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Altaf Hussain - Crocodile tears!

by Nadia Khan (from Karachi)


Probably, that could be the problem of all exiled or self-exiled political leaders because somehow they have to be in the news to keep themselves afloat in the pond of politics. That is exactly the dilemma of Altaf Hussain, Mutahidda Qoumi Movement founder, leader, and everything of his party, also. He wants to be in the news and now in electronic media hungrily!


Few days before, when the all-time-player of money-politics, former DG of Intelligence Bureau Brigadier ® Imtiaz has stirred the political pond by admitting that he had provided funds to many political parties especially the then Islami Jambhori Itehad (IJI) to fight against Peoples Party (PPP) of 1990s and the army operation of 1992 against Jinnahpur (a plot to annex Karachi and some parts of interior Sind from Pakistan and make them jointly an independent state like Singapore) was baseless including all the Jinnahpur maps recovered from MQM Alkaram Square office were fake and planted by hidden hands. Some analysts say that even though Brigadier Imtiaz has been pushed by President House silently to implicate and counter Mian Nawaz Sharif but the drama of Altaf Hussain was worth seen "“ it could be termed as killing two birds with one stone.


Altaf Hussain's speech was full of emotions, tears, and words of forgiveness. Emotions - to keep his workers engaged, tears - to gain sympathies and forgiveness - to enlarge his shorten image. For those who know the history of 1992 army operation, MQM style of political dominance in 1990s, the bahtta (taking money forcefully from business and residential community of Karachi & Hyderabad) culture supported by MQM Unit Incharges and the approach of terrorism by MQM leaders, could easily say that these tears were crocodile one. Altaf Hussain's cry when he called his 15,000 workers killing during that operation and wiping his tears, turned out be a Bollywood movie episode in which a villain trying to portray himself as hero.


Even though personal incidents do not contribute to history, however its worth noting to understand the working style of MQM-mafia. In 1991 when my father's car was snatched by few street guys in Nazimabad, we were told by the SHO of Gulbahar Police Station to contact NineZero, the famous headquarter of MQM. When approached, we were asked to deposit Rs.50,000 to MQM account and upon doing so, we were issued a slip to get our car back from the Police station. That's how MQM used to control Karachi in 1990s before the transformation to Mutahhida.


The fact is that, and could be confirmed by many former members of MQM who are still alive and had witnessed 1992 operation; it was against the criminal elements of Muhajir Qoumi Movement, the then MQM. The anti state elements were penetrated into MQM fold, few of them migrated to India during that period like Javed Langra, the recommendation letters of MQM's most favorite leader (now he is Overseas Pakistanis Minister) to Indian Consulate, Karachi to MQM hardcore members to issue them visas, are still in memories of every one in Karachi.


The figure of killed-workers is not exactly compiled by MQM, infact Jamat e Islami team had collected this info and published it as part of their Karachi review. Altaf Hussain by being the hardest anti Jamat person, is now forced to accept their compilation and propagate it. Those 15,000 were not killed by army alone, this figure includes those died during the period of 1992-1996 including the inter-factions killing among MQM "“ Altaf and Haqiqi groups and extra-judicial killing by Naseerullah Babar interior ministry during Benazir-led govt of PPP.


Karachi residents had witnessed number of dead bodies packed in bags, were not only meant to spread scare in Karachi but the poor deads were the victims of MQMs inter factions fighting when Altaf Hussain group was trying to recapture its strength in various parts of Karachi. From Azeem Ahmed Tariq till Khalid Bin Waleed killings all are pointing fingers at those who are near & dears of Altaf Hussain now.


Fortunately or unfortunately MQM is now an ally of PPP govt led by Asif Ali Zardari, so Altaf Hussain in his emotional speech has singled out PPP and tried to laminate the blame on only Nawaz Sharif during 1992 operation. If Altaf Hussain really felt the pain of his party-workers killed during Army operations then he has to condemn Naseerullah Babar's operation too as it was too cruel to 92s cleansing!


Similarly, in his first ever televised speech, when he was saying that "I was loyal to Pakistan , I am and I would be.." there would be many Karachi residents who know the history of FIR lodged on 14th August 1979 (SP/E/CE/89- 37657 Karachi) when Altaf Hussain along with Afaq Shahid & Haseeb Hashmi was leading a procession at Mazar e Quaid shouting slogans against Quaid e Azam & Pakistan. After that three along with others had torched the flag of Pakistan and later they replaced the flag of Pakistan with a black flag on Mazar e Quaid. Altaf Hussain along with 11 others have been arrested and later awarded 9 months jail with 5 lashes each.


When Altaf Hussain was shedding crocodile tears about Pakistan and his workers, I was holding the copy of said FIR and laughing!!!! With a view that Altaf Hussain was initially under the influence of G M Syed (Jaey Sindh) and various copies of MQM's main organ Daily Qoumi Akhber are witnessed that he was, for many years, been asked to return to the main stream of national politics. Basis on that he had transformed Muhajir to Mutahidda Qoumi Movement.


I was bit surprised when Hamid Mir in his famous CapitalTalk show tried to hide all such facts while speaking with MQM's spokesperson Waseem Akhter. Originally the above mentioned FIR against Altaf Hussain was lodged basis on Hamid Mir's investigation (and a report which was denied publishing in his newspaper where he was reported then).  


The memory of Lahore residents is not faded, when in Santnagar there have been killing of 12 people of same family. Their killers were not caught. During those days Hamid Mir was reporter in his newspaper of Lahore section. He had investigated and found that these 12 men have been killed in a doubt of being Afaq Ahmed & Amir Khan, the then dissidents of Altaf Hussain and were hiding in Lahore . Hamid Mir had reached Afaq & Amir and conducted their interview. When he brought this story to his Lahore newspaper, the editor-in-chief had refused to publish it. Finally this story was published in the "Inside Story" first edition in November 2001 under the editorship of Tahir Pervaiz.


The details of all torture cells were revealed by both Amir Khan and Afaq Ahmed, the then hardcore terrorists of Altaf Hussain's MQM. Thats how they have been used by Army and agencies to know the exact locations in Karachi. Later & still now, they have been termed as Haqiqi terrorists; no matter they are master of terrorism when they were blue-eyed boys of Altaf Hussain and now also when they are not associated with Mutahidda! Because they have been trained for this activity and they will continue to do so. Pak Army in 1992 and later Naseer ullah Baber only utilised them to point out the torture cells managed by MQM.


At this stage Karachi residents are asking from Altaf Hussain to show moral courage as his policies have been failed miserably in last 20 years. No one in MQM knows about quota system, repartition of Biharis, and welfare of Muhajir community. The whole activity in MQM fold is to listen Altaf Hussain's telephonic speeches and that's all!


Is this the reason for that MQM was formed?

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