories!


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