"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   Do as the Romans do??
Replied by(pakistaniuno) Replied on (5/Feb/2012)

asalaam alaikum I was also saddened to read this, but I am afraid we are so immersed in the Western culture that these sorts of acts seem natural to us. I am afraid we are far away from deen, we need to wake up that this life of glitter that the west imposes on Muslims is very short lived and the long term consequences need to be given some serious thought - today !!
 Reply:   Great Post
Replied by(DianaZou) Replied on (9/Dec/2011)

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 Reply:   Great one
Replied by(noorkhan) Replied on (9/Dec/2009)

Pakistan kay liyaye France main jusm yee kaha ka insaf huva bai siyahat pakistan main zawal pazeer hai aur yasheer france main french yarro kay sath .
Wakai bitch
 Reply:   may allahs curse be upon these munafqeen
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (19/Sep/2009)

allah orders every muslm to stop evil wth hands tongue or atleast consder it bad from our hearts, so those people who here are labelling this article as mulahs itolerance should fear allah as they are on satans path and they will be punished harshly by allah soon
its our duty s muslms to stop evil by any means
 Reply:   We Need to be more Tolerant if
Replied by(invite2truth) Replied on (31/May/2008)

Dear Pakistanis; our nation is going through a critical time; we need to be more tolerant with each other; as they say please don't just judge a book by its cover, I know that the illiterate mullahs or illiterate discos groups are at the top of all the destructive forces in our country. Maybe one reason for this is that we all are too busy with our daily lives or another is that we do not study our religion as it should be done. I would humbly request all Muslims to please take out some time to study our great religion; start by reading & understanding the Holy Quran than the Authenticated Hadith. ALLAH (SWT) has instructed in the Holy Quran to invite people to Islam with the best of manners & knowledge, yet most of our streets Mullahs are ignorant of their basic duties, I wish to hear a Mullah condemning the suicide blast; whereas the verdict given by ALLAH (SWT) in the Holy Quran is very clear regarding killing of innocent people; which is as if the killer has killed the whole humanity; i.e he/she shall be in hell forever. By the way I have a kept beard as per the Instructions & Sunnah of our Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but I don't pretend to be a Mullah.

In our country of 160 million there will be people of many religious, political and ethnic groups; one group should not try to impose its ideology on others. We should also learn lessons from other nations how they tackle their domestic disputes, take example of India when BJP government put-up Indian troops on Pakistan border for more than six months they (the Indian) suffered tremendously and did not gain anything out of this futile exercise yet the opposition parties in India did not raise this issue as it was a matter of national interest. Another example is of Malaysia where there are people of many ethnic & religious groups, yet most of the people are going about their daily chores without any disputes as they are looking forward to make Malaysia a developed nation by 2010.

Nobody has the authority to certify a person "jannati" of "jahannami" only ALLAH (SWT) has this authority, what we need to do is to look at own our selves first and correct our ideology about the correct Islam. Islam did not spread by sword; a true Muslim has to show the right Islam simply by his noble character; may ALLAH (SWT) guide us to the Right Path. Ameen

Allah Hafiz
 Reply:   You need to be more specific i
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (11/Jan/2008)

just in the end you made the right point,
"By Mullah I mean the idiots who roam the streets of Pakistan. I do not mean the literal Mullah". If you always use term ill-literate mullah instead of mullah, i dont have any issues.
I hate when people instead of pin-pointing start cursing the whole breed.
 Reply:   You talk a lot but don't say m
Replied by(TheVoice) Replied on (8/Jan/2008)

You can say whatever you want to, the fact reamins. The damn Mullahs in Pakistan are the plague and the problem. You try to sugar coat your fanaticism and intolerence. Duty from God to be on the right path.... Duty from God to be on the right path... bla bla bla.... How about you fix and live your life and let other people live theirs as they see fit.... There is no conspiracy aginst the Damn Mullahs. What they say and what they do is visible to everyone. Trust me, you don't need to tall me that I don't need a Mullah or a Molvi in my life, I already know that.

Please don't try to explain to me what Mullah is, I already know. By Mullah I mean the idiots who roam the streets of Pakistan. I do not mean the literal Mullah. Try to understand who I am reffering to...
 Reply:   Never see what (any) Muslim is
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (8/Jan/2008)
>>Y ou just called me a retard. That is exactly the problem with you damn Mullahs. Why don't you mind your >>own house and leave other people alone? Who died and made you God? Who are you to judge other >>people... That is the typical problem with your kind, you judge everyone else BUT yourself...
you called me and all mullahs retard, i heard you calmly, but when i get back to you with your own words, it seems i have put foot on your tail.
We as a Muslim have a duty to d on earth, but people like you, who very shamefully call themselves Muslim also don't know what that is.
We have a duty from God to be on right path and to make others to follow the right path.
So this is my duty given to me by my God, i cant stay home in warm blanket and let other die with cold.
I cant keep offering prayers and let others do wrong.
Although i don't know, whether you will understand or not, but it is my duty.
I judge people only by their acts, according to Qurran and sunnah and according to my small knowledge of Islam what ever that lady did is not correct according to Islam.

>>If my comments aobut Praying 5 times a day and then beating wives or "honor" killing them sounded harsh, >>then so be it. I wanted it to sound harsh and polarized becasue NO ONE in Pakistan discusses these issues >>and acts like it doesn't happen.
We would appreciate if spreading wrong facts about Muslim and mullahs you come with the examples from the majority of mullah then i will appreciate. why i said from majority of mullahs as their are black sheep every where.
If one pop commit rape it never means every pop will do the same.
And you disgusting people don't know, this is a conspiracy about Islam to defame the name of Mullah, why you people don't and cant understand, title  Mullah is not a simple thing in Islam, this is very high status in religious education.
But what can one expects from people like you.
Do u know, if you are Muslim, you cant do many main things without simple molvi in your life, Mullah is very big thing.

>>Evey damn Mullah in Pakistan thinks he is a scholar when they can't even decide when to start Rmamadan, >>or when to observe Eid. Learn the basics of Islam that include compassion for the fellow man BEFORE >>thinking of judging other people. In my opinion Mullahs who kiss graves are worse then a woman who just >>"seems" to be kissing a French man
No Mullah think this, the problem is with you. You start calling every bared man mullah. You people start listening to every person without knowing about them.
How can you blame whole breed on the basis one example or because of your own wrong judgments
Now you yourself has shown your mentality, how can you put a person who kiss the grave and the real mullah or the person who is on islam in one row.
My brother, my advice to you
Never see what (any) Muslim is doing/saying, always see what islam is saying.

 Reply:   Mr. Noman Get a life!script s
Replied by(TheVoice) Replied on (8/Jan/2008)

You just called me a retard. That is exactly the problem with you damn Mullahs. Why don't you mind your own house and leave other people alone? Who died and made you God? Who are you to judge other people... That is the typical problem with your kind, you judge everyone else BUT yourself...

If my comments aobut Praying 5 times a day and then beating wives or "honor" killing them sounded harsh, then so be it. I wanted it to sound harsh and polarized becasue NO ONE in Pakistan discusses these issues and acts like it doesn't happen.

Evey damn Mullah in Pakistan thinks he is a scholar when they can't even decide when to start Rmamadan, or when to observe Eid. Learn the basics of Islam that include compassion for the fellow man BEFORE thinking of judging other people. In my opinion Mullahs who kiss graves are worse then a woman who just "seems" to be kissing a French man.
 Reply:   i think you dont know the mean
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (8/Jan/2008)

First i thought not to respond to you as you sound retarded to me, but then i decided to let u know one thing, i dont have beard, although i will have sooner.
My only advice to u, before commenting on any thing, try to put your family in place and then see is it right doing or not.
 Reply:   MakePakistanBetter is full of
Replied by(TheVoice) Replied on (7/Jan/2008)

Mullahs roam here and in Pakistan Freely. They want you to pray 5 times a day, and then beat your wives or better yet kill them to protect the family's honor. You bearded prehistoric animals disgust me!
 Reply:   Reasoning cant replace orders
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Sep/2007)

Dear Kinnare
thanks to our media and propaganda against Islam, which puts Ijtihaad top of every thing.
now a days every one like you and me, who even are not aware of the basics of Islam, dont know the way how to do the ghusul, are talking about Ijtihaad.
Tell me one thing, who will going to do Ijtihaad?
of course the same mullahs.
secondly Ijtihaad cant change any order which is clearly mentioned in Qurran and Hadith, Ijtihaad can be done only for things which are not cleared in Qurran and sunnah, like the passport size pics, or pictures which we take through Camera.
If one thing has been said as haram in Qurran like Alcohol, no Ijtihaad can make it halal.

your point about priest tells me clearly how much you are on the side of west, how did you said that priest is authority but mullah is not?

Do you know not every person can be called as Maulaana in Islam, there is a degree known as aalim-fazil, and the duration to take this degree is seven years.

Do you know how tough this degree is?

actually people mix a mauzan, an imaam and Maulaana with each other.

if you are living in USA for a long time, it wont allow you to do which are not allowed, i live in UAE myself and i have to shake hand and sometime in past to hug girls as well, but every time i did this i thought in my mind it is not right and now gradually i have found some ways to avoid the situations as well.
some time we were in such UN-avoid able situation that we commit to some sin, but one should feel bad about that, instead of justifying that.
you tell me yourself, if i tart saying i am living in Russia and there is too such cold and i have to drink alcohol to make my self warm, will that be right?

so my brother, my only advice to you., if you dont like few mullahs, which is understandable, as there are few mullahs who gave bad name to Islam, try to avoid them, if you dont trust any mullah, its not god, but even then if you dont want to consult any mullah, then dont do, but at least try to follow book.
but the best thing try to find a good aalim and try to follow him
there are many good aalims like
Dr ISrar
Dr Zakir
Maullana Tariq jamil etc
thanx and sorry if i hurt you in any way
 Reply:   Islam
Replied by(kinnare) Replied on (23/Sep/2007)

Noman, I realy appriciate that you took the Islamic way to answer me, and I thank you for that.

First, you should not campare Christain priest with muslim Mulla. In in christainty Priest has a post of Authority where as in Islam no one has post of Authority.

Second,About beard you know that I was being sarcastic because this mulla are Abu Jihal they have capture our religion.

Third, we muslim should think more in line of Ijtihad. Education is the only way out.

Fourth, I leave in USA when I came to America I use to think na-mahram, but now when I hug ladies I think them first as my sister then I give them hug.

Fifth, Allama Iqbal said this mulla would not be allowed in Paradise. This are same mulla who use to call pakistan Kafaristan. I will alway remain muslim. but I sincerely think that this mulla has no right to decide what is right for muslim and what is not. Their are many scholar in muslim world who know more about Islam without call themselve Mullas
 Reply:   First i thought to abuse your
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (23/Sep/2007)

Dear Kinnare
First i thought to abuse your reply, but then i thought i should try at least once to answer your totally illogical and non-sense reply.
1-Hazrat Khadija and holy prophet(PBUH) were not following the Qurran at the time of marriage.
2-Hijaab came into existence even after long time of emergence of Islam.
3-No one is against working woman in current scenario.
4-Hazrat Ali r.a and Hazrat Aisha r.a's Jung-e-Jamal is one of the biggest conspiracies of Islam till today and no scholar or historian tried to dig out the fact that who was right or wrong, as both are among those who had their confirmed seats in Heaven.
5-In Qurran it is very clearly mentioned that you cant compare any woman with mothers of Muslims
as for examples mothers of Muslims were not allowed to be married after the death of holy prophet(PBUH), but common women are allowed.
6-no one in any manner cant be compared with Holy Prophet(PBUH), he is best among all in all aspects.
7-About beard your talks are totally non-sense, this is sunnah of Holy Prophet and i will request to webmaster to edit your reply.
8-Any way, how working or commanding the army gives the right to any one to kiss nd hug non-muslim and na-mahram.
9-these mullahs are the interpretors of Religion, and they are the general authority to decide what is Islamic and what is not.
10-as in west a priest can decide what is Christianity and what is not.
i hope you will try to open your eyes, heart and ears.
for any other issue do get back to me, but try to be in such limits, which will keep you in the circle of Islam.
 Reply:   Islamic//shyg
Replied by(kinnare) Replied on (23/Sep/2007)
Abu Jihal
who are these mulla to decide what is Islamic and what is not. Prophet Muhammad wife was business woman and other wife was chief in Command who fought war against Hazrat Ali. So I think prophet Muhammad was very modern and liberal person. And we should think that if Prophet Muhammad had lived in todays world how would he had behaved. (last line was regarding beard, and deleted by webmaster)
 Reply:   Nilofar resigns? Govt doesn'
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (25/May/2007)
Ch Shujaat removed her from the presidency of PML(Q) women wing, and in the protest to that she resigned from the post of ministry, but rumors are Shaukat Aziz is not letting her go
Nilofar resigns?
ISLAMABAD: Rumors were rife in the federal capital on Friday that Nilofar Bukhtiar has resigned as federal tourism minister. Ms Bukhtiar was not available for comment, but one of her close aides insisted that she had resigned. "She resigned in protest to her removal as president of the Pakistan Muslim League's Women Wing and appointment of Women's Development and Youth Affairs Minister Sumaira Malik in her place," the aide claimed. Official channels expressed their ignorance about the issue. staff report
Govt doesn't confirm or deny Nilofar resignation
ISLAMABAD: The government's refusal to confirm or deny the reported resignation of Tourism Minister Nilofar Bukhtiar has strengthened suspicions that the report is true.

Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani expressed ignorance about the issue. He said he could not confirm or deny whether Ms Bukhtiar had tendered her resignation until the prime minister returned from his Middle East tour. A close friend said Ms Bukhtiar had been "disturbed and depressed" after the press published pictures appearing to show her hugging her French instructor after a para gliding jump in France. "Nilofar is in Lahore, but I cannot confirm her resignation because there has been no contact between us for the last four days," she said.

She denied the minister had been pressured to resign. But party sources said some women MNAs had pressed the PML president to force Ms Bakhtiar to resign. Ms Bakhtiar's resignation is still with the Tourism Ministry secretary and will be forwarded to the PM today (Sunday), said the sources. staff report

Resignation of Nilofar Bakhtiar accepted, Sumaira takes over

ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Muslim League Ch Shujaat Hussain has appointed Ms. Sumaira Malik as President, Pakistan Muslim League Women Wing, with immediate effect and until further order, says a notification issued by the PML.

Ch Shujaat accepting the resignation of Federal Minister for Tourism Nilofar Bakhtiar has appointed Sumaira Malik in her place as the President of Pakistan Muslim League Women Wing.

Nilofar Bakhtiar had tendered her resignation a couple of days back on the instructions of Ch Shujaat. According to sources Ch Shujaat had expressed his extreme displeasure over her conduct during a foreign tour to Paris and her snaps of hugging and sitting on the lap of her foreign instructor.

According to sources several women parliamentarians are unhappy over Ch Shujaat's acceptance of Nilofar's resignation and appointment of Sumaira Malik in her place as her services for the party are much greater than Sumaira.

finally end of story, so all those who accepted her acts now should consider their approach once more.

 Reply:   I agree with you, partiallysc
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
we should fight with the extremists, whether they are muslim extremist or enlightened extremist
spreading Islam and stopping evil acts is not extremism.
we all should judge things on merit, regardless of mullah ism or musharraf Ism.
if mullahs are doing some thing wrong, we should stop them and same is the case with Musharraf.
in Pakistan i cant see extremism by mullahs but i can see extremism by Musharraf, so as u agreed as well, if person is pretending as muslim then his/her acts will be judged on the basis of Islam, so the act of Nilofur are questionable
 Reply:   My words are taken in the wro
Replied by(fazkhan) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
I care!!!
I didnot say I donot care about my religion..if you can read my reply. I said we shouldn't be concern about anyone else relgion and make it hateful. Any person religion by birth should be his/her base for discrimination. If someone is Qaidyani then as far he/she respect our religion, we shouln't hate them just because they are quaidyani's. They are declare Non-Muslims in 1970's by Pakistani Government and we should respect them as Non-Muslim minority Group just like christian and Hindus.If they pretend to be Muslim then they should be dealt with Pakistani rules and regulation, not by our hate and discrimination. Once again I call upon all Pakistanis regardless of thier religion and personal beliefs to get united and Fight extremism, that the only way out!
 Reply:   we must respect others religio
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
when we talk about Qadiyani, the only reason behind is, they are hiding themselves among us.
we must respect others religion but it doesn't mean that we dont care about our religion.
when we talk about Qadiyani, the only reason behind is, they are hiding themselves among us.
we are against this.
if instead of hiding they come in front and tell us they are Qadiyani, then we will treat them in a same manner as we treat other non-Muslims.
but most of these Qadiyani are mixing with Muslims and giving bad names to Muslims by their acts.

for a qadiyani hugging is not a sin, then we dont mind as we are not criticizing the French man, we are criticizing Nilofur as according to Islam what she did is wrong, and apparently she is muslim as well.
 Reply:   My comments are truthfulscrip
Replied by(fazkhan) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
I am disgusted with your comment (Noman)
We must respect everyone religion, our relegion teach us for tolerance and those who thinks other non-muslim are nothing well think again. We must have religious tolerence at all time. If my remarks angered some Fanatics so be it.
 Reply:   FazKhan, this time your commen
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
we care, whose religion is what, shia and qadiyani are two different things.
shia's are a sect of Islam and Qadiyani are non-muslim.
and we as a muslim are proud of our religion and we will prefer to die for it.
for us all what matter is ISLAM and the PAKISTAN
 Reply:   Who cares who's relegion is wh
Replied by(fazkhan) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
You know why Pakistan is still in Dark ages?
Those whoare making hateful remarks against shias and Quaiynis are responsible for backing Fanatism and extremism. We are still judging people base on thier relegion but not how good Pakistanis they are and they could be. As a Sunni Muslim I request to stop this bigatory, religious intolerance. In America Muslim have more rights than even in Pakistan. I called upon all moderate Pakistanis to reject all these elemnets who divide you on the base of religion and sects. Letcome together as a Pakistani push them all to Arabian sea.
 Reply:   Khayaali Roshani Roshan Khayaa
Replied by(abdullahmaviya) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)

Khayaali Roshani Roshan Khayaali Aaj Kal Ki Hai
Yeh Zulmat Hai Jo Sab Ko Roshani Maloom Hoti Hai


 Reply:   An urdu article by Irshad Ahme
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (10/Apr/2007)
An urdu article by Irshad Ahmed Arif for paying tribute to Nilofur Bukhtair

 Reply:   Nilofar Bakhtayar, i did this
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (8/Apr/2007)
but mean time i got reply of nilfour from news paper.
but mean time i got reply of nilfour from news paper.
she said she hugged for the good purpose and she will continue to do so and she did as a role modeil for paksitai women
 Reply:   Qadiani dictator is under seig
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (7/Apr/2007)
Qadiani dictator is under seige and he will prefer to go to a corrupt and failed ruler but darling of west instead of going to an independent judiciary
Dear Brother Amjad Khawar Saheb

Asslam-o-alaikum wa rahmatullah.

Thank you for the link.

Qadiani dictator is under seige and he will prefer to go to a corrupt and failed ruler but darling of west instead of going to an independent judiciary.

His buddy and a hard core Qadiani of Chak # 9 NB , Bhalwal , Sargoha notorious Tariq Aziz is once again assigned a dirty job.

Our media has no investigative journalism / cells. They should go and confirm our claims of being Tariq Aziz a son of a Qadiani family.
Naturally a man who occupies an important post only for his faith and is playing with the fate of 170 million muslims alongwith his secret partner
Musharraf ( whose granfather was a Shia but his father converted to Perveziat and then to Qadiniat ).

Uptil now Musharraf has successfully concealed his faith from Pakistani people but have disclosed and sent very strong signals to Shia community that he was their man. But his recent activities against Iran and holding an anti-Iran conference of middle eastern countries in Islamabad has opened the eyes of many shia leaders including Iranian leadership. Qadiani dictator was acting on the advice of his masters and helping them in encircling Iran.

Once again we request our media centres to make their own investigation about the faith of a man who was ruling Pakistan for the last 7-8 years and
has no plans to step down and is chief of army staff as well. He is making far reaching changes which suit his masters in the all domains of Pakistani life.

The biggest news / media giant Jang group / Geo is also Shia family and thay are taken into confidence it appears from their activities. Therefore they are not going to do any thing but others like Nawaiwaqt etc should come forward and
disclose these open secrets to the people of Pakistan. Most recent incident of Geo attack was also a co-production of Jang/Musharraf productions.
Pakistan Foundation
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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