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 Shah Naimatullah Wali (RA) Predictions for Pakistan and the Military action in Swat

I just came to know about this saint through Zaid Hamid. I did some research on him and found few of his predictions on the net. They are AMAZING. He had accurately predicted break up of Pakistan. He also mentioned Mujiburahman as (a treacherous muslim leader who will abett the Kaafirs in their treachery. This guy must be enjoying hell for he sided with the Kaafirs against the Muslims just like how Brahamdagh is doing in Baluchistan).
Please readon and forward.
The predictions of Hazrat Shah Naimatullah (RA) Wali:
The respected saints of every time always forewarn their followers and sanctimonious people to refrain from indulging in malpractices and sinful doings. One of them was Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah Kashmiri, aka Hazrat Shah Naimat Wali Ullah who, after travelling through the Subcontinent finally settled in the Kashmir Valley and ultimately breathed his last there. Hazrat Shah Naimat made some predictions almost eight hundred years ago in the form of Persian verses and, surprisingly, those predictions are coming true with the passage of time.


The most interesting thing is that what Hazrat Shah Naimat said corresponds with what the Holy Prophet said centuries before him. It is said that Hazrat Shah Naimat’s prophecies consist of more or less two thousand verses but unfortunately only a few hundred of them are available.
The appealing thing is that at most of the places the names of the persons and places are clearly mentioned while at other occasions he has indicated towards personalities or places through initials or the starting alphabets (in Persian) of nouns. The first prediction is about Nadir Shah’s attack of Delhi. He said: “Nadir Shah would emerge from Iran and would snatch the Indian empire. He would callously use his sword to assassinate the people of Delhi.” About the Mughals he said: “You (who are reading my prophecies) will not find Mughals anywhere after 300 years.
About the arrival of East India Company in the Subcontinent, he said:“Rajas and Maharajas would turn careless. For most of the time they would remain drunk and addicted to opium. At that time the British/Christians would land in India disguised as traders and businessmen.” About the British rule in India he predicted:“My dears! Understand it very clearly that they would rule India for 100 years at least.”(Please note that the Britishers’ stay in India was for 200 years, however, they ruled only for 100 years. When Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India came to know about Hazrat Shah Naimat’s prophecies, he put a ban on their publishing and making them public).
While talking about the First World War, Shah Naimat predicts:“For four years a great war would be fought in the West in which ‘E’(England) would score an unfair victory over ‘G’(Germany).” I would like to clarify that Shah Naimat used the Persian alphabets Alif for Inglistan (England) and Jeem for Germany. The interesting point to note is that this war was fought in the West (Europe) for four years (1914-1918).
While predicting more about First World War, he even gave the death figures. Shah Naimat said:“It would be a great world war. There would be a great bloodshed and about 13.1 million people would be killed.” He prophesised about the Second World War also and said:“The Second World War would start 21 years after the First World War and it would be more violent, lethal, destructive and ruinous then the first one.” People who are interested in military history knows it very well that the Second World War (1939-1945) started exactly 21 years after the First World War.
While mentioning the weapons he said:“The scientists of that era would make very deadly and fatal weapons which could measure energy and power and would bring mass destruction to the fighting forces (atomic bomb).
Wali said,“It would be evident to the whole world that India would be clearly divided into two parts. Due to hypocrisy and cheating there would be a lot of tragedies, massacres and carnage.” Shah Sahib while referring to undemocratic governments in this region said,“India would be ruled by rulers who would not be legitimate to do so. They would change the official rules and set of laws just like that. Law and order would scarcely prevail.”

“The followers of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) would indulge in disgraceful criminal acts and immoral and indecent conduct.” His views about religious leaders are not very encouraging. He said,“The muftis of that era would behave irresponsibly. They would issue fatwas (religious decrees) without any reason. (doesn't it sound like Fatwas of Mulana Sufi Mohammed in Swat) but when it would come to speak the truth about the religion, they would start making despicable and lame excuses. He further said,“The Islamic teachings would be like a blown out candle. No one would care about them. Scholars would be forcefully relegated to the lowest pedestals and the uneducated and amateurish would turn up as intellectuals and scholars.”
His following few predictions about wars in the region are quite obvious. Naimat Shah said,“Suddenly, the Muslims would face a quite jolting restlessness. They would fight a daring war with kafirs (non-Muslims) of the region. After a 17-day war the Almighty would bless the Muslims with a victory. They would earn this triumph after fighting a bloody war, daringly laying down their lives and rendering a lot of sacrifices. A Hindu leader would represent his country in another atheist country, where he would die while in his sleep.”

(This refers to 1965 War. Lal Bahadur Shastri died of a heart attack in Tashkent, an atheist city of athiest Soviet Union.)

“The people of the Muslim part of the Subcontinent would dethrone their ameer (President) and from then onwards they would earn a great humiliation. ( Khwaja Nazimuddin's removal). After that there would be a great rage, calamity and chastisement. The punisher (Allah) would sentence those who would deserve it. Allah would issue a mass killing command. The eastern part of the country would tragically fall due to the deceitfulness of pretenders. The people of the western part would mourn over it. A big city of the eastern part would become a place of butchery and bloodshed. A mass killing would take place there and people would be slaughtered freely without any fear. A Muslim leader, in fact, would be an abettor of the kafirs and would lend them full support through his treachery.” (The accursed Mujiburahman who chose his place in Hell among the Kuffars).
The person whose name would start with Gaaf (Persian alphabet having ‘G’ as an alternative in English) and would contain six letters (maybe Gandhi) would remain victorious in this war due to his impiety and wickedness (Indira Gandhi).

Shah Sahib said:“The Muslims of the western portion (West Pakistan) would have the blessings of Allah. The most responsible leaders, skilled scientists and highly professional and dedicated military experts would be available to them. All the Muslim countries would be looking towards them. Muslims from Turkey, Arabia, Iran and the Middle East would turn up with remarkable Ummah spirit to support them and the area of Chitral, Nanga Parbat, Gilgit, China and Tibet would become the main battlefield.”

Hazrat Naimat Shah further said:“The people of Kabul would also come out to kill kafirs (non-Muslims) who would run around from pillar to post and would make petty and paltry excuses to save their lives. They would literally beg the Muslims for their lives. The frontier would quiver and quake with the foot-beats of ghazis and mujahids of the frontier who would suddenly emerge out of nowhere. This event would take place after Eid-ul-Azha and the next Eid ul Fitr.”
Wali said:“River Attock (Kabul) would be filled thrice, with the blood of kafirs, during that period. The Muslims would capture the whole Punjab (including Lahore city), Kashmir, the land situated between River Ganges and Yamuna (Uttar Pradesh province) and the city of Bijnaur. This war would remain among the human beings for good about six months and ultimately, God willing, the Muslims would be victorious. All the enemies and the ill-wishers of Islam would be killed and the whole India would be clean of Hinduism and Hindu traditions.” Shah Naimat said:“Suddenly there would be a great roar. It would be a catastrophic earthquake like the doomsday. It would cause great devastation and disruption in Sindh and Hind (India).”
While predicting another bloody war he said:“One of the two alifs (America and England (Inglistan) I have mentioned earlier, would be totally destroyed. Russia would attack the western alif (maybe England). Russia would also kneel down to China’s wrath, rage and fury and would be destroyed. However, to live in the world would beg China for immunity. Later on, one of the jeems (either Germany or Japan) would make an alliance with Russia against either of the alifs (America or England). Most lethal and explosive weapons would be used to an extent that the alif (America or England) would be totally wiped out from the world map and its name would remain merely in the history books. This would be a punishment for them from the Almighty and the generations would remember them as the iniquitous.”
Hazrat Shah Naimat very specifically prophesied about the western portion of the Subcontinent’s Muslim country (Pakistan).“The king (president) of the west would invade the non-Muslims of the region due to military might and would cause them a great defeat which would be beyond their imaginations. Islam would dominate India for at least forty years until Dajjal would emerge from the city of Esfahan. There would be a lot of sedition, disturbance, violence and war in the region. Khorasan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq would not be an exception. The war would devastate and desolate these countries as well until the Best Year as described by the Holy Quran would come. Imam Mehdi would attain prominence. He would appear during the Hajj days and suddenly he would become famous the world over.” In my opinion, Imam Mehdi would appear before Dajjal’s appearance.
The Wali further predicts:“Dajjal’s forces would be in Esfahan and his army would be consisted of Jews and Christians and I am clearly seeing it. I can also see a dust storm rising up from Kufa. Jesus Christ would also descend from the heavens. I can see thousands of riders accompanying the Christ and finally Jesus, the son of Mary, would kill Dajjal with his own sword. Look Naimat Shah! Stop and do not disclose the secrets of Allah. I am predicting these events in the Islamic year 548 Hijri.” Allah knows best.

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