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Altaf Hussain - a champion of women's right???

By Nadia Khan


Muhajir, sorry Mutahidda, Qoumi Movement's (MQM) founder, patron in chief, and Pakistan-born British neutralised citizen, Altaf Hussain, a man who runs Karachi from London, is a very colourful personality. All these colours are somehow visible in his life at various atges, through his actions and desires. He always poses himself as a champion of women's right and the only shoulder of Karachi & Hyderabad residents, especially female muhajir population, in the hour of need by writing pamphlets or letters to MaoN or BehnoN (mothers & sisters) time to time! 


Since over 20 years, from 1988, when he founded MQM along with his partners, Azeem Ahmed Tariq & others, now all of them became slain, Karachi has seen much turbulence and that will not be described without credit to Altaf Hussain. He class fellows, without disclosing their identities, reveal that he wasn't a good student at City College Nazimabad, central district Karachi, mostly busy outside class room away from studies, in discussion pertaining to muhajirs, migrants from India and brutalities of Punjabi establishment. Later, somehow he managed admission at Karachi University in Bachelor of Pharmacy but didn't complete the degree and left for USA, where he became taxi driver, termed the then Jamat-e-Islami themed Union, Jamiat, who expelled him from University. His multicolour personality -beside the colour of blood- showing a nice shade when he writes exclusively to female population of Karachi & Hyderabad by title MaoN,BehnouN kay nam (a letter for mothers & sisters).


After 1988 elections, when MQM broke away from Benazir-led govt in Sind, his strike calls in Karachi to paralyse govt functionary and letters to female elders became famous. In which he as asked the Karachi female population to force their males to give up VCRs purchases and buy Kalashnikovs. On many occasions he has asked to donate ornaments to MQM being serving a noble cause for Muhajir community!


Some of his colours became more visible - when he started conducting ladies interviews to select some of them for MQM in house 'party' works. Allah knows the motive behind such females interviews but weekly Takbeer of Karachi had publish many of such girls stories revealing immoral behaviour of MQM and Altaf Hussain. His campaign against smoking later reveal that he wasn't getting enough from Pakistan Tobacco Company, who had factory in outskirts of Karachi, later shifted to Jhelum upon high demands from MQM.


His body-guard Shoaib or shobby's mysterious murder has provoked serious talks in Karachi about his immoral desire to connect himself with popular singer, late Nazia Hassan.  


During Nawaz Sharif second term, when MQM was out of Sind govt, after 1992 army action against MQM hardcore terrorists, he had orchestrated a rape drama of a Kashmiri-girl (Nighat Butt) by Pakistani soldiers in Azad- Kashmir to strengthen Indian propaganda that Pakistani security forces are also engaged in human right violation & committing atrocities with the people of Azad Kashmir. Later, that whole story proved fake and baseless.


During Benazir premiership periods, he has allowed Aamir Liaqut Hussain, his blue-eyed boy during those days, to print all nonsense and abusive language about Benazir Bhutto and other PPP female party workers in daily Parcham newspaper, published under his editorship. No matter what the political differences are but one has to maintain female respect!


He had played a major role in provoking quarrel between the daughter of slain Takbeer editor Salahuddin, and her husband, the editor of daily Ummat, as late Salahuddin was Altaf Hussain's and MQM staunch opponent during those days. Altaf Hussain tried his level best to take revenge by creating a rift between a wife & husband but couldn't succeed.


On one hand, he didn't utter a single word against the rapists of Mukhtaran Mai or Dr Shazia, even though he had addressed the rally from London condemning the atrocities against people of Baluchistan & tribal heads, but not even a single word for Dr Shazia. Similarly for the bone-chilling story of Taslim Solangi, who was pregnant and thrown to dogs, Altaf Hussain the most influential political authority of Sind and self-style champion of women cause especially in Sind, didn't came up with anything and his silence supported Nafisa Shah, the daughter of present Chief Minister Qyaim Ali Shah, to malign the root causes to help culprits.


For the innocent girls of Lal Mosque, who were trying to cure the crime by themselves by knowing the fact that Islamabad's federal govt will not take any actions against influential culprits, Altaf Hussain came up with fire in his one hand and Fatwa in other from his like-minded religious scholars and blasted these girls with that the very foundation stone of Jama-e-Hafsa & Lal Mosque is unIslamic, there shariat is barbaric and so on. He didn't say even a single word, against the brutal killing of Lal Mosque females during that operation. 


He has praised Wafa Idress, a Palestinian lady & mother of two, who blown herself among Israeli soldiers in Gaza few years back, as suicide bomber, for her contribution (probably he has to justify the red colour in MQM's flag) for Palestine cause and in Pakistan, he categorically condemned the religious women, female madrashas (religious schools) and females observing veil.


Altaf Hussain was silent when UC8 Baldia Town Nazim Salman Baloch of MQM was beating opposition women with a belt.


We will not indulge in any discussion about his annulled-marriage with Faiza Malik, but strange to say that MQM official web site has removed his marriage photographs which were posted with 'love and good wishes', soon after the marriage. Would it be something, when a woman gets out of a man's life, provided the man is most influential political god-father, the emotions of love and care for his wife, even if she is estranged, could go away? Who will answer this!!!!

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