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Clouds of Danger on Darul Uloom Deoband-Visit by American Diplomats

[ Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] Muslim Political Ulemas embedded with political parties in India have again become active as clear indications have been given by the ruling UPA alliance for going in an early Mid-term poll due in 2014.

The Jamiat Ulema e Hind which operate with two divided factions among the the Madani Family,both claiming in court litigation of being original Jamiat.The Mehmood faction of Jamiat which comprises followers of  his late father Asad Madni ex-congress MP and the other dominant faction of Jamiat comprises of late Asad Madni’s brothers Arshad ,Asjad Madni.

Both the factions seek blessings from political parties and barter Muslim interests for their petty interests like a seat of Rajya Sabha.

The Hindu government of India since independence has ensured to keep them divided by planting intelligence in both the factions.

It is shocking when the younger Madni Mehmood with his team was meeting PM of India , the American diplomatic staff authorised by the US Ambassodor in India was in Darul uloom Deoband and Jamia Mazahir Uloom saharanpur to win support of these Islamic seminaries in support of US Obama Administration.Question is why do Diplomats visit Madrasas?

The report appearing in right wing saffron press give full details from their angle .

This correspondent has confirmed news from its sources that the moves to corner Imams of Mecca,Darul uloom Deoband , Nadvatul Ulema and Jamia Mazahir Uloom are a joint exercise of Mossad,Raw,CIA and IB through their well wishers in these Islamic Institutions.

The targeted promotion of sufism through Ajmer Shareef is also financed by the group of multiple intelligence to "Indianize Islam" on bakhti movement, hence the spate in visit to Ajmer by American stooges even from pakistan and offering of chaders in publicized manner by heads of political parties and ruling prime Minister.

Nadvatul Ulema enjoys total support of Americans,the Manmohan Singh government and UP government.It has registered it self in the good books of Saudi King and thus via him in good books of American,Israeli and Indian Governments.

The Joint intelligence of Israel,US and India have won over Mehmood Madni ex-MP in a package deal in 2000.Thereby he was out sourced billions from the RAW funds to organize Anti-Terrorism shows/rallies all over India.He was protected by elevating him to Rajya Sabha from Ajit Singhs party.He runs an Urdu Daily funded by these forces in the package deal.

Maulana Arshad Madni who was honoured at the King of Saudi palace three years ago for his services to Islam, who has been toeing the Sonia line was denied elevation to Rajya Sabha as his nephew again won the goodwill of Anti-Muslim forces. He has been reported to be lying low and has refused to co-operate with the Joint International intelligence group. The role of Pakistani Deobandi Madaris in giving Ideological backing to Taliban and Al qaida has put the sacrifices of Deobands Ulemas for freedom of India in dust.Thus Deobands most respected cleric is being cornered to change the scene at Deoband.

The Barelvi faction enjoys the best of relations with Mossad,CIA and RAW and hence the Jamia Mazahir Uloom products and the Bakhti movement under the Zionist stooge Maulana Tahir ul Qadri has been given full freedom to change the faith and practice of Islam on Indian soil.Tahir ul Qadri was welcomed by Modi and UPA ally MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi.He is in India from last six months,How can a Pakistani born Canadian citizen with blackwater security stay that long in India and why?

The danger is looming large on the future of Darul uloom Deoband as after alleged success of allegedly eliminating Osama the Obama administration wants do away with the Deobandi Ideology before the US presidential elections. Sonia Congress and other major political parties see it as an opportunity to do away with Muslim card burden.The PM of India is meeting the Mehmood Madni faction which is with the Zionists and opposed to the Arshad Madni faction which refuses to budge before these Anti-Muslim forces.Lets hope for the best and be ready for the worst. 



 Reply:   americans are big brothers of deobandis.. no worry writer
Replied by(asifniaz) Replied on (27/May/2012)
americans are Big Brothers of Deobandis .. no worry writers

the writers had tried to mislead the readers . The deobandis are in fact on the pay roll of hindus , British since 1857 and now on Americans too.

Brelvis aer the one who declared Jihad against British in sub continent.

All knows Indra ganhdhi presided over the 100 anniversary of dar ul uloom deoband .

These are the deobandis who fought the proxy war of america about 11 years ion afganistan and earned millions of dollars at the cost of inncocent students. lol...

The deobandis ruled the PK Provicne in Pakistan for about 4 years in mussharf era but never passed a single resolution agasint americans against drone attacks.. well... jobers are not allowed to speak..

Deodandis are against the creation of Pakistan . they were , they are and will remain the mouth piece of hindus.

 The writer has expreesed his inner grude by portraiting Tahir ul Qadri as Brelvi.. tahir ul qadri is not brelvi and himself nover claimed brevli...only the writer knows .. actually the mission was show his guttter mindness against brelvis...baseless propanganda...


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