I agree that we should write well researched articles to counter the doctrine of obscurantists and go on TV where possible. We should not criticise an individual but the Islamist theory. We should write letter to Editors to the newspapers about the progressive views of columnists and guests at TV programme. This will get an opportunity to further amplify the message in the newspapers and encourage the Editors to give more space. In short the progressive people need to develop comprehensive communication strategy. I had suggested it the Irtiqa meeting last month they intend to take it forward and hold a meeting. Besides writing for papers and appearing on TV as a guest I am trying to counter religious fundamentalism and jingoism. I have some expertise in developing communication strategy and would be ready to help all progressive forces who are clear on the major issues of national security and rising religiosity in our country. There are number of Islamist parties which are doing this we should also have consensus on broad issues and act scientifically. The time is now when people want answers to Pakistan problems. Babar Ayaz

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From: Nizamuddin Nizamani <nizambaloch@ yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 01:37:25 -0800 (PST)
To: <socialist_pakistan_ news@yahoogroups .com>
Subject: Re: (SPN) Countering Zaid Hamid and others of his ilk


Agreed. An other way out would be to just ignore them. Zaid Hamid does nothing new but replecates what we have been indoctrinated by his predeccers on behalf the ruling elite for many decades. We should preferebaly present truth an dother side of story

From: Shakil Chaudhary <shakil.chaudhary@ gmail.com>
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Subject: (SPN) Countering Zaid Hamid and others of his ilk



Saqlain has made some good points but in my view the best way to counter people like Zaid Hamid is by promoting critical thinking, enabling people to evaluate arguments in a rational manner so that they start asking demagogues to substantiate their wild claims. It is doable. Progressive and liberal intellectuals will have to join forces but unfortunately many of them are too snobbish for such an undertaking.


There is a need to engage the Urdu media, which promotes persecution complex, conspiracy theories and jingoism. I am saying this on the basis of personal research. There is a need to form a group, however informal, to make a concerted effort in this regard. For example, let's make sure that everytime something absurd appears in Jang, Mir Shakilur Rahman, the owner of Jang group, and Mahmood Sham, the Jang group editor, will get some 20 critical but well-argued letters. The same letters should also also be sent to the columnist concerned. In addition, they should be placed on some website. The attention of other opinion leaders should be drawn to this website. Within a few months, there will be a visible change.

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 6:32 PM, Saqlain Imam <imam6@hotmail. com> wrote:

The powers which once created a duo leadership of Imran khan and Abdus Sattar Eidhi to replace Benazir Bhutto in the 1990s are behind this "half-baked" nut! You can't do any thing abut Zaid Hamid, because all rightist television channels are giving him their time free of cost. He has got his own web-based stream channel. Many of the youth belonging to the middle class and upper middle classes of Pakistan, specially from Punjabi establishment- network, are behind him.


He is a Pied Piper for our youth (of the prosperous sections of Pakistan/Punjab) who has no dream to take pride on. All leftists have stopped talking to young people of this type which I have referred to. Zaid Hamid sells the dreams to conquer the world, though they are nonsense, yet still work for the youth who is now caught up in a crisis of identity. By the way apart from Ali Azmat, a pop singer, a famous dress designer, who designs expensive dresses for women of the elite sections of the country, Maria B, is also one of his celebrated fans!


I fully agree with Farzana that he tells the youth a number of lies, but his lies speak of the dreams which novelists like Naseem Hijazi had already been talking about. He mixes up leftist view of anti-imperialism with the Jamaat-e-Islami’s  tall talks against Hindu, Jew and the West! (It becomes a good talk show’s content, anchorpersons like Dr Shahid masud, Talat hussain, Ansar Abbasi, etc., all thrived on such contents). If you want to know the original contents of such talks then try to hear Munawwar Hasan, now Ameer of JI.

In my view, the fault lies with the leftist intellectuals who have lost their direction by joining the NGOs and leaving the anti-imperialism "Maidaan" open for people like him or Imran Khan (ironic, isn't it!). Pakistani youth is in search of an identity. I won't say what type of identity. But an identity which could give them pride. But unfortunately, most of our left is either becoming anti-Pakistan or anti-Islam  because the left feels that these two phenomena  are the tools of Pakistani Army in executing its domineering  polices to take the whole country as its hostage! Whether leftists like it or not their lack of foresightedness will definitely provide space for the so-called romantic ideas of conquering India, etc., and strengthen  the receptivity of people like Zaid Hamid and Imran Khan!


Saqlain Imam


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Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 22:18:11 +0000
Subject: (SPN) Zaid Hamid


Hello All
Recently I have watched a Zaid Hamid's program. I don't watch him because I think he is a nut case...but what made me watch his an hour long non-sense was his blatant lie about Jinnah. With religious jargon and words like Astaghafarullah he informed the viewers that "Jinnah had never ever did any sin". "Those who says Quaid-e-Azam used to drink alcohol are liar. As a matter of fact he didn't commit a sin after joining Pakistan movement. Iqbal had seen a dream, a holy dream, that Quaid-e-Azam will lead Muslims of India and will achieve a holy land form Muslims."
First I was laughing but then I realized it's a serious matter. Because this guy with his lies and speaking power distorting history and creating illusions among youth.
Recently, Ali Azmat the Rock Star was seen praising Zaid Hamid.
So I think something cooking up and we should know about it.
A friend of mine mentioned a blog about Zaid Hamid. I am placing link here.

http://teeth. com.pk/blog/ 2008/10/07/ who-is-zaid- zaman-hamid

Also read Feb 2, 2010 blog of the same teeth.com.

I am also pasting link of audio clip in which Zaid Hamid was pronounced as second in command of a self proclaimed Prophet Yosuf Ali in 90s. This is an interesting clip. You can download it from this link.
http://www.esnips. com/doc/ea4b195c -40f9-46f8- a377-584690cd0c3 7/speach_ bait_e_raza_ yosuf_ali_ zaid_zaman_ 1997

I have heard this nut case is now holding public gatherings and releasing videos and much more. If he is some new card of the establishment ...we should expose him...put forward logical argument against him or his ideology and inform people about this entire drama. I feel the way he is using media he will penetrate in our social life and one day he would be another establishment' s created monster as we have seen jihadis and sectarian organizations. Best
Farhan Reza